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Please read this: Recently I was invited to attend the musical performance auditions that are part of the application process for the Stevie Ray Vaughan memorial scholarships awarded to 8th graders at Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy located in Stevie's childhood neighborhood. The fund was founded in 1992 by Kim Young. To date 232 scholarships have been awarded to encourage and support young musicians' pursuit of a career in music. During their interviews the children expressed their passion and drive to succeed in performance, music education and even a career in music therapy. Many have already been accepted to the nationally recognized and competitive Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas, and have aspirations to attend Julliard, Berklee, Oberlin or other music conservatories. The level of talent of these young persons is phenomenal and humbling. It was awe inspiring and moving to watch them stand alone and perform with such poise and confidence in front of an array of adults including professional musicians. My heart ached with the realization that the much-needed financial assistance cannot be awarded to all of the talented children who apply each year.

These may be the only scholarships in the nation awarded to 8th graders, encouraging them to stay in school and providing an incentive to meet ongoing requirements for attendance, grades and behavior. The scholarships are funded upon their enrollment in college if they continue to pursue a course of study and career in music. The scholarships now include the possibility of financial assistance in graduate studies. Having started as $500 scholarships in 1992, they are now $4000 each, funded $1000 for each year of college. As significant as that is for these children, in many cases it is not enough.

Through the old SRV fan club newsletters in the 1990's, stevieray.com, my books and countless emails, I have encouraged donations to the SRV Scholarship Fund as one of the appropriate ways for Stevie's fans to honor and remember the man who brought us such joy and excitement with his music, and inspiration from his brave recovery from substance abuse. Contributions to the SRV Scholarship Fund are tax deductible and soul-lifting!

I hope you will take a few moments right now to watch the video about the Stevie Ray Vaughan Scholarships at this link:
https://www.cftexas.org/stevie-ray-vaughan-scholarship-fund-donation-page (or click here) to see how the memory of Stevie Ray Vaughan is being honored. Stevie's mother, Martha Vaughan, was an ardent supporter of these scholarships both financially and by attending the auditions and award ceremonies every year until her passing in 2009. Please join me in pledging your support for this long-standing and important fund in order to help these kids attend college and pursue their dreams. A donation in any amount you can afford would be greatly appreciated by these talented children who may one day be performing for you and teaching your children. I have no doubt Stevie would be very pleased to be remembered in this way.

Please share this across your social media outlets.

Stevie's guitar auctioned: Stevie's first professional-grade guitar, nicknamed "Jimbo", a 1951 Fender Nocaster, was auctioned in April 2018 for $250,000. Early rumor is that Jimmie bought it, but I have no confirmation of that rumor.

Rare SRV video online: The most serious collectors have seen this, but probably in poorer quality. Here is the "Travellin' On" video with SRV and Midge Marsden, filmed in New Zeaand and used as a promo for Europa Oil Company. https://www.nzonscreen.com/title/travellin-on-stevie-ray-1988

Stevie's guitar: The "Jimbo" guitar of Stevie's failed to reach reserve at auction in May 2016, but I am in touch with the owner who has expressed a willingness to reduce the price and offer reasonable payment terms. If interested in purchasing the only genuine, stage-used and historic Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar on the market, contact me with an offer (six figures).

Stevie's grave. The brightwork on Stevie's marker wore off many years ago, and it looks awful. The old blues song "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" comes to mind. An offer to pay for refurbishing the marker was made to the cemetery by an anonymous fan a couple of years ago. The offer was made out of respect for Stevie, and not intended as disrespect for anyone else's decision not to have the work the done.

One kind favor I'll ask of you
One kind favor I'll ask of you
Its one kind favor I'll ask of you
Please see that my grave is kept clean
Written by Texas blues artist Blind Lemon Jefferson; also recorded by B.B. King

Stevie Ray Vaughan Museum Collection Grows: The world's two largest SRV memorabilia collections outside the Vaughan Estate have recently passed into the ownership of a new steward for the collection. Hopkins states, "I have enjoyed making my collection accessible to fans for over two decades. I searched for a number of years for someone to take over the collection who would continue to maintain the most iconic and historic items as a single collection, and loan the items for public enjoyment at appropriate museums and events. I am very happy to report that someone has come forward who shares these goals." Within days of Hopkins' collection changing hands, he negotiated the transfer of the second-most important collection outside the Vaughan Estate to the new owner. "Even though I no longer own the collection, I have been persuaded to continue to field requests for loans of the items to established museums and important music events." Hopkins and the collection owner are seeking such requests, and contact should be initiated through Hopkins. "There is plenty to spread around for static or rotating exhibits."

Report from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction:  First, the museum exhibit. Stevie's "Scotch" guitar was installed in the Inductee exhibit by the president of the Rock Hall, Joel Peresman. Double Trouble along with Bill Withers and one of the 5 Royales all helped cut the ribbon to dedicate the exhibit. As previously posted, the exhibit includes the guitar, Stevie's blue suit and black hat, Reese's red suit, Chris' mariachi suit from Carnegie Hall and a drum, and Tommy's Fender Precision bass that was a gift from Stevie with "Soul to Soul" etched in the pick guard.

