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The SRV BIOGRAPHY: Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night  The culmination of 18 years of research, the book will probably remain the most fact- and photograph-filled book about Stevie ever published: 432 pages, 111 interviews and almost 1,000 illustrations (selected from several thousand). This book is for those of you who want a fully illustrated and complete historical record of Stevie's life and career.  Recognized with  the Blues Foundation's 2009 KBA Award for Literature.  

Press Release
     Customer reviews

THANK YOU for all the orders from 28 countries and all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Guam!!  The Collector's Edition is SOLD OUT, but I have a few copies of the new 2-volume edition, signed by the author.


June 26: I have three more of Stevie's custom guitar picks for sale, two of which show considerable wear from his use of the picks. I sold these two picks several years ago and reacquired them because I know the provenance and can attest to the wear being genuine. The third pick was acquired at a Toronto studio at the time Stevie was interviewed. See the Collectibles page for more info and photo. I am going to sell these picks at significantly lower prices than I have in the past because I have a house full of stuff to sell, partly due to my brother's passing. Little by little I'm getting things up on eBay - see link in the next paragraph below. For example, if you would like to acquire several hundred DVDs, an early-1960's baseball card collection, a Martin HD28-V guitar, contact me for details.

February 17:  I realize it has been a while since any changes were made to the website, but there hasn't been much to report. There is a  new vinyl release, see the news page. Also, the collectibles are slowly but finally surely moving to eBay. The list here on the collectibles page is still a good starting place until I get more items up on eBay. Just email me to see what's still available. My goal is by the end of 2019 to have everything on eBay. HOWEVER, any time you see items of mine on eBay, you are welcome to contact me directly to see if the price can be lowered on single or bundled items. eBay is easy, but you can still deal with me directly. TO SEE MY EBAY ITEMS FOR SALE CLICK HERE.


September 15: Please give serious consideration to donating to the Stevie Ray Vaughan Scholarship Fund. You can use this link to join others for North Texas  Giving Day: https://www.northtexasgivingday.org/stevierayvaughanscholarshipfund
You can see my comments about the fund below on the April 17, 2017 post. It is my understanding that the Fund is running very low and there are many deserving young musicians who can use your charitable donation. Thanks.

July 12: The PO Box I used to have is now closed. Send me an email if you need to reach me.

June 30: A new biography is coming. No release date or other public information yet. I've made my contributions and am happy to let others take it from here. My biography is still available in two volumes on Amazon and other sites. Just search the title, shown above.

May 4: As if I didn't have enough issues keeping this website going, my hosting service went out of business without telling me. If the site goes down, eventually I'll be back as soon as possible.

April 18: The 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, which included Stevie Ray Vaughan, is due to be released on DVD on April 24. The early reviews are not good, due to the many parts of the shows missing (particularly the all-star final jams). Stevie's name is on the cover BUT MISSPELLED of course - F***ing RRHoF. They have a very expensive forged SRV signature on their wall too. Haven't found any track listing yet, but I'm prepared to be very disappointed in the SRV coverage. Let me know when you've seen it - I'm not planning to buy it.

Stevie's guitar auctioned: Stevie's first professional-grade guitar, nicknamed "Jimbo", a 1951 Fender Nocaster, was auctioned in April 2018 for $250,000. Early rumor is that Jimmie bought it, but I have no confirmation of that rumor.

March 6: See the Misc News page re SRV video online from New Zealand.

March 5: One of the most historic Stevie Ray Vaughan guitars is going up for auction on April 15th at Heritage Auctions (HA.com). Hear about this guitar on the Goldmine Magazine podcast at this LINK or cut and paste: http://www.goldminemag.com/podcast/stevie-ray-vaughan-subject-goldmine-magazine-podcast-episode-19

If you are interested in bidding, you may also contact me. Bidding starts at $200,000 and is expected to go much higher.


December 17: Another of our SRV Fan Club Tour guests passed away yesterday. Derek Grimshaw of the UK came over for the 1999 tour/convention. I remember him fondly. Condolences to Anne Marie.

If you came on one of the tours 1994-2006 and are still checking this website occasionally, please drop me a line if I haven't heard from you in a while. Some of the tour veterans keep asking for a reunion tour, but I'm sure 95% of the contact info I have is long out of date.  Another tour is doubtful, but you never know...

October 2: The original, collectors edition of the SRV biography is now SOLD OUT. I have a few copies of the newer 2-volume edition, signed by the author. You can also order it on Amazon.com or through your local bookstore (but it won't be signed).

September 10:  If you have an autographed copy of Live Alive, signed on the front of the album cover, that you are willing to sell, please let me know by sending a photo and your price.  Thanks.

August 26: With great sadness I report the passing of one of our Fan Club Tour guests, Mike Holland. Mike came on some of the earliest tours in the mid-90's and was very well liked. He was a very private and quiet person, but we enjoyed his company and he will be missed. Mike succumbed at age 56 to throat cancer. His body will be cremated and the ashes spread in the ocean near the site of the Catalina blues fest which he attended often.

August 9: Sold out of the SRV DVD documentary. Thanks for your orders! Only 19 signed copies of the biography. When they're gone, they're gone. Click the link above to order now.

June 2: If you tried to order the book in April or May and got an error message, it has been fixed now. Paypal changed its software without telling me. I didn't know the Buy Now Paypal button was not working. If you have any difficulty ordering, please let me know. Thanks. 25 books left; 4 DVDs as of today.

May 25:  I still have 5 copies of the new SRV documentary DVD. Click HERE to order and for more information.

May 12: Just a quick note to remind you that my friends at Texas Hatters in Lockhart, TX, are still making replicas of Stevie's famous black hat. Stevie got his hats at Texas Hatters and you can too! I stopped in yesterday and ordered myself a hat. David said they make about ten "SRV" hats every month. They are all custom hand-made hats to your size and specifications. The make a  lot of different styles and have make hats for several TV shows, movies and celebrities. TexasHatters.com

April 17: Recently I was invited to attend the musical performance auditions that are part of the application process for the Stevie Ray Vaughan memorial scholarships awarded to 8th graders at Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy located in Stevie's childhood neighborhood. The fund was founded in 1992 by Kim Young. To date 232 scholarships have been awarded to encourage and support young musicians' pursuit of a career in music. During their interviews the children expressed their passion and drive to succeed in performance, music education and even a career in music therapy. Many have already been accepted to the nationally recognized and competitive Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas, and have aspirations to attend Julliard, Berklee, Oberlin or other music conservatories. The level of talent of these young persons is phenomenal and humbling. It was awe inspiring and moving to watch them stand alone and perform with such poise and confidence in front of an array of adults including professional musicians. My heart ached with the realization that the much-needed financial assistance cannot be awarded to all of the talented children who apply each year.

