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Manor Downs
Grade: Audience, high gen.
Comment: Note that "Life Without You" doesn't have lyrics yet. Charley Wirz, founder of Charley's Guitars and for whom the song was dedicated, died February 3, 1985 of a heart attack, just seven weeks before this show. This may be one of the first public performances of the song. See Disc 15A for more complete show.
Set List:
 - The Sky Is Crying
 - Rude Mood
 - Love Struck Baby
 - Cold Shot (with horns)
 - Life Without You
 - Testify

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Grade: Pro-shot, medium gen. Possible upgrade on Disc 25A

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Thrill of a Lifetime
Grade: Pro-shot, high gen. See Disc 26A for much better copy.

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Much Music
Grade: Pro-shot, medium gen.
No trades.

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Grade: Audience (I need video from the field). High gen.
Comment: Season opener for Houston Astros baseball team. Stevie reportedly did not get a good reception for his slide guitar rendition of the National Anthem.

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Public Service Announcement for anti-litter campaign. "Don't Mess With Texas"
Grade: Pro-shot. Poor high gen and incomplete.  See upgraded copy on Disc 34B.
Comment: "On January 1, 1986, the first television public service announcement aired featuring the rock-blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. Twelve months later, litter had decreased statewide by an astonishing 29%. .... When Stevie Ray uttered those magical four words, he tapped into something deep in the heart of every Texan: state pride." After 12 years, the state's litter is said to have decreased 72%!
Set List:
 - few bars of "The Eyes of Texas"