Recent and Upcoming Releases & Products

    * Audiophile vinyl Texas Flood album on two 45 rpm, 180 gram records by Mobile Fidelity. Limited to 7,000 copies. Release date unknown, but pre-orders being taken as of January 2019. Go to Mofi.com.

    * Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction DVD for the years 2014-2017 released April 24, 2018. Stevie's name misspelled on the cover! As of this writing I do not know how much of Stevie's induction speeches/performances are included.

    * New box set called The Complete Epic Recordings  released October 28, 2014. Twelve discs, but all the tracks were released on previous records or video. The promo-only album called Legend in the Making, is supposedly the main attraction for collectors, but if you have the Live at the El Mocambo DVD and VHS, you have all of that audio already. Not sure anyone viewing this website will want this box, unless you think $100 for the Legend disc is worth your money. You can probably find the original collectible vinyl of Legend  and the VHS with the couple of extra tracks for about the same money. I would rather put that $100 towards the Acoustic Sounds box mentioned below, but if you want almost everything from Epic in one box, here's your opportunity. (There is no Family Style, In Session, and much of the SRV box set is not included, so it isn't very "complete.")

   * New documentary film about Stevie produced in the UK. Two 2-hour parts, one released September 2014 entitled "Stevie Ray Vaughan: Rise of a Texas Bluesman", and one tba (no idea when). Substantially longer than the 45-minute VH-1 documentary made in 1997. It is well-received. Interviews with some folks VH-1 missed. UPDATE: Volume two entitled "Stevie Ray Vaughan: Lonestar" was released in March 2017.

    * Three Audiophile vinyl and SACD sets released: One of the Acoustic Sounds box sets is a 12-LP, 200-gram, 45rpm vinyl box set of all 5 studio albums plus Family Style ($325-$400). A second box set is 6-LPs at 33rpm ($199-$280). The third box set is six Hybrid SACDs ($199-$280). The recordings are remastered from the original 1/2" analog tapes by Sterling Sound (vs MoFi using another source and remastered in-house). For those with the equipment to benefit from this process, the 200-gram 45rpm vinyl is probably the best Stevie's music will ever sound. Release date was March 28, 2014. They sent me a test pressing of the CSTW album. The sound is super clean, and the mix is much better than the original vinyl in my opinion. The vocal and Stevie's guitar are in better focus, with the drums behind Stevie instead of on top. The ambiance is more woody and less tinny. Can't wait to hear the rest of the box. Here's a link about the releases. UPDATE: The 200-gram box sets are out, and the reviews are good. One long-time fan and friend of this website in Australia says: "Sound wise, night and day to anything I had on vinyl. Stevie's voice is very well centered and the sound-stage, IMO, is flawless. The drums are crystal clear but do not overpower or intrude. Bass is very good, plenty of punch but just like the drums, fits nicely into the soundstage. It really is like rediscovering his music. There is no background noise, even at high volumes. These 200-gram releases have been very well done. I am not regretting my purchase that's for sure." Thanks, David. Check out other reviews online.

    * New TV Broadcast and DVD Features Stevie Ray Vaughan: In March 2014 PBS stations aired portions of the 1989 concert which was part of the Presidential Inaugural in Washington D.C.   A Celebration of Blues and Soul includes these performances among many others:

  •  “Right Place, Wrong Time” – Dr. John
  • “When A Man Loves A Woman” – Percy Sledge
  • “Knock On Wood” – Eddie Floyd with Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn
  • “Hey! Bo Diddley” – Bo Diddley with Ronnie Wood
  • “Hoochie Coochie Man” – Willie Dixon with Albert Collins, Joe Louis Walker and Delbert McClinton
  • “Soul Man” – Sam Moore with Billy Preston, Steve Cropper and Donald “Duck” Dunn
  • “Just A Little Bit” – Delbert McClinton with Steve Cropper and Albert Collins
  • “When Something Is Wrong With My Baby” – Carla Thomas and Billy Preston
  • “Frosty” – Albert Collins with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, and Jimmie Vaughan
  • "Texas Flood" –  Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble with Jimmie Vaughan
  • “Love Struck Baby” – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble with Jimmie Vaughan
  • “Superstition” – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
  • “Scuttle Buttin’” – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

