My Want List

I will buy or trade for the following items. If you have or know someone has any of these items, please contact me at clhop@swbell.net. Thank you.

One of Stevie's guitars

Concert tickets (or good stubs) from SRV shows before 1983, or any shows outside the USA.

Nightcrawlers posters and handbills

Blackbird posters and handbills

Ticket or stub and program from 1982 Montreux Jazz Fest show

Chantones, Southern Distributor, Brooklyn Underground, Cobras and other Stevie Ray Vaughan business cards, handbills, flyers, posters

Beatles memorabilia - mainly high end.


1. If you have a Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar pick, tortoise shell color with full name in gold lettering on two lines, please contact me with details on where the pick came from. I am trying to determine whether these picks were made before or after Stevie died.

2. On which track(s) did Stevie play on Roy Head's Living For a Song album in 1985? Stevie is credited as a guitar player in the liner notes, but I don't hear him on any of the tracks. The liner notes do not say which musicians played on which tracks. If anyone knows the answer to this question, I'd be interested to know. UPDATE: I'm getting some guesses from fans, but I am looking for confirmation from a source involved in the recording process. 

3. What was Stevie doing between leaving the Nightcrawlers in the Fall of 1973 and joining the Cobras at the end of 1974? I know for a couple of months he was in Doug Sahm's band, but there is almost a year for which there is very little information about Stevie's activities.

4. To my knowledge, the only documented instance of Stevie giving away one of his guitars was a Rickenbacker prototype he gave to Hubert Sumlin (it was later stolen from Hubert). Also, to my knowledge, the various guitars on display around the world or sold at auction since Stevie died are all merely guitars that Stevie signed (except "Lenny"). If anyone knows of any documented incidence of Stevie giving away one of his own guitars, please let me know. 

5. I have recordings of Stevie doing commercials for Pepsi and Levi's, but I don't know if they were ever used. Does anyone recall hearing these commercials airing back in the 1980's?

6. What are the lyrics to "So Excited?" I bet you didn't even know it had lyrics! To my knowledge the only time Stevie ever sang on "So Excited" was March 21, 1985, at Manor Downs, Manor, Texas.  I am unable to make out the last two lines. Here's what I have (below). If you know of another recording of "So Excited" with lyrics, please let me know. By the way, all the lyric websites which have these lyrics have the last three lines wrong. I figured out one of the three.

    Well I'm so excited darlin'
    Every time I think of you.
    So excited baby
    Every time I think of you.
    Makin' love to you, baby
    Is all I ever want to do.

    You're like a four-leaf clover, baby
    A four-leaf clover in my hand.
    You make my cup run over, darlin'
    ?? .... have with you.