These may be the only scholarships in the nation awarded to 8th graders, encouraging them to stay in school and providing an incentive to meet ongoing requirements for attendance, grades and behavior. The scholarships are funded upon their enrollment in college if they continue to pursue a course of study and career in music. The scholarships now include the possibility of financial assistance in graduate studies. Having started as $500 scholarships in 1992, they are now $4000 each, funded $1000 for each year of college. As significant as that is for these children, in many cases it is not enough.

Through the old SRV fan club newsletters in the 1990's, stevieray.com, my books and countless emails, I have encouraged donations to the SRV Scholarship Fund as one of the appropriate ways for Stevie's fans to honor and remember the man who brought us such joy and excitement with his music, and inspiration from his brave recovery from substance abuse. Contributions to the SRV Scholarship Fund are tax deductible and soul-lifting!

I hope you will take a few moments right now to watch the video about the Stevie Ray Vaughan Scholarships at this link: https://www.cftexas.org/stevie-ray-vaughan-scholarship-fund-donation-page (or click here) to see how the memory of Stevie Ray Vaughan is being honored. Stevie's mother, Martha Vaughan, was an ardent supporter of these scholarships both financially and by attending the auditions and award ceremonies every year until her passing in 2009. Please join me in pledging your support for this long-standing and important fund in order to help these kids attend college and pursue their dreams. A donation in any amount you can afford would be greatly appreciated by these talented children who may one day be performing for you and teaching your children. I have no doubt Stevie would be very pleased to be remembered in this way.

Please share this across your social media outlets.

April 17:  I have 25 signed copies of the biography left of 3200. I have 10 of the new DVD's left.

March 22:   I have 15 copies left of the new SRV documentary DVD. Click HERE to order and for more information.

March 6: I have shipped the first 67 DVD orders (all that came in by noon today) all over the USA, Canada, Norway, Japan and Australia/NZ.

March 1: The second volume of the SRV DVD documentary, titled "Stevie Ray Vaughan: Lonestar 1984-1990" has been delivered to me (March 4th -- 100 advance copies). If you ordered volume 1 from me in 2014, you should have received an email by March 5th on how to order. On March 8 I will make any remaining copies available on this website, so watch for the update here.


December 14: I am switching the site to a new server today, so it may be down for a while. Hopefully the server switch won't break any more than is already broken. Some of the photo links no longer work and there are other glitches that may not work until I convert the website to new software, and that will take a long time. After xmas, the site may be temporarily redirected to another URL until I get the new site built. Stay tuned and don't change your bookmarks. I will endeavor to get the information up from the old site and add new content next year.

December 12: The time has come - the website is coming down in the next few days. I haven't decided yet whether it will be recreated in a newer software, or if I'm finished after 24 years as a fan club and 19 years online. So, take a good look at the website now, particularly the items for sale. The biography is down to less than 50 copies, so get those xmas presents now. By the end of the year there will either be the beginnings of a new site, or not. The URL may be down for a few days, but check back in the first week of January. I will still be around to finish selling off memorabilia and special items, but if the site doesn't come back, look for me on eBay with user name ".02" (point zero two, no quotation marks).

One last time I will tell you I have no information about the release of Part Two of the UK SRV DVD.

August 28: Stevie Ray Vaughan fans will be pleased to know that his fiancee, Janna, has just released a new book, and you are among the first to know about it. The first printing is limited to 200 copies. Order now at www.fouryearsinpictures.com. More information can be found on the News Page - scroll down past the recordings information.

August 27: In the next few days I will post information about something you won't want to miss. To make sure you don't miss out, you can email me and request to be on the email mailing list. But, if you already get my once- or twice-a-year email blast, you're still on the list. Look for an email probably by Tuesday.

August 26: I gave a tour of SRV sights in Dallas to a nice couple from Australia, Barry and Donna. I had a great time meeting you. Safe travels to New Orleans, Vegas and Hawaii! I miss meeting all the folks on the big bus tours I used to do for SRV fans, but I'm stickin' to my guns that 2006 was the last big tour. Wow, ten years have flown by since the last tour, and 22 years since the first one. If you were on one of the tours, drop me a line.

June 22:  Please do not ask me when the second part of the UK SRV documentary DVD is coming out.  I do not know when the second disc will be released and the producer no longer communicates with me.  I do not know whether they will honor their promise to make advance copies available through my website.

June 22: Stevie's "Jimbo" guitar failed to sell at auction last month, but the price has been reduced (still in six figures). Contact me to make an offer and I will forward it to the owner.

April 22:  So sorry to hear of the passing of Lonnie Mack, a great friend and influence on Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was 74. I got to see Lonnie perform in Dallas in 1995, and as it turned out, that was my one and only opportunity to see him between 1990 and 2016. Do not fail to go see live music every chance you get. Lonnie put on a great show and a few years later was nice to provide an interview for the SRV Fan Club newsletter.

April 9: Stevie's uncle, Joe Cook, passed away today. He was the first of Stevie's family that I got to know well, and through him I became friends with Stevie's mother. Joe and I lived a few blocks apart for several years. I met him in 1993 and he was the most accessible of Stevie's family for fans. He was a special guest for almost all of the SRV Fan Club fan tours that I did from 1994-2006. I will never forget all the times I spent visiting with Joe and his wife Margaret in their Dallas home, with all their chihuahuas! They are both missed. Please visit www.unclejoecook.com to read his wonderful poems and learn more about him.

February 12: Info on a movie about SRV on the News page.

February 7: Updated the Video list. Updated the list of items for sale (it mostly got shorter, but I added a pick).

January 1: Happy New Year!


October 12: R.I.P. Smokin' Joe Kubek. Another in the line of absolutely fabulous guitar players from Dallas, every time I saw Joe he would say, "Call me and let's go get some Mexican food." He was almost constantly on the road trying to fulfill the heavy demand for his performances. I saw at least 14 of them, and probably closer to 25.

September 12: I have updated the Tube Screamer page with information about another of Stevie's pedals. Click on the Tube Screamer link at the top of the Gear page.