        The DVD will be released May 6, 2014, by Shout Factory with a running time of approximately two hours. If you have read my book you know the band did not enjoy their Republican hosts or the security measures. As reported by the New York Times, "... playing for a president is a hard gig to turn down. Bruce Iglauer, Ms. Taylor’s manager, recalled bringing the offer to his client. 'I went to Koko and said, ‘These awful people who I hate and think are a bunch of racists want you to come and perform at an inaugural ball, and she said, "I want to play for a president.’" As the guitarist Joe Louis Walker put it, 'It’s an honor for the blues to go all the way from the outhouse to the White House, no matter who the president is.' "
        But forget about who produced the show and enjoy this time capsule of legendary artists. In addition to seeing Stevie at his peak, Albert Collins, Delbert McClinton and Bo Diddley are featured artists that are worth the price of admission. I was also pleased to see rare video of Willie Dixon, just six months before I saw him at the Chicago Blues Fest that summer. This must be one of the last times Willie was videotaped in performance. There isn't much previously-unreleased SRV material coming out these days, almost 24 years after his death, but this one came as a pleasant surprise out of left field
or  in this case I should say right field. The recording was thought to have been lost forever, but a safety copy was found at Bose, which provided funding for recording the event, and then restored. The DVD is available at the usual retailers.

    * SRV catalog with Spotify App: Sony Legacy is plunging in to the Spotify network with apps for SRV, Dylan and Miles Davis. I'm a dinosaur and don't do Spotify or apps, but maybe this will be newsworthy to you.

    * Soul to Soul and Texas Flood Legacy Editions:  UPDATE:
Neither 2-disc set, originally scheduled for 2011, have a release date, but they will not be in 2012. The "bonus" disc for Soul to Soul is likely to be studio outtakes, and forTexas Flood  a live show bonus disc, perhaps the 1983 Philadelphia show recorded for radio broadcast. This is tentative info. UPDATE: Texas Flood - Legacy Edition has a tentative release date of January 29, 2013. The bounus disc may say it was recorded October 20, 1983, but the band's itinerary says October 21.