This is the first time the guitar has been seen in public since Stevie last played it. In 2007 it was stolen from Jimmie's public storage unit, but recovered within a few months.

The mannequin they used for the hat and Stevie's suit looks pretty cheesy, like a common plastic department store display. I realize this is a temporary exhibit that had to come together quickly, so maybe if the suit stays on exhibit long term the display will be improved. There are a couple of reasons I think it is possible the hat was worn by Stevie at Alpine Valley. Jimmie told me years ago that he has that hat. The hat band is currently improperly placed on the hat - the hook should not be in the front but above and slightly behind the left ear - as if the hat band came off and was placed back on by someone who didn't know how to do it correctly.

If you have been to the Rock Hall, you know that all the inductees are memorialized with a likeness of their signature - a black wall with the signatures illuminated from behind. It is my opinion the Rock Hall copied a forgery of Stevie's signature to use on their very expensive wall!

In the bio of Tommy Shannon, they did not mention that he was in the Johnny Winter band and played at the original Woodstock Festival.

The item description states Stevie's snakeskin boots are on display - they weren't. Maybe they'll go on display later.

The induction ceremony was very good in my opinion. The artists/Estates do not choose who inducts them, the Rock Hall does. The Induction Ceremony is the Rock Hall's largest fundraising event, and it is recorded by HBO. They choose folks for maximum demographic pull for ratings. So, Stevie was inducted not by someone who knew him or even met him, but by the popular and more contemporary John Mayer. In fairness, he gave a nice speech about how Stevie influenced his guitar playing, and how Stevie is a "guitar hero." I would rather have heard from Bonnie Raitt or maybe even Billy Gibbons (I heard a rumor that Eric Clapton was not feeling well; whether he was asked to perform or present Stevie I do not know).

Reese, Chris and Tommy gave their acceptance speeches, followed by Jimmie Vaughan accepting on behalf of his brother. He focused on the familial element and closed very poignantly with the story of Stevie's sobriety, and how it took Jimmie several more years to get sober. "Every day I wake up clean and sober and think of my brother. In the end, little brother taught big brother."

The speeches were followed by performances of Double Trouble with Jimmie, Mayer, Doyle Bramhall II and Gary Clark Jr trading vocals and guitar solos on "Pride and Joy," "Texas Flood" and "Six Strings Down." When I get a chance, I will post a transcript of Mayer's induction speech and Jimmie's acceptance.

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the class of 2015. First eligible in 2008 for the 2009 ceremony, they were first nominated in 2014 and elected on their first ballot for the 2015 ceremony on April 18 at Public Hall, Cleveland, OH.

Voting for Stevie Ray Vaughan in the Rock Hall of Fame: Fans have a very limited vote. The top five vote-getters in a public poll will count as a single ballot alongside the other 700+ ballots cast by industry folks. Stevie and D.T. finished highest in the fan voting with 31% of all votes, a record in the three years fans have been allowed to vote.

Article about SRV not in the Rock Hall of Fame click here. See also my comments on the subject on the FAQ page (see link above).

Grammy Museum salutes Stevie Ray Vaughan: Beginning in mid-June 2014 the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles will present an exhibition of Stevie Ray Vaughan memorabilia. The exhibition, called Pride and Joy: The Texas Blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan will continue for 12 months. UPDATE: After announcing the exhibit would run through July, I am advised (March 24) that the exhibit is closing on April 19. So sorry for my friends in Australia who planned to see it this summer, but the Grammy Museum has screwed them. I recently ended my loans to them, and recalled all my unsold books from their gift shop because I have had enough of dealing with Grammy Museum and AEG. What a horrible experience.

Another recognition of Stevie & Double Trouble: On April 26, 2014, they will be inducted into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame in Austin. SRV & DT and Willie Nelson are the inaugural musicians to be inducted from the 40 years of performances on one of the longest running music shows on TV.

Another recognition of Stevie & Double Trouble: Inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville. Thanks to David Clarke in Oz for letting me know about this. I had never heard of the organization.

"So Excited" lyric debate: The only known recording of Stevie singing the lyrics to "So Excited" is from a March 1985 performance that you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdKRbyAXpPQ At about the 1:25 point, Stevie sings the last four lines of the song, two of which I cannot decipher. A man contacted me recently who had interviewed Jimmie some years ago, and Jimmie said there were some songs that Stevie did not like to sing, and he sang the lyric to "So Excited." Jimmie claims the last lines are:
                "... Bring your love right over, darlin'
                  Like a four-leaf clover in my hand.
                  Luck is what I said,
                 Just like the love I have for you."
  Perhaps Stevie flubbed the lines, or Jimmie misunderstood, but I do not believe the above lyrics are what Stevie is singing in the video. The part I understand is:
                "... You make my cup run over, darlin'
                Like a four-leaf clover in my hand.
                [???]  (6 syllables)
                [???]" (8 syllables)
I think the first line I have above is correct. I do not know what he is singing in the last line, but there are eight syllables, and the fourth syllable is an "I" sound, with four syllables after that, not three as suggested by Jimmie. When I watch the video, and try to hear the words Jimmie recalls, I can't. It's just not what is coming out of Stevie's mouth, in my opinion. The other problem I have with Jimmie's version is that it doesn't make any sense. What do you think the last two lines are?