August 29: There is significant news about the Stevie Ray Vaughan Museum Collection - see the Misc News page.
           I have added some items for sale as I finish cleaning out my "for sale closet." These are probably the last items I will put up for sale. Most of these items are of the more affordable variety, as with some exceptions, the best pieces have been scooped up by fans across the globe.  I am also trying to update the order page for the book with a different Paypal button. If for any reason the book order page is not working, please find the book on my Amazon.com page and order from there, or email me and I'll take care of your order in another way.
           Those of you waiting for the second volume of the British-made documentary on Stevie, the producer refuses to communicate with me anymore, so I have no information to report or any indication whether or when it will be released. If you ordered the first volume from me and the producer honors his commitment to me, I will let you know when advance copies can be ordered.
            There is a fundraising effort for a statue of the Vaughan Brothers in Dallas. From their press release: "Dallas is finally ready to honor its hometown guitar heroes, Jimmie and Stevie Vaughan with an artwork in Kiest Park, near their childhood home. Now the only thing holding it up is money, $68,000 to be exact, to share in the funding for the art and provide the money to maintain the public artwork for the next 20 years." If you care to donate, please visit vaughanbrosart.com. A fundraising concert will be September 3 at the Kessler Theater in Dallas starring Jim Suhler, Smokin' Joe Kubek and Carolyn Wonderland.

May 15: R.I.P. B.B. King. I was privileged to see  him perform many times, and met him a few times.

May 1: Price has been reduced by the seller of the Live Alive master tapes. See the Store for details.

April 23: Updated the Miscellaneous News page with my report from attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

April 13: Given my limited ability to update this site (see April 11 post), head on over to "Stevie Ray Vaughan Biography" on FaceBook. I am posting some photos there that I cannot post on the site.

April 12: Limited time opportunity to acquire original master tapes for the Live Alive album - original, undubbed concert masters, many unreleased songs. See the Store for details. These kind of tapes very rarely hit the marketplace.

April 11:  The time has finally arrived (without warning) that my server no longer supports the software I have been using since 1998 to create this website. That means the site will remain relatively static until I have time, probably this winter, to create a whole new website using WordPress, Dreamweaver or GoogleSites. I believe I will be able to continue updating this page and listing new items for sale and posting news (coverage of the Hall of Fame induction next weekend, for example). However, there won't be any major modifications for a while. Thank you for your patience as I endeavor to bring the website into the 21st century!

March 25: Thanks to seven-year-old Niamh Johnson for the nice drawing he sent from Hampshire, England. I especially like the fan who is applauding. Cheers!

March 24: Fans in Australia who had made plans to see the SRV exhibit at the Grammy Museum this summer (Grammy said it would run through July) forwarded info from the Grammy Museum saying they had decided to close the exhibit on April 19. First they said June, then through July, now April -- who knows how long it will actually be there. You better hurry if you want to see it, and call before you leave home to see if it's still there.

March 18: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by John Mayer. He is a huge SRV fan and I like his music, but you'd think (Jimmie?) would have chosen someone who actually knew Stevie or shared the stage with him. Clapton seems the obvious choice; Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder (who is inducting Bill Withers, though). I would say B.B. King, but I'm not sure about his health. In any event, I expect Mayer will deliver a very fine speech. Looking forward to it.

March 4: In honor of Stevie and Double Trouble's induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I am finally releasing the SEVEN COPIES of the Hall of Fame Autographed Edition of the award-winning biography Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night. Signed by all three Double Trouble members Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon and Reese Wynans, plus the late, great Doyle Bramhall (and the author, of course). I had a total of eight copies of the book signed by everyone in person in 2008-2009, and the books have been languishing in my closet ever since. What better time to make these rare copies available than in recognition of the Hall of Fame induction?  ONLY SEVEN of the eight copies will be sold. They are numbered and colorfully signed by each of the guys. They are not cheap, but man-oh-man are they special! For more information, click HERE.

February 27: Happy birthday to this website, launched on this date in 1998!

Someone just listed a copy of the 1999 CD re-issue of Texas Flood SIGNED BY STEVIE. She says it is guaranteed to pass PSA/DNA  and JNA analysis as genuine. Interesting considering Stevie died nine years before this version of the CD was produced. Hope you didn't buy it. Please be careful buying.

January 19: R.I.P. Robert "Cutter" Brandenburg, Stevie's friend and roadie.


December 16: They're in! Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble elected to the Rock and  Roll Hall of Fame! Congratulations to Stevie, Chris, Tommy and Reese.

December 12: ENTIRE SRV COLLECTION of over 200 items for sale by private collector. A very comprehensive collection assembled in the 1990's including autographs, guitar picks and many extremely rare posters and other items. Appraised at up to $7,500, the entire collection can be yours for less than half the appraised fair market value! $3750 plus shipping or best offer by January 15, 2015. Sale forced by seller moving out of the country. Sorry- sold. And CLICK HERE for the collection of other music and sports memorabilia including many blues and rock autographs.

December 9:  Fan voting for the Rock Hall of Fame ended today, and Stevie & DT finished on top with 31% of all fan votes. NIN trailed with 22% which is still a ton. This is the third year fans have been allowed to vote (top five artists count as a single ballot among over 700 others). KISS won last year with about 17%, and Rush won the first year with about 25% (both were inducted). So 31% is a record. Still doesn't mean Stevie & DT will get in this year, but that kind of voting should at least get the official voters' attention.

The official induction announcement will be December 16.

October 23: I added a bit more history to the Tube Screamer page. See link below at October 11. Updating the Rock Hall of Fame fan voting, Steive continues to trail NIN by a significant margin.


October 19:  Stevie is slipping behind in the Rock Hall public vote. Nine Inch Nails's fans have pushed them well into the lead and Stevie has gone from 26% of the vote to 24% and slipping fast today. VOTE at rockhall.com. I can vote about once a second, so if everyone would vote for Stevie only for about ten minutes every few days, maybe we can get him back on top.

October 16:  After the first week of fan voting for the Hall of Fame, Stevie is leading all 15 nominees with 26% of the  votes. Fans of Nine Inch Nails are keeping their band right on Stevie's heels, so get your votes in. You can vote as many times as you like at rockhall.com. The winner of the fan voting has been inducted the past two years. Send a message to the other voters that Stevie should be in.

October 11: Okay you gear heads, I've added something for you. There's a new page about one of Stevie's Tube Screamers. Click here.

