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Live Alive
Grade: Pro-shot, 2nd gen.
Comment: I need more of these shows on July 17-18, 1986. This tape was a pilot for a Blockbuster-sponsored TV show called "Rock and Blues Revue." Does anyone know if it was ever broadcast?
Set list:
 - Stang's Swang
 - You'll Be Mine
 - Love Struck Baby
 - Rude Mood
 - Pipeline (with JLV on doubleneck guitar)
Sorry, no trades.

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Son of Ghoul
Grade/Comment: Pro-shot. Unedited footage is medium gen. Broadcast footage is 1st gen from a tape that actually belonged to Stevie. In the second interview, you can hear Son of Fhoul ask Stevie if he received the tape of the first interview (which is the tape in my collection). (The rest of the VHS tape has Saturday Night Live from 1976 with George Harrison and Paul Simon, and Warner Brothers cartoons. I suspect the tape was on the tour bus for a while.)
Set list:
 - unedited footage from 1987 and 1988 totals 13:37.
 - broadcast from 6-13-87 of the first interview is 7:39
see also 13:10 copy on Disc 64

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Fiddlers Green
Grade: Pro-shot, low gen.
Comment: Last pro-shot video of SRV?? I doubt there is any more footage, as you can hear Stevie's people tell Much Music in one of the interviews that they can film the first song only for use in their broadcast. This is the whole song, not the excerpts used in the resulting broadcast.
Set list:
 - Collins Shuffle
see also similar quality copy on Disc 64

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MTV Unplugged
Grade: Pro-shot, 1st gen from TV.
Comment: One of the commercial breaks was the Fabulous Thunderbirds' PSA for the "Don't Mess With Texas" program.
Set list: (SRV only; Satriani not transfered to this DVD)
 - Rude Mood
 - Pride and Joy
 - Testify
 - promo spot of a few seconds of Life Without You