SRV article: Guitar World magazine has a nice feature online about Stevie's guest appearances. It is presented as a "best of" list - your opinion may differ.

SRV on the Radio: Stevie's music will be among the features on Elwood's radio show (Dan Ayckroyd / Blues Brothers) July 7-8, 2012, and will stream from the website beginning July 13, 2012. Hear it live or streamed at www.thebluesmobile.com.

"NUMBER ONE" AND STAGE WARDROBE ON DISPLAY!!! Stevie's "Number One" Stratocaster will be on display to the public for the first time since 1990 at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, TX from March 17 to October 14, 2012. I have loaned a pair of Stevie's boots and one of his Japanese happi coats for display also. For more information: http://www.thestoryoftexas.com/the_museum/texas-music-roadtrip.html

"Number One" included in $1500 guitar book:  A new (12-11) guitar book priced at $1500 to $3000 (no, I did not forget a decimal place, and no, the book price does not include a free guitar) includes 150 guitars judged by experts to be of exceptional historical, aesthetic or celebrity value. (Does beat-up qualify as aesthetic?). More here. And to think, my SRV biography is only $75!

Another SRV video surfaces on YouTube: You might think that after 20 years of collecting SRV video, there would not be much new video surfacing. Another track from the 6-9-1987 Volunteer Jam XIII popped up recently. Stevie joining in the jam session with the Charlie Daniels Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd for "The Good Ole Gospel Ship" - almost ten minutes worth, with Stevie taking a couple of short solos. (Thanks Harley!)

New SRV statue? A member of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce has proposed a statue of Stevie near the hospital where he was born. The project is still in the "wishful thinking" phase, but hopefully the community will get behind the proposal in order to justify a fund raising campaign. Check back here for updates. If the statue project becomes a reality, I will let you know how to make a contribution. Here is a LINK to a preliminary design. posted 12-2008. UPDATE 9/8/2010: The planners for this statue have had a quarter-scale model made and are persuing the required permissions from the City of Dallas and Jimmie Vaughan. If they get a green light and begin fund raising I will post more information. UPDATE 5/27/2011: It has been reported that the "Vaughan family" is excited about the statue plan. Whether this includes Jimmie is not known. Fundraising to begin in the Fall of 2011.

SRV Award - (May 6, 2011)The Musician's Assistance Program Stevie Ray Vaughan Award goes this year to Dave Gahan for his work with recovering addicts. It will be presented by Steven Tyler.

Rare 1972 Blackbird Posters Auctioned: In January 2011, six very rare Blackbird concert posters were auctioned, bringing an average of $720, one selling for $1026. The posters are the earliest known "professional" concert posters for any of Stevie's bands. The 14x22 silkscreened artworks, only two to four of each known to exist, were designed by noted art director Robert A. Burns. See the article about these posters in the Art section of this website.

Stevie Exhibit at the Grammy Museum: A few items from my collection will be exhibited along with Stevie's "Jimbo" guitar at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles throughout 2011. See www.grammymuseum.org for more information. CLICK HERE for a photo of the display including one of Stevie's stage-worn denim jackets and the guitar strap from the cover of Live Alive from my collection. The display may include different items after May.

Vaughan band mate died - Kim Davis, guitarist along with SRV in the band Blackbird, and later the guitarist for Point Blank, died at age 58 in October 2010. I met him at the Dallas Guitar Show about six years ago and he was very nice and agreed to an interview for my research on Blackbird. Unfortunately, he must have changed his mind because at least a couple of dozen calls were unreturned.  R.I.P.

SRV Memorial - The floods of September 2010 brought the river up to Stevie's knees in Austin. There were no reports of damage to the statue or pedestal.

20th Anniversary Tributes: http://cbs11tv.com/video/?id=57012@ktvt.dayport.com;
http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/entertainment/music/100827-stevie-ray-vaughn (yes, major Houston, Texas, news outlet couldn't even spell Stevie's name correctly. Update: they have corrected it.)

New SRV Website: Sony Legacy has created a new website for Stevie fans at www.srvofficial.com. I did not immediately mention it here because I was disappointed they did not get their facts right in the Bio page of the website. I have decided to try to help them get it corrected, so for a while don't pay any attention to the dates in the Bio. There is a forum page on the site which is nice for fans to discuss SRV topics. I am hoping the content on the page will continue to grow. 

Photo Op for You! - If you have ever wanted to stand in the same spot Stevie was photographed for the cover of Soul to Soul, now's your chance. Click here for info. Anderson Mill Garden Club, Volente.