October 9: Stevie Ray Vaughan (unfortunately not Double Trouble) has been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The list of inductees will be announced in late December.  Fans have a very limited vote. The top five vote-getters in a public poll will count as a single ballot alongside the other 700+ ballots cast by industry insiders. You can vote at rockhall.com. In the first few days of fan voting, Stevie has a very slim lead along with Green Day and Nine Inch Nails. If you vote at rockhall.com, it will show you the current standings after you vote. You can vote for five nominees, but if you want Stevie to lead the poll, don't vote for anyone but Stevie. Poll closes December 9.

October 3: Remembering Stevie on what would have been his 60th birthday!

August 12: Added ticket stub to Stevie's last show to the store, and a Fender pickguard signed by Stevie, Clapton, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray and Jimmie Vaughan - all the stars from Alpine Valley at Stevie's last show Very special item.

August 11: R.I.P. Robin Williams. Loss of a great talent.

July 21: I am sold out of the new SRV documentary DVD (volume 1)  - CLICK HERE  to order or to see the shipping update.

July 17: R.I.P. Johnny Winter. I enjoyed seeing him play eleven times between 1987 and 2013.

June:  R.I.P. Little  Brucie Bowland, awesome singer in the band Krackerjack. He should have been famous. It was an honor to have known him. More here.

May 24: Interesting article about Stevie not being in the Rock Hall of Fame. See link on Miscellaneous News page.

May 19: If you have always wanted a genuine Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar pick with his name printed on the pick, please note that after 20 years I have only one left for sale. The picks I have sold came almost exclusively from former SRV guitar techs and relatives, and I do not believe I can get any more. I bought as many as I could years ago, and now they are almost gone. Beware of the fakes on eBay.

April 23: See the Miscellaneous News page for information on the new DVD featuring SRV, and for yet another Hall of Fame recognition for SRV and DT.

April 22: See the News page for updates on the new audiophile box sets and the "coming soon" new SRV documentary film.

April 3: The Acoustic Sounds box sets of SRV's catalog have been completed. See more information on the News page.

** There is some extremely good news coming for SRV fans, and I will post the information as soon as I am allowed to!

January 26: See the Miscellaneous News page for information about a new PBS-TV broadcast to feature Stevie Ray Vaughan begininng in March.

January 24: Stunning item of blues memorabilia added to Store. Autographs of Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson, Willie Dixon, Sunnyland Slim and others all on same concert handbill! Extremely rare from an historic festival in 1964. Click HERE. I am also lowering prices on SRV posters and listing things on eBay to clear out the inventory. Get things now before it's all gone.

January 19: R.I.P. Charlie Hatchett, musician and booking agent in Austin during the 1970s. Thanks to Charlie for all the concert information for Blackbird and Krackerjack shows in the book.


December 30: This website has a reprieve through June at least. Then will (hopefully) be switching to a WordPress format from the ancient FrontPage software. I'm not sure how much of the content of this site I will transition over, so read it while you can.

November 19: This is a little premature, but I will have available on this website the new DVD documentary about Stevie being produced in the UK. It will be available here two months before anyone else has it, so stay tuned for more information. I can tell you they got some great interviews for the film. The release date in 2014 is not established yet.

November 9: Added more photos of items for sale from my collection.

November 8: "Award" for Stevie on the Misc. News page.

November 6: I have reorganized the Collectibles for Sale pages, and have added many photos of posters for sale. I am still working on adding additional photos and items for sale, so please check back over the next days and weeks. I am selling a large portion of my SRV and blues collections, and have already sold over 100 posters and other items. When it's gone, it's gone -- but there is still plenty left for every budget. There are still 4 pages of collectibles for sale. The first page is SRV, second page is SRV posters, third page is music memorabilia, and fourth page is Hollywood, Sports, Automotive, Antiques and other items. 

October 25: Sorry I was on vacation when the Rock Hall nominations came out. No love for Stevie this year either.
UK has a new magazine with Stevie and Albert King on the cover. See the News page and scroll down to the magazines and books.

September 17: I'll be watching the newswire to see if Stevie gets nominated for the Rock Hall this year. Will post the news when I get it.  Even if finally nominated, the wait will continue into December to see if he will be inducted. Not holding my breath.

August 22: I finally made it out to Los Angeles to see the SRV display at the Grammy Museum. Very nice. I will be sending them two other items of Stevie's to swap for the two currently on display. I will post again when the new items are in place.

June 27: It appears there has been a problem with the "Buy Now" Paypal button for ordering the book for a couple of weeks, and I just found out about it. The problem has been fixed, but let me know if you have any difficulty ordering the book.

June 11: WEBSITE IN DANGER OF CLOSING. This website has existed since 1998. It was never meant to be fancy, but merely to provide information and be easy for me to update and take care of myself. It is created in FrontPage which has never been surpassed, to my knowledge, in ease of creating and maintaining websites. Unfortunately, FrontPage is a dinosaur and there is going to come a time very soon when servers will no longer support this architecture. When that happens, this website will be gone. Also, my long-time server administrator is retiring from the web business at the end of this year, and that will require that I find new server space that still supports FrontPage. I do not know at this point whether I will be successful in finding a new home for this website, and I'm too old to learn another new software program from scratch. With interest in Stevie Ray being at a very low point, there just isn't enough news or traffic to the website anymore to justify the expense of hiring someone to build a new website.
          I have run the Stevie Ray Vaughan Fan Club since 1993. It started as a way to collect more information about record collecting and to help Stevie's mother respond to all the fan mail that came in after he passed away. Snail mail newsletters from 1993-1998 turned into the website in 1998, three books, nine fan conventions, a year-long memorabilia exhibition in Dallas, numerous short-term exhibitions, loaning parts of the collection to other museums, statue maintenance in Austin for ten years, memorabilia sales, advice and fraud prevention, assistance with liner notes for CDs, writing and fact-checking newspaper and magazine articles. I would be interested in working with someone who is proficient at creating websites in whatever is currently the "best" program (perhaps WordPress) to avoid losing all this information at the end of the year, but I have no budget for it. It would have to be a labor of love, much like I have had for the past 20 years. If you have such ability and are interested in creating a new and better StevieRay.com that I can easily maintain with updates, please let me know asap. Thanks to everyone for visiting, and I hope a solution can be found to keep the site alive.

June 5: I have discovered a few copies of the limited edition CD containing the earliest known studio and live recordings of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Two live tracks from 1969 and two studio tracks from 1970. These CD's were licensed in 2008 and only 1000 copies were made. I have a few available with the purchase of the biography. See the "Order Now" link above or on other pages of the website. The CD's are a promotional incentive for purchase of the book, and are not available separately.