    * Mobile Fidelity to release 5 Stevie Ray Vaughan SACDs: Texas Flood, Couldn't Stand the Weather, Soul to Soul, In Step, andThe Sky Is Crying were released on limited, numbered SACDs: Texas Flood disc started shipping on January 3, 2011; CSTW in May 2011; Soul to Soul on September 14, 2011; The Sky Is Crying on October 3, 2011; In Step was released in early November 2011. Mobile Fidelity's hybrid SACDs have a CD layer that plays on any CD, DVD, or Blu-ray player as well as a high-resolution layer that plays if your transport mechanism is SACD compatible. MOFI discs, often referred to as Original Master Recordings, often sell out and become very collectible. For example, the 1998 MOFI of The Sky Is Crying routinely lists on eBay for $100-200. The new discs retail online for $30 plus shipping. 
     * Stax reissuing In Session with Albert King and Stevie. The CD was first released in 1999, remastered in 2009 and on November 9, 2010, we will finally get the DVD. In addition to the tracks previously available on CD, the DVD will include "Texas Flood," "Born Under a Bad Sign" and "I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town." From Michael Wright on the Gibson website: "There is going to come a point where the Billboard Blues Catalog Chart will officially be named the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Chart, as the late guitarist’s back catalogue regularly dominates the list. The recent release of Vaughan’s collaborative In Session concert, featuring Vaughan and Albert King went to #3 on the chart upon its release in November, making it one of seven Vaughan albums in the Top 15 at the time."
Couldn't Stand the Weather Legacy Edition:  2-disc CSTW originally planned as a 25th anniversary reissue, but that date came and went in 2009 without a release. Release date rescheduled from September 8, 2009 to April 27, 2010, and finally released July 27, 2010. The original package which Sony sent me in 2009 included a 1st disc with CSTW plus 8 bonus outtakes, four previously unissued. 2nd disc was 12 tracks from Stevie's set at the CBS Records convention in Hawaii in March 1984. The 1st disc as released in 2010 is CSTW with 11 bonus outtakes, only 3 previously unissued alternate takes ("The Sky is Crying", "Boot Hill" and "Stang's Swang.") NOTE: a fan has suggested "The Sky Is Crying" was previously released on Blues at Sunrise. The 2nd disc is now 12 tracks (plus a 13th track which is just the band introductions) from August 17, 1984, at the Spectrum in Montreal. I was disappointed with the first package because none of the tracks from the Hawaii show with Stevie and Jeff Beck playing together were included. Sony told me the change was made because the Hawaii recording suffered from technical issues they were not able to fix. It's too bad because the show itself is, in my opinion, a superior performance compared to Montreal. Funny, the original Sony press release listed one of the tracks as "The Sky Is Falling" -- I wonder if Chicken Little makes an uncredited guest appearance on that track! UPDATE: Here is a LINK to the corrected press release from Sony Legacy.
    * Stax reissuing In Session with Albert King and Stevie:
June 19, 2009. Remastered; additional liner notes. More info at http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/news.php?id=37586
    * Bonus tracks in Japan:
Eight of Stevie & DT's albums plus Family Style were rereleased in Japan on June 3, 2009. Bonus tracks on the albums have been previously released on promo CDs and the box set, from what I know so far. These CDs were released with OBIs in the "mini-LP" sleeves rather than plastic cases, and the Disk Union company was authorized to make a promotional box for them to fit into when buying the whole set. I am told the Disk Union boxes sold out through advance orders, which could only be made in Japan. The box sets appear to be selling for $240-$290 outside of Japan. The most obvious difference between these discs and the USA remastered discs released in 1999 are liner notes with song lyrics for all the songs (in English, plus everything in Japanese too). The bonus tracks, in addition to those on the USA remastered editions, are:
The Sky Is Crying: Boilermaker, Shake 'N' Bake
      Live Alive: Little Wing/Third Stone From the Sun, Life Without You, The Sky Is Crying
      Family Style: Tick Tock (edited single version)
    * 1978-79 recordings found
: Double Trouble recordings from January 1978 through February 1979 at Hole Studios in Austin have been rediscovered. There are said to be 21 songs, mostly covers, but some early versions of Pride and Joy and other Vaughan tunes. The story was first released by the Austin Chronicle on September 5, 2008, but keep in mind there is an error in the story regarding the band's history. The writer claims Double Trouble did not debut until the spring of 1979, which is a year off, of course . The writer notes that Jimmie Vaughan has had opportunities to release material from this period and has declined to do so. I'll not be holding my breath to see these tracks released.

     * Stevie Ray Vaughan X2: repackaging of Texas Flood and In the Beginning. No new tracks. Released 2/26/08.
    * Stevie Ray Vaughan & Friends: Solos, Sessions & Encores,  CD released November 6, 2007. It contains live and studio tracks of Stevie playing with B.B. King, Johnny Copeland, A.C. Reed, Lonnie Mack, Albert Collins, Bonnie Raitt and others. Approximately six of the tracks are previously unissued; the others are from somewhat harder to find releases by other artists. By the way, there is a liner notes error on "Goin' Down;" it should be identified as from the 1989 tour with Jeff Beck, not Hawaii 1984. There is a podcast of the promo radio special at http://blogs.legacyrecordings.com/podcast/category/stevie-ray-vaughan/
    * Pride and Joy, new DVD released November 6, 2007, includes Stevie's music videos and MTV Unplugged Click for more info
    * Stevie Ray Vaughan, Live at Carnegie Hall on 180-gram vinyl said to have been released October 10, 2007, by the SPD label in the UK. This is the first release of that material on vinyl. I have not found any place to order it yet, so it may have not been released after all. If you see it, let me know.

      *  Jennifer Warnes' Famous Blue Raincoat was re-released in Sept. 2007 as a 20th Anniversary package. I'm not aware of any extra SRV content. The video featuring Stevie is said to be posted on Warnes' website.
      *  Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Live - Play Hard & Floor It!, released in July 2007, a 24-minute DVD of five songs from previously released DVDs, made for PBS TV stations to use as a pledge drive premium. Limited quantity made. Contact your local PBS TV station to see if they are offering the DVD, or see www.KERA.org.   
      *  The Ultimate Stevie Ray Vaughan: The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Vol. 1, released December 2006