Stevie's Jacket To Be Auctioned - Heritage Auctions (www.ha.com) will auction one of Stevie's suit coats in the spring entertainment auction. The auction includes photos of Stevie wearing the jacket. The seller obtained the jacket from the dry cleaner after Stevie died and comes with the laundry receipt bearing Stevie's name. Apparently the jacket was dropped off in May 1990 and never picked up. This is a rare opportunity to obtain a genuine item of Stevie's wardrobe. There are several photos of Stevie wearing this coat in various publications. Not many opportunities to obtain something like this have happened in the past 20 years. Online bidding will begin around March 22, 2010, and the live auction in Dallas is April 8-11. If you have wanted something that belonged to Stevie, do not let this chance go by without bidding. UPDATE: The jacket sold for just under $6,000 to a long-time member of the SRV Fan Club - a good new home for an important piece of history.

In the Studio syndicated radio show to feature SRV: The week of February 22, 2010, ITS will celebrate the 20th anniversary of In Step. The only problem is 2010 is the 21st anniversary. I do not know whether this is a rebroadcast of the ITS show from prior years or if it contains new interview material. Find out where to hear it here: http://www.inthestudio.net/on-the-radio/index.asp

SRV Elected to Austin Music Memorial - The Austin Music Memorial honors individuals who have made important contributions to the development of music and the Austin music community. A personalized engraved disc for each inductee is placed on the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Center for the Performing Arts "City Terrace" overlooking Lady Bird Lake. Induction ceremony is March 28, 2010. For more info http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/music/memorial.htm

Memorabilia theif sentenced: The second of two theives who stole memoabilia from Jimmie Vaughan's U-Haul storage space was sentenced on October 28, 2009. Read about it here.

SRV Guitar Picks - The new website www.pickcollecting.com has an article entitled "The Top Ten Most Wanted Pick Survey." Check it out to see where Stevie placed.  I am doing a 3,000-word article for that website about SRV guitar picks. It will appear on August 15, 2009.

MusiCares MAP Fund Stevie Ray Vaughan Award: The 2009 recipient is Anthony Kiedis for his dedication and support of the fund and for his commitment to helping other addicts.

"Lenny" on tour: Guitar Center will take its iconic "Legends Collection" on the road beginning May 23 for a 4-city tour that will make weekend stops in Fountain Valley, La Mesa, San Francisco and Hollywood. The "Legends Collection" will feature three of rock's most famous guitars - Eric Clapton's "Blackie" Fender Stratocaster and Gibson ES-335, as well as Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Lenny" Fender Stratocaster.

SRV Museum Exhibition!! See the Museum page for information about upcoming exhibitions of the museum collection.

SRV on TV: I am told Cox cable has an on-demand channel called ConcertTV which is offering Stevie's Rockpalast concert from 1985 in two parts. posted Fall 2008

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Stevie is now eligible for induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nominees are announced in late September of each year, and inductees announced in December. My comments regarding this subject are on the FAQ page. USA Today's website  showed SRV in 2nd place to Bon Jovi in its public opinion poll as to who should be nominated in 2008. Neither were. 

Memorabilia Stolen: A mini-warehouse storage garage rented by Jimmie Vaughan was broken into in early 2007, and many papers, guitars, amplifiers and other equipment and historical artifacts belonging to the Vaughan brothers were stolen. Many items have been recovered, but a number of guitars remain missing, some allegedly already overseas. Here are links to news reports:
UPDATE 4-2008: Your help is needed to locate the following stolen guitars belonging to Jimmie Vaughan:
*Fender Stratocaster yellow with 1 pickup. This guitar was stolen in the 1980's and is still missing
*Tokai - red
*greenish custom with 2 pickups with SRV on back of the neck
*Plexi glass or clear or plastic body UPDATE: this guitar recovered 5/2009
*Reddish orange Mosrite double neck guitar
*1-2 lap steel guitars
*black and white guitar, probably an Epiphone.
If you hear of anyone claiming to have guitars or other items that once belonged to Stevie or Jimmie, contact me and I will put you directly in touch with the detective handling the case.


Additions to your SRV discography:  
1. Stevie played guitar on the Vince Bell recording of "I Don't Wanna Hear It" in December 1982. Unfortunately, I do not believe it was ever released in any format. On his way home from the recording studio,  Vince was struck by a drunk driver, and was not able to finish the album. Thankfully, after years of rehabilitation and hard work, Vince was able to resume his career and has released other albums.

2. Stevie also played on another track for Don Johnson in 1986 which I had never heard about until now, 21 years later (thanks, Paul). In addition to the Heartbeat album tracks, a song called "Streetwise" was recorded with Stevie adding guitar. It appeared on a 12-inch maxi-single in The Netherlands and the UK along with "Heartache Away" and "Love Roulette." It is also in the "Heart Beat" long-form video that Johnson released but in edited form, and it was used in one of the episodes of the Miami Vice TV show. The song is almost seven minutes long. To my knowledge, it was not released anywhere but The Netherlands and UK.

SRV Memorial vandalized: On December 23, 2005, the statue of Stevie in downtown Austin was vandalized for the second time. See the news report at http://news8austin.com/content/your_news/default.asp?ArID=152545. The regular volunteers, Lynn and Bob, made a trip to Austin to perform an emergency cleaning and wax application on December 28, after the City of Austin's efforts fell short. Stevie looks much better again! My efforts to establish a reward for information leading to the identity of the criminals fell on deaf ears with the Austin Police Department.