June 5: Added a rare video of Stevie playing acoustic guitar to the known video list (search for "Lost Acoustic Blues" on YouTube). (Thanks to Timothy Howard for letting me know about this.) Not much information is known about it. From what Stevie is wearing it is likely 1983, and from the presence of a microphone it is likely taken from an interview. He is playing a small-body Gibson acoustic, perhaps an L-1.

April 2: Release date for the stunning new remastered vinyl and SACD collection moved to June 18. See the News page.

February 28: Former SRV roadie Byron Barr has a new website for his great photos. Check the Contact & Links page.

February24: Updated the page about the Blackbird posters with recent sale info ($1191).

February 11: A debate has resurfaced about the lyrics to one of Stevie's songs. See the Miscellaneous News page for details, and you tell me what you think the answer is. I will come up with a prize for the first person who convinces me they have deciphered the disputed lyrics.

February 7: The Legacy Edition of Texas Flood is out with a bonus live disc. See the News page. I contributed photos of memorabilia for the new liner notes. The Legacy Edition of Soul to Soul will be the next release from Sony (date not announced). There is also a cover feature in the March issue of Guitar World magazine.


December 22: Added a link to a short article about the new remastered vinyl releases coming next year. See the News page.

November 19: I have added almost 400 SRV items from my personal collection to the Store for sale!  Included are the bulk of my poster collection, autographs, record awards, concert programs, clothing, rare collectables of every description.  CLICK HERE to go straight to the newly added items. I will be adding some additional items after the first of the year.

November 9: News page updated with release date for Texas Flood Legacy Edition. Updated list of known videos with part of another show from 1990.

October 3:  How cruel to announce the Rock Hall of Fame nominees on Stevie's birthday, and skip over him again.

October 1: In honor of Stevie's birthday this week, everything in the Store except the book is now priced "MAKE ME AN OFFER." All reasonable offers will be accepted. (Of course, I am the arbiter of "reasonable.")

September 13:  Nominations for Rock Hall of Fame are due within a few days. Not expecting support for SRV, but will post any news when it comes in. Nominations in September, selections in December.

September 6: Updated info on the audiophile box sets with release date and short review. See the News page.

August 8: Updated info about upcoming Sony remastered sets for Texas Flood and Soul to Soul.

July 12: A little more information on the News page about the upcoming audiophile recordings.

July 10: Magazine article alert on the News page.

July 1: Stevie will be among the features on Elwood's radio show (Dan Ayckroyd / Blues Brothers) July 7-8, 2012, and will stream from the website beginning July 13, 2012. Hear it live or streamed at www.thebluesmobile.com.

June 5: The only news is that there is an audiophile project proposed (remastered, not previously unreleased tracks). I will post any further information as it becomes more certain. I believe time may be running out to see the three SRV items on display at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. If you want to see one of Stevie's early guitars, the guitar strap from the cover of Live Alive and a stage-worn jacket, it would probably be a good idea to go soon. Some prices reduced in the Store.

April 12: I have dramatically lowered the price on Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night. See the link above for ordering the book.

April 10: I am looking for an investor interested in taking over the Stevie Ray Vaughan Museum Collection of stage-used equipment, wardrobe, jewelry and rare concert posters and handbills. The collection spans Stevie's career from 1969 to 1990. Several hundred items plus hundreds of additional items in the research archive of recordings, photographs, books and periodicals. It took over 20 years to assemble the collection.

March 30: Very cool 3-D fine art of Stevie added for sale. Extremely rare and beautiful. Not your ordinary artwork.

March 26: If you are into Spotify, there is a new SRV app there. More on the News page.

March 12: "NUMBER ONE" AND STAGE WARDROBE ON DISPLAY!!! Stevie's "Number One" Stratocaster will be on display to the public for the first time since 1990 at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, TX from March 17 to October 14, 2012. I have loaned a pair of Stevie's boots and one of his Japanese happi coats for display also. For more information: http://www.thestoryoftexas.com/the_museum/texas-music-roadtrip.html

March 11: I am continuing to clean out my archives. Today I have added several boxes of blues publications and some Life magazines. I will be adding some rare SRV things for sale from my personal collection over the next several weeks. Keep checking back for more goodies as I clean house! I found a signed Buddy Guy magazine today I didn't even know I had. Some of these boxes haven't been opened in 15 years.

January 10: A couple of magazines coming out with excerpts from my book (See the News page). First SRV magazine features since mid-2010 to my knowledge.

January 2: Just received word that David Frame, bass player in Blackbird with Stevie, passed away last week. He was very helpful with the creation of the book, providing an interview and photos.  R.I.P.   David makes at least three people who gave interviews for the book who have passed away. You just never know how much time you have, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with these musicians and share their recollections with you.


December 22: I will soon have for sale one of the rare Alpine Valley framed posters of Stevie, Eric Clapton, Jimmie and Robert Cray that were only given to top Fender guitar dealers back in the early 1990s. The photo was taken by famous rock photographer Robert Knight a few hours before Stevie passed away. If you are interested in purchasing it, email me. It won't last long.

December 12: New book includes "Number One" among most significant guitars of all time. See the News-Trivia page.

December 9: Testing new software... please let me know if you find a broken link or other technical issue on the website. New computer ... new software ... new glitches.

November 13: One of Texas' and the world's great musicians passed away today, Doyle Bramhall. He was among Stevie's closest life-long friends and songwriting partners. Sincere condolences to Doyle's wife, Barbara, son Doyle II, daughter Georgia and the rest of the Bramhall family. I was honored to call him my friend for 15 years. Several years ago Doyle gave me one of his early business cards from the 70's or 80s. He said people used to ask him if he was "the Doyle Bramhall," so he had cards made that said "The Doyle Bramhall." No disrespect to Doyle II, but Big Doyle will always be "The Doyle Bramhall" to me. 

November 7: Added to the Store: a rare, signed Robert Knight portrait of Stevie and Jimmie from Alpine Valley.

October 5: Updated the News page with info about the MOFI SACD releases.

October 1: I did a speaking, book signing and exhibition of some famous items of Stevie's stage wardrobe and other memorabilia in Weatherford, Texas, at Craig's Music (www.craigsmusicinc.com).  

September 28: No Rock Hall nomination for Stevie this year, but one for another Dallas guitar great, Freddie King! I'll bet he's a long shot, but I hope he makes it in.

September 23: I had one of the rare Fender framed posters of Stevie, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray and Jimmie at Alpine Valley available this week, but if you aren't on the mailing list you never got a shot at it. It was snapped up before I could put it on the website.

September 15: Updated the MOFI SACD release info on the News page.

September 14: Added a set of band autographs to the Store.

September 13: Sorry to report that there isn't any media discussion of Stevie being a likely Rock Hall of Fame nominee this year. The list of 2012 nominees should be reported in a couple of weeks. 

September 1: Updated News page with info about new CD releases (sorry it's only news of a delay). 

July 7: I need to upgrade my Adobe InDesign CS2 (a.k.a. InDesign 4) to InDesign CS3 (a.k.a. InDesign 5). I do not need to upgrade all the way to the current version CS5 (InDesign 7), and I only need it for one task, so it isn't worth spending hundreds of dollars for this. If you have an old CS3 disc (either stand-alone or upgrade from CS2) and would part with it because you no longer use CS3, please let me know.

June 9: The Store has been reorganized and prices reduced, in some case by hundreds of dollars.

May 27: Historic recording headed for release?? See the News page. (removed due to threat from lawyer)
               New info regarding a Dallas SRV statue on the Trivia page.   
               New link to Grammy Museum display of SRV items; also on the Trivia page.

May 12: Updates to new releases on the News page.

On April 16 and 17, 2011 from 1:00-2:00 I will do a book signing at the Dallas International Guitar Show in the JK Lutherie booth. 

April 11: There is still no release date for any of the other four MOFI SRV CDs. If you ordered back in September when they promised one per month beginning last October, I suggest you contact the seller and complain. I have cancelled my orders. If they ever release them, I may consider reordering.

On April 9, 2011, I will participate in a jazz and blues program in the auditorium at the public library, 300 N. Allen Dr., Allen, TX 75013  beginning at 3:00p.m.  Following my discussion of Stevie Ray, there will be performances by Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch, Falcon Music Quartet and local blues/soul musician Tutu Jones. Come join us, and bring your friends.

March 17: Added three (!) autographs for sale in the Store.

March 10: New release info on News page.

March 8: I added a photo of the SRV display at the Grammy Museum to the Miscellaneous News page.

March 5: Signed record from Stevie's collection for sale in the store! 

February 19: Double Trouble members Chris, Tommy and Reese will perform together on March 31 in Nashville at a club called 3rd and Lindsley.

February 3: Alex Napier, bandmate of Stevie's in Paul Ray and the Cobras - R.I.P.

January 22: Thanks to all who have shopped the poster sale. About 60 of the 160 posters sold within 48 hours. There are still plenty for sale in the Store.

January 18: Added over 160 posters for sale as I "thin the herd" of my personal collection. SRV, blues, Beatles, Hendrix, etc. See page 4 of the  Store, plus a few new additions on the other pages. I have also updated my WANT LIST.

January 7: Please visit www.dontmesswithtexas.org and vote for Stevie Ray as the best spokesperson for the campaign! He was the first to participate, the spot debuting in January 1986. Some of the spots are really creative, and there's a lot of Texas musicians featured.

January 3: The first of the Mobile Fidelity reissues (see the News page) has been released.


December 28: R.I.P. Bill Maddux, 54, drummer for Eric Johnson.  I met Bill a couple of times and he was an extremely nice guy.

December 27: Your help needed. I am searching for a copy of Stevie's appearance on the Rockline radio show dated May 25, 1987. Any format - mp3, tape, CDR, CD etc. Just need it for the archive. Will reimburse expense.

December 23: SRV on the cover of another magazine. See the News page.

December 13: Added several guitars for sale, including one owned by famous Texas guitarist Eric Johnson! Also added a large concert poster signed by both Vaughan brothers. See pages 1 and 2 of The Store.

December 6: Just in time for xmas, eBay is full of autograph forgeries. Buyer beware.

November 29: The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles will be displaying Stevie's "Jimbo" guitar and a few items from my collection beginning in February. See www.grammymuseum.org for more information.

November 3: Added another signed album for sale, and two very special collections: my personal collections of promo posters, and my research archive of hundreds of magazines, newspapers and clippings. See the Store for details.

November 2: Stevie's Blackbird band mate Kim Davis died last month. R.I.P.

November 2: The Mobile Fidelity discs have been pushed back. Texas Flood  is now scheduled "before the end of the year."

November 2: More updates to the Video Collection information (click on Collecting above). 

September 29: Latest info on the new SRV/Albert King CD/DVD on the News page. By the way, Stevie was not nominated for the Rock Hall of Fame this year.

September 22: Added a couple of 1981-1982 posters for sale.

September 22: Nominations for the Rock Hall of Fame will be announced Sept 28. Prognosticators are not including SRV in their predictions. This is the third year Stevie has been eligible; he has yet to be nominated, much less inducted. I believe there will be 12 nominations again this year, up from nine in previous years. From the nominations, about five will be selected in December. My comments about this are on the FAQ page. 

September 21: The 15th Annual SRV Remembrace Ride and Concert is Oct 3rd in Arlington, TX. I'll have a booth for selling books. Come by and say hello.

September 8: I have updated the News page regarding an item orginally posted in December 2008 about a possible new statue of SRV in Dallas.

August 31: Added another SRV magazine feature to the News page, this one from France. (Thanks, Alex!)

August 27: Mobile Fidelity is remastering five of Stevie's albums. See the News page.

August 27: I have posted some links to SRV tributes on the second News page (the Misc. link). 

August 19: Reese Wynans will perform at 3rd & Lindsley, Nashville, on August 27 for an SRV memorial event. Actor/musician Jeff Daniels will open. UPDATE: I did not know until this morning that Chris Layton and  Tommy Shannon will also perform at the event. Rare opportunity to see all three members of Double Trouble together again! 
Channel 11 in Dallas/Fort Worth may broadcast a short news segment about SRV on August 26 during the 4:00pm news and possibly the 7:00pm news. KVUE in Austin is likely to have a news segment sometime next week, as are many other stations around the country. If you know of news tributes to Stevie coming up, please let me know and I will post the info.

August 17: Prices reduced on many SRV guitar picks, autographs and other items in the Store!! Some new items added.

August 6: HERE's one of many interviews of Tommy Shannon now on the web.

August 5: The Albert King/ SRV releases have been pushed back - again. See the News page.

July 30: Another SRV magazine cover on stands now. See the News page.

July 19: Reese Wynans will perform at 3rd & Lindsley, Nashville, on August 27 for an SRV memorial event. Actor/musician Jeff Daniels will open.

June 23: New record company website for SRV. See the Trivia page of  the News.

June 18: Link to (corrected) press release for the Couldn't Stand the Weather reissue coming in July -- see the News page.

June 15: Updated release date for the SRV/Albert King CD/DVD on the News page. (Sept. 28)

June 7: R.I.P. Chuck Pulin. Many of Chuck's photos of Stevie grace the pages of my book. He paseed away at age 69 in April. I traveled to New York in 2007 to review hundreds of images he took of Stevie. He photographed Stevie almost every time he was in New York from 1982 through 1990, including the now famous "audition" for the Rolling Stones in 1982. Chuck was extremely friendly and I enjoyed talking with him even after our business was completed. Sometimes business encounters lead to friendship, and I thought of Chuck as my friend. I was very sad to learn of his passing. Interestingly, that's Chuck with his camera in the photo on page 256 behind the girl reaching up to touch Stevie. Posted by Jim Henke on the R&R HoF site: "Today I received the heart-breaking news that Chuck Pulin had passed away. Chuck was one of the great rock and roll photographers. He began shooting in the early Seventies, and over the years he photographed everyone from Elvis Presley to the Rolling Stones, from Frank Sinatra to Elton John, from Madonna to Bon Jovi. He chronicled the history of such famous New York clubs as Max’s Kansas City, CBGB, the Bottom Line and the Mudd Club. For many years, he was one of the primary photographers for Billboard, the music-industry trade magazine. And his photos appeared on scores of album covers, including records by Simon and Garfunkel, the New Riders of the Purple Sage and Miles Davis, to name but a few. Perhaps most importantly, Chuck was one of the most well-liked people in the rock world. He had no enemies, and virtually everyone admired him and his work. His passing is a true loss to the music world and the photography world." 
    On an even sadder note, someone broke into Chuck's apartment a few days after he died and stole a lifetime's work - all his photos and negatives. If you find anyone selling images you can identify as Chuck's, please contact the New York police department. This probably wasn't a random theft, but someone who knew what was in Chuck's apartment and that he had died. 

June 3: Another update regarding SRV/ Albert King releases on the News page.

June 2: Updates to new releases and new SRV magazine article on the News page.

May 22: Updates to new SRV CD/DVD releases on the News page. (Thanks for updates from David Clarke and Bob O'hara.)  Guitar World's July issue will feature SRV.

May 17: My book will be republished by Hal Leonard Corp this fall. They will split it into two volumes. Their listing now on Amazon is for the first half of the book, subtitled The Early Years. If you want the whole book I still have the signed, limited first edition for sale on this website as noted above. This means the signed first edition, limited to 3200 copies, will be more collectible and I will not be reprinting it.

April 30: Some info on new releases on the News page.

April 14: I am going through my entire collection creating a catalog and some items are ending up for sale in the Store. I will be adding more items for sale out of my collection throughout the next couple of months. Check back often, as some items go quickly.

April 12: No confirmations of any releases or events regarding 2010 being 20 years since Stevie died. If there are any, I will post the information.

April 12: Sony has changed the release date again for the CSTW Legacy edition, so it will not be out this month after all. No date available.

April 11: Are SRV items collectible? An SRV 8-Track tape (how many of you even know what that is?) just sold for $156. The only other one I've seen in 20 years went for $179.

April 9: Updated page 2 of the News page with results of the auction of one of Stevie's suit jackets. 
I will be thinning out my collection of SRV records and CDs in the near future, so keep an eye on the Store.

April 1: The Spring Garage Sale has started! Go to the Store for three pages of items for sale.  

March 12: Want to have your photo taken in the same spot Stevie was standing for the Soul to  Soul album cover? See page 2 of the News page.

February 23: Legacy edition of Couldn't Stand the Weather has a new release date. See the News page.

February 22: Stevie's jacket to be auctioned in April. See page 2 of the News page for details on this rare opportunity to own an item from Stevie's wardrobe!

February 13: In The Studio radio show to feature SRV. See page 2 of the News page.

January 26: Check the Links page for a new offer on an SRV photo print available in both limited edition high quality and lower cost prints in multiple sizes and with a framing option. A great image of Stevie by Stephen Stickler taken during the filming of the "Crossfire" music video in 1989. Also added a News item re a revised edition of the Guitar World book of magazine article reprints, coming out in April.

January 19: Stevie is mentioned in the dialogue of The Tooth Fairy movie. See the News page for more appearances of Stevie in films, TV and commercials.


December 17: SRV has been elected to the Austin Music Memorial. More info on the News page.

November 14: Some of you will remember Christina from the 2003 fan club tour. I have been hearing her on Sirius/XM radio lately (she goes by Cee Cee James). She has been invited to participate in the Int'l Blues Challenge competition in Memphis, but needs help raising the traveling expenses. If you would like to help a fellow SRV fan with an important opportunity in her career, she is accepting donations of any amount. Go to www.ceeceejames.com for more inforamtion. Go Cee Cee!

October 29: Though remembrances of Stevie are more appropriate on his birthday, I am hearing rumors of possible events in 2010, the 20th anniversary of his passing. I guess it is unavoidable in this culture that the majority commemorate life on the anniversary of death. That's warped. Anyway, if any events are confirmed I will post the information as soon as it is public information.

October 29: Second thief of SRV memorabilia sentenced by Austin court. Link on News page.

October 7: I have added a couple of autographs for sale.

September 25: ConcertTV is currently airing SRV's concert at Rockpalast as part of their video-on-demand programming.

September 22: Twelve nominations to the Rock Hall of Fame were announced a few minutes ago. SRV is not among them. My comments on Stevie's chances are on the FAQ page.

September 10: http://www.kera.org/artandseek/content/2009/09/10/artseek-qa-lupe-vargas/

August 13: Les Paul, R.I.P.  I saw him perform a couple of times in NYC, the last time in 2007 when he was 92. What a wonderful show. The first time I saw him I found my self sitting next to two of the guys from Metallica. He always took time to sign autographs late into the night even in his nineties. I hope you got a chance to see him -- a legend.

July 23: I am looking for the following persons who took photos of Stevie. If you are or know one of these people, please contact me. Mark Smith (I bought a couple of photos of yours several years ago - Stevie wearing a tie-dyed scarf), B. Michenko, Cherry Rains, Bob Jenkins,  Roger White, Jani Hiltunen, John-Christophe Fluckiger, Donna Gilbert, Mark Caldwell, Ken Voss, Marco Heimann, Michael Byrns, Larry Kerrigan.