Online Interview about the making of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan. www.stratcollector.com/newsdesk/archives/000278.html

"Lenny" sold at auction: That's right. The guitar Stevie used during encores for many years to play "Lenny" and which he supposedly used to record "Riviera Paradise" was sold at auction on June 24, 2004, as part of the Clapton charity guitar auction benefiting the Crossroads Centre. UPDATE: The first SRV Tribute Strat (see gear pages) will also be in the auction, AND the double-neck Robin guitar that Stevie and Jimmie used to play at the same time when Double Trouble and the T-Birds toured together. The Robin was Jimmie's guitar, but I'm sure you've seen the photos and videos of them playing it simultaneously. By the way, if you ordered the Christie's auction catalog, pay no attention to the presale estimates. At the first auction in 1999, prices realized were five to ten times or more the presale estimates. So when you see Lenny is estimated at $15-20,000, you know they are just trying to increase the number of people who think they have a shot, not make a realistic estimate of value. UPDATE: Prices include the buyer's premium. Clapton's famous "Blackie" Stratocaster sold for $959,500. Clapton's Gibson ES-335 sold for $847,500 and the Unplugged acoustic for $791,500. "LENNY" SOLD FOR $623,500. Jimmie Vaughan's double-neck Robin guitar that he and Stevie played sold for $45,410. The first Fender "Number One" Tribute Stratocaster sold for $41,825. Blackie, the Gibson and "Lenny" all sold to the Guitar Center, whose representative has said that they will exhibit the guitars in their stores. The previous high sales were in May 2002 when Jerry Garcia's "Wolf" guitar fetched $789,500 and his "Tiger" guitar fetched $957,500. (thanks Daniel) Clapton's "Brownie" (a.k.a. the Layla guitar) sold for $497,500 at the first Crossroads auction several years ago. Unless I've missed others, "Lenny" ranks #6 on the all-time list. Number One and the Hamiltone would certainly rank with the top guitars. UPDATE: "Lenny" was displayed at the 2007 Dallas Guitar Show by the Guitar Center for the first time since they acquired it in 2004. It was part of a large exhibition of rare guitars and amplifiers, including Stevie's Marshall amp and one of his trademark black hats. CLICK HERE for a photo of me holding "Lenny" very carefully. And no, I did not play Lenny.

Texas Automobile License Plates: The State of Texas is now producing specialty license plates with the logo "Enjoy Texas Music" and a picture of a Texas music pioneer. The first artist to be featured is Blind Lemon Jefferson. Texas will issue a new plate every  two years. The Texas Music OfficeThe TMO seeks your input on the next honoree of the Enjoy Texas Music license plate; please email us your suggestions, comments and ideas at music@governor.state.tx.us. (For a list of 478 possible honorees, please visit Texas Music Pioneers.)

Stevie's dolphins: "Over the Fourth of July weekend, I was in St. Augustine and decided to take my family to Marineland, one of the oldest attractions in Florida. As we watched the bottle-nose dolphins run through their paces, I realized that the entire act was choreographed to "Hillbillies From Outer Space". Novelist Douglas Adams put forth the proposition that dolphins were Earth's most intelligent creatures. It only makes sense that they would prefer the Vaughan Brothers." Vince Welsh. Orlando, Florida

Sale of "SRV's Stratocaster:" Once again there is a story being reported about the sale of one of Stevie's guitars, this time to the Blue Moon Group in NY. No details have been offered. Regardless of the fact that Stevie owned many guitars, there are only a handful which are museum-quality instruments (described on the Gear page), and those all belong to Jimmie Vaughan now. Jimmie told me personally that he would never sell those guitars. Update: 7/03 I have just learned that this sale, reported in January 2003, did not go through. The guitar was a plum colored Tokai Strat which was sold in the spring of 2003 for approximately $10,000-$12,000.

Austin City Limits 1989: The running order for Stevie's complete set at ACL in '89: House is Rockin', Tightrope, May I Have a Talk With You, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Leave My Girl Alone, Crossfire, Look at Little Sister, Superstition, Cold Shot, Couldn't Stand the Weather, Voodoo Chile, Riviera Paradise. With the exception of Superstition, you can now reconstruct the whole concert from the DVDs of Live From Austin and the disk in the SRV box set.

Austin City Limits 1983: Here is the complete set list for the first ACL show: Testify (take 1), Instrumental (take 1 aborted), Instrumental (take 2), Voodoo Chile, Pride and Joy (take 1), Texas Flood, Love Struck Baby, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Tin Pan Alley, Rude Mood, Lenny (take 1 aborted), Lenny (take 2), Pride and Joy (take 2), Testify (take 2 aborted), Testify (take 3), (last 2 songs with Jimmie Vaughan, Kim Wilson and Angela Strehli) Blues Before Sunrise, Lost Cause.  Originally broadcast were Pride and Joy, Texas Flood, Rude Mood, Voodoo Chile and Love Struck Baby.

Who Was That Masked Man?? I've had the opportunity to peruse a large stack of Stevie's handwritten notes and papers and found it interesting the aliases he used at hotels: Ben T. Fender, Lee Melone, Mosey Long (my favorite), Vita Lee, Henry Blossom and Iza B. Klean. These all date from 1986-1990.

Oddest SRV Magazine Cover? As my friend Randy said when he sent me this magazine, "SRV shows up in the strangest places." Have you spotted a more unusual appearance of SRV anywhere? click here

I Don't Think Stevie Would Approve: DULUTH, MN -- An Eden Prairie man has pleaded guilty in connection with the 1998 stabbing death of a Minneapolis man near Duluth. Wayne A. Johnson, 37, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit intentional second-degree murder for his role in the death of Carlos San Miguel, 34. Dario Bonga, who pleaded guilty to stabbing San Miguel more than 42 times with a screwdriver, was sentenced to life in prison. Bonga said he killed San Miguel because he said Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bonga's favorite musician, wasn't any good. Johnson beat San Miguel before the killing and helped discard evidence. - Associated Press (thanks to Lonesome Dave for the newspaper clipping)

SRV & DT sales trivia: According to the RIAA, by 2001 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble had sold over 13.5 million records! So where does that number stack against other artists? The top selling artists are The Beatles (163.5 million), Garth Brooks (101), Led Zeppelin (100.5), Elvis Presley (86.5) and the Eagles (66.5). Top blues artists: Eric Clapton at 36.5 million (okay, some of his stuff isn't blues); ZZ Top (25) and Bonnie Raitt (16.5). Where's Jimi Hendrix? Try 19.5 million. I'd say Stevie and the band stack up pretty well considering his relatively short national performing career, and that he's blues. I believe Willie Nelson is the top selling Texas artist (35 million). Stevie & DT's highest selling albums? Each of these have been certified for sales over 2 million: Texas Flood, Couldn't S.T. Weather, In Step, The Sky is Crying, and Greatest Hits (Vol. 1). Note: see the updated figures on the Awards page.

SRV Landmark destroyed. On August 20, 1999, the former site of a movie theatre where Stevie performed some of his earliest public shows was destroyed by fire. The theatre was the first one opened by Gene Autry in 1946, and was known as the Hill Theatre until 1964. It had been an auto parts store for the past 35 years, but the owner had left the original stage intact because of the historical significance of the theatre (although he probably didn't know Stevie played there in the early 60's).

Steamboat 1874, the club where Stevie performed many times, and where In the Beginning was recorded in 1980, has closed. The site on Sixth Street in Austin is still a nightclub, though. Steamboat reopened in a new location in Austin, but I think it's closed now, too.

Caravan of Dreams, the club where Stevie rehearsed his Carnegie Hall show in 1984, and the best nightclub in Dallas-Fort Worth from 1983-2001 closed at the end of September 2001.

Austin's Bar-B-Que in Oak Cliff, where Stevie dined many times, closed on July 14, 2000. I ate lunch there after attending Stevie's funeral, not knowing at the time that there was a Stevie connection.  

Testify! Several folks have asked me this question over the years, and I finally got the answer. Stevie said in an interview that there was a track on Texas Flood where a mistake was made and the band just picked up the song in the middle right where the mistake was made, and the engineer and band got it fixed on the first try. The fix was so seamless that only those in the studio knew where the track was cut. In the interview from which the question arose, Stevie would not reveal which song was recorded in two pieces. However, in an earlier interview with Jim Ladd, Stevie identified the song as "Testify." Armed with that info, can you hear where the tape was spliced?

SRV Contracts. Ever wonder what it cost to hire Stevie Ray Vaughan to play? Here are a few examples from contracts I have seen. Some of these are the flat rates, to which would be added percentages of the gate. 
    June 1982 - $800 (outdoor festival in Houston)
    July 1983 - $1500 (Dallas record release party for Texas Flood)
November 1983 - $5000+ (opening for The Moody Blues)
    August 1984 - $6500 to $7500+ (typical road gigs)
    May 1990 - $24,000+ (typical road gig)

SRV the Dog: From a fan: "Up here in Canada is a gorgeous American/Canadian champion Boxer dog named Stevie Ray Vaughan.  He is a Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show winner and he's also a Sire of Merit (has sired 14 champions or more) and he was the #4 Boxer in Canada in the year 2000.  You can view Stevie at http://www.geocities.com/mgmboxers/NUchstevie2.html"

SRV Soothes the Ghost: Even ghosts like Stevie's music: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/1437982/posts.

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B. Other Events & Broadcasts:
    Other than rebroadcasts of the Austin City Limits program (check your local PBS listings), I am not aware of any upcoming SRV events or broadcasts. I do not expect to see the VH-1 Legends program rebroadcast because to my knowledge they only had broadcast rights for three years, which have expired.
    August 27 events:  The Vaughan family is on record as preferring remembrances on Stevie's birthday, October 3rd. So if radio stations or concert promoters are "celebrating" the anniversary of Stevie's death, please take a moment to call the program manager or promoter and suggest they celebrate Stevie's life and music on the day of his birth, October 3. 
    October 3 events: The Annual SRV Remeberance Ride & Concert is the first Sunday each October. See www.srvrideandconcert.org. 

Awards & Achievements

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Where Are They Now?