July 23: I have written an SRV cover feature story for Guitar and Bass magazine in the UK. The on sale date will be August 14, I believe, but it is the October 2009 issue. The article is about Stevie from 1961-1971, and is largely taken from the biography, but even if you have the book it's another SRV cover story for your collection. UPDATE: I did not write the contents page "teaser" which refers to SRV as rising from being "a skinny kid with a big nose." A cheap and unnecessary shot I have complained about.

July 7: Rare error pressing of CSTW  LP added to the Store.

July 2: Extra copies of some magazines and books added to the Store. There is also ONE copy of each of my first two SRV books available. I haven't had any Anthology books for sale in quite a while, so grab it if you are trying to complete the collection.

July 1: Yet another SRV magazine cover story overseas, this time in Japan. See the News page.

June 23: NEW RELEASE - Couldn't Stand the Weather, 2-disc Legacy Edition with bonus tracks and live concert. See News page.

June 19: In Session CD with Albert King and Stevie is reissued today in remastered format. More info on News page.

June 13: Martha Vaughan passed away today. I was honored to have called her my friend. She was a wonderful soul. Deepest condolences to the Vaughan and Cook families. May she rest in peace. In lieu of flowers, Martha's family has suggested charitable contributions, specifically to pet rescue programs. One of Martha's greatest joys in life was her rescued pets. I will collect contributions in Martha's memory until July 25, 2009, and make a group donation to the Humane Society of Dallas County, a no kill pet shelter, on behalf of the fans of Stevie Ray Vaughan in memory of Stevie and Martha. Click here for more information about the Humane Society. 

June 13: I have added two rare SRV guitars for sale, a genuine Hamiltone and a Charley's Lipstick  Special. See the Store. They are priced for a  quick sale before raising the price to full market value.

June 4: R.I.P Koko Taylor.

May 21: Articles on Stevie guitar picks - see the News page.

May 19: New CDs and magazine with Stevie on the cover in Japan. See the News page.

May 17: The Spring Sale has been launched! See the Store pages.

May 9: R.I.P. Stephen Bruton.

May 8: MusiCares MAP Fund SRV Award for 2009 - See the News page.

May 6: "Lenny" guitar going on tour. See News page.

April 25: A report that Cutter Brandenburg, Stevie's long-time friend and roadie, passed away this morning was a hoax by someone (we know who) who thought it would be funny. The good news is that Cutter has been reminded how many people love him.

April 23: Added to the "Stevie is Everywhere" list of TV and movie soundtrack appearances. 

April 18: In Japan, Family Style, Carnegie Hall and Sky Is Crying are being rereleased in June with bonus tracks. As soon as I find out more I will post it. (Thanks Tooru) UPDATE: The bonus tracks are all previously released on the box set or promo CDs. See News page for more info.

April 11: Two more songs have been added to the video collection from the 1981 Tornado Jam (thanks Xavi). See the Video Collection page. The spring "garage sale" is coming up soon. Advance notice will go to those on the mailing list. If you have bought a book or have previously requested to be on the list, you're on it. Please don't send the form again unless your email address has changed. There are a few very rare SRV items going in the sale. 

April 4: There will be a Stevie Ray Vaughan Forum at the Dallas Guitar Show April 18 from 11:50a.m. until 12:20pm on the Clinician Stage. On display will be Stevie's primary guitar from the late 60's and early 70's, known as "Jimbo" - a hand me down from Jimmie. A rare opportunity to see one of Stevie's guitars up close before it is auctioned later this year and goes into someone's private collection. Auction estimate is over $700,000. 

March 23: The South By Southwest Music Conference and Festival was really fun this past weekend. Tommy Shannon and Stevie's old roommate Mike Steele joined me and moderator Mark Murray for 90 minutes of stories, rare recordings and photographs on Sunday afternoon. Hundreds of fans came through the exhibition of a portion of the SRV Museum Collection that I assembled. Among those visiting the booth were Woodstock founder Michael Lang and MC Wavy  Gravy, Stevie's nephew Tyrone Vaughan, Sir Earl Toon of Kool & the Gang, artist Jim Franklin and quite a few of Stevie's old friends from the Austin area. This was the first time I set up the exhibition in Austin, and a lot of fans came through the booth with their own recollections of seeing Stevie perform or being around him. I also participated in an interview with noted Austin poster artist Nels "Jagmo" Jacobson who designed the poster for Stevie's last Austin show. I also met a VH-1 producer who wants to talk about a full-length documentary on Stevie. We shall see what develops, but of course any okay would have to come from Jimmie Vaughan.

Auction: Please note that later this year a guitar formerly owned by both Jimmie and Stevie may  be auctioned with part of the proceeds going to the SRV Scholarship Fund established by Stevie's mother, and to a fund for the preservation of the SRV Memorial in Austin. The 1951 Fender Broadcaster was a primary instrument in Stevie's early development in the late 60s and early 70s, and has the added history of being a hand-me-down from Jimmie. The guitar's authenticity is fully documented. The auction company estimates that it will bring $700,000 or more. I will post more information about the auction when I have it.

March 2: click for Press Release regarding free event in Austin with Tommy Shannon and author Craig Hopkins.

February 27: Rock Band fans are getting SRV next week. See the News page under "Other Products."

February 13: A Stevie sighting in IRAQ! (click)

February 1: Stevie on the cover of a magazine in Italy. See the News page.

January 30: To the person who contacted me before xmas looking for one of the large (48x36) SRV promo posters, I have one for you. I have acquired several Couldn't Stand the Weather  and Texas Flood-style promo posters which will be in the next garage sale along with at least one autograph and a rare tour jacket. If you are not on the mailing list for notice of the next sale, follow the link above.

January 18: Postage rates went up today. My cost for shipping the book in the US went up 55˘, Canada went up $3, and other countries up $2. I have adjusted those shipping rates accordingly, but I am holding the price for USA shipping to the old price for now. Still no sales in Maine, the Dakotas or Wyoming. If you live in a neighboring state, go knock on the door and see if anyone is home out there! Do they have signs up at the border, "No SRV Beyond This Point"?

January 2: The SRV biography is now available on Amazon.com. If you have enjoyed your copy, I would appreciate it if you would write a favorable review on the Amazon website. Just go to this LINK and follow the instructions for posting a review. It's quick and easy. You don't have to have bought through Amazon to post a comment. Thanks! (The price is higher at Amazon to cover their commission and fees.)

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