The band they were in for several years, Storyville, broke up in the early part of January 1999, but Double Trouble's CD, Been a Long Time, was released in early February 2001.  It features appearances by Jimmie Vaughan, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Johnson, Susan Tedeschi, Dr. John, Reese Wynans, Doyle Bramhall II, Charlie Sexton, Malford Milligan and others. 

Chris and Tommy appear on Kenny Wayne Shepherd's CD, Live On, and  with Roy Cox and Alan Haynes on the Blues Knights CD, released in the fall of 1999.  The "Hot Licks" series of instructional videos has added tapes from Chris and Tommy. The guys have also been playing a few gigs as the ARC Angels, too. Also watch for the Mighty Zor, playing in Austin occasionally (Chris, Tommy, Little Doyle and Denny Freeman). Debbie Davies, formerly of Albert Collins' band, features Double Trouble on her CD, Tales From the Austin Motel. Double Trouble also appear on the CD Treat Me Like a Lady by SRV fan club member Catherine Denise.

See the website: www.tommyshannon.com

DOYLE BRAMHALL: Big Doyle's latest CD Is It News was nominated for a Grammy Award. He has produced CDs by Indigenous, Chris Duarte and Marcia Ball. "Big Doyle" passed away November 13, 2011, at age 62. He is greatly missed. A world-class human being in addition to being an accomplished musician. I was honored to call him my friend for 15 years. 

JANNA LAPIDUS: As you probably know, Janna was Stevie's fiance, and I receive many inquiries about her. She has been very well, having moved from New York City to Australia about 7 years ago, and will soon be moving back to the U.S. with her husband and their two sons.

FREDDE "PHAROAH" WALDEN: Fredde Walden, drummer for Triple Threat Revue, and the original drummer for Double Trouble, lost his battle with cancer in early April, 2000. Walden played behind most major blues artists in Austin at one time or another.

LENNY: I've never had an opportunity to meet or speak with Stevie's ex-wife. I got a message to her requesting an interview for the new book, but she declined the invitation to participate.

JACK CHASE: Those of you who have attended recent fan club events, and those with a good memory for liner notes, know that Jack played a very important role in Stevie's career. "I spent almost 32 years as Vice President of Marketing for CBS Records/Sony Music Southwest Region. The last 3 years at Sony Music Dallas were rewarding to me as my Southwest Branch established national careers for Texans...Dixie Chicks, Destiny Child, Jessica Simpson and Beyon'ce Knowles. But...establishing the careers of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmie Vaughan and Stevie Ray were two of my most cherished accomplishments of my long career.  I presently still live in the Dallas area and am enjoying semi-retirement with my family." See also Jack's comments on the art and jewelry page about the guitar strap he had made for Stevie.

ROBIN SYLER: Highly regarded guitarist and friend of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Syler died in December 2005 at age 54. He toured with Canned Heat, was a member of Krackerjack with Tommy Shannon, Bruce Bowland, and Uncle John Turner, and released two solo CDs.

JERRY LYNN WILLIAMS:  It is believed that Stevie Ray Vaughan's last studio work was contributing to Jerry Lynn Williams' song "Just How You Play the Game" from his Peacemaker CD, recorded in 1990 but not released until 1996.    (from the L.A. Times): The little-known writer of such songs as Eric Clapton's "Running on Faith," Bonnie Raitt's "Real Man" and B.B. King's "Standing on the Edge of Love," died Nov. 25 of kidney and liver failure.  A familiar name only in the music industry, Williams was probably the most successful unknown songwriter in rock and rhythm and blues. In 1989, five of his songs "Pretending," "Anything for Your Love," "Running on Faith," "No Alibis" and "Breaking Point" were included on Clapton's "Journeyman" album. The same year, his "Real Man" and "I Will Not Be Denied" were on Raitt's "Nick of Time," which won three Grammy Awards. Williams also contributed five songs to King's 1992 album, "King of the Blues," and wrote Clint Black's "The Hard Way" and Delbert McClinton's signature song, "Givin' It Up for Your Love." He helped Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan write the song "Tick Tock." Williams made four blues-rock albums of his own, but none of them sold well. Born in Dallas, he grew up in Fort Worth and learned music in church. A pastor's wife taught him to play piano, but at the age of 11, he got his first guitar and focused on playing like Jimmy Reed. By 14, Williams had dropped out of school and was working Texas roadhouses with his own band, the Epics. He toured with Little Richard's band until authorities discovered Williams' age and sent him home. He learned to play lead guitar from a fellow band member, Jimmy James, better known as Jimi Hendrix. A maverick, Williams spent nearly four decades bouncing between Los Angeles, where he wrote, recorded and performed, and Texas and Oklahoma, where he ranched. On one drive west, he stopped to look at the Grand Canyon and was inspired to write "Standing on the Edge of Love." The songwriter was recommended to Clapton in 1984 when the singer needed material for what is regarded as his comeback album, "Behind the Sun." Williams wrote the album's "See What Love Can Do," "Something's Happening" and "Forever Man."

Stevie is Everywhere!

As collector of most other kinds of SRV trivia, I'm starting a list of SRV songs used in movies, TV commercials and public venues and print advertising. This list does NOT contain Stevie's TV show performances, radio shows (those lists are in my books) or concert advertising. Email me your additions. Thanks.

movie - Back to the Beach - "Pipeline" (Stevie's only screen appearance)
movie - Blackhawk Down - "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)"
movie - Cops and Robbersons - "Hard To Be" used in trailer; not sure if in movie itself
movie - Domino - SRV mentioned in scene with Mickey Rourke who plays Ed the bounty hunter, telling Keira Knightley's charater that he
            used to be in a band with Stevie.
movie - Dukes of Hazzard - "Pride and Joy"movie - Flight of the Intruder - "House Is Rockin'
movie - Far North - "Voodoo Chile"
movie - From Dusk 'til Dawn - "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Willie the Wimp"
movie - Gung Ho - SRV contributed to the original music score for the film ("incidental" music, not "songs")
movie - Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man - no music, but Mickey Rourke wears a leather jacket with "SRV" and incorrect roman
            numerals for 54-90 on a sleeve patch.
movie - Head Above Water - "Empty Arms" plays on radio in scene
movie - Heaven's Prisoners - "The Things That I Used to Do"
movie - Jack Frost - "Couldn't Stand the Weather" video appears on TV
movie - Light of Day - "Rude Mood"
movie - Major League II - "House Is Rockin'" and "Rude Mood"
movie - Mama, There's a Man In Your Bed - Tin Pan Alley ("Romuald et Juliette" in France)
movie - Men Don't Leave - "Tell Me"
movie - Multiplicity - "House Is Rockin'"
movie - Rocky IV - Stevie contributed to "Livin' in America," but is virtually unheard in most mixes of the song.
movie - Sgt. Bilko - "House Is Rockin'"
movie - Sixteen Candles - "Lenny"
movie - 3000 Miles to Graceland - "Cold Shot"
movie - Tooth Fairy, The - Stevie is mentioned in the dialogue when a kid asks if he can become a legend like Clapton, Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan
movie - 21 Black Jack - name and quote from "House Is Rockin'" from the entrance to the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas appears in movie
movie - Unbreakable - "Pride and Joy"
movie - Varsity Blues - "Texas Flood"
movie - Where the Heart Is - "So Excited"
TV - American Express commercial - "Hillbillies from Outer Space"
TV - Beverly Hills 90210 - "Crossfire" playing on a car radio and in a diner; episode titled "Strangers In the Night"
TV - "Don't Mess With Texas" anti-litter public service announcement - plays a riff of "The Eyes of Texas"
TV - Entourage - "Empty Arms" episode titled "The Scene"; "Sky Is Crying" in episode titled "Strange Days"; episode 1 of series 3 has "So Excited."
TV - Europa Oil commercial (New Zealand)
TV - Friday Night Lights - "Mary Had a Little Lamb" plays in background (2011)
TV - History Detectives segment about Dallas railroad station - "Texas Flood" "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
TV - History Detectives - "Hillbillies From Outerspace" plays over credits of the "Lawrence Billy Club" episode
TV - Home Time - House Is Rockin" during home improvement show demolition scene
TV - JAG - "Empty Arms" background music
TV - King of the Hill - various episodes, including "Texas Flood" in episode sabe02 where Bobby goes to an alley gambling joint
TV - Lincoln Navigator commercial with "Pride and Joy" 
TV - My Name Is Earl - "Pride and Joy"; episode titled "Broke Joy's Fancy Fingurine"
TV - National Football League has used "Little Wing"
TV - Nissan XTerra vehicle - "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" (two versions)
TV - Nissan Altima vehicle commercial - "Pride and Joy" (Sept. 2007)
TV - Saturn vehicle commercial - "Crossfire"
TV - Today Show - "Hideaway" background music for story (summer 2007)
TV - Weeds - Nancy names her baby Stephen Ray, and Andy refers to him as "Stevie Ray" (July 24, 2009 episode)
radio - Levi's jeans commercial (believed to be unaired)
radio - Pepsi cola commercial (two versions, believed to be unaired)
radio - "Pride and Joy" music in Lincoln Mark LT car commercial
arena - countless sports teams play "House Is Rockin'" at games
park - Marineland (FL) dolphin show - "Hillbillies From Outer Space"
comics - there have been subtle references to SRV in "The Norm" and "Bloom County"
print - Jimmy'Z sportswear ad in 1987 Rolling Stone magazine
print - GHS guitar strings in countless guitar magazines
print - Tokai guitars - unauthorized use of Stevie's name and image on promo poster and catalog
print - Jim Dunlop guitar fret wire promo poster
print - Epiphone guitars promo poster
print - Fender Signature Series guitar promo posters
print - American Music Supply catalog
game - "Scuttle Buttin'" was the main menu music for the game "Nascar '99" for Nintendo 64
game - "Texas Flood" on Guitar Hero (2005)
game - "Pride and Joy" is one of the songs on Guitar Hero III (2007)
game - "Texas Flood" album on Rock Band (2009)
other - Leonard Cohen CD/DVD has a segment where an autograph wall backstage is being filmed, and they focus on Stevie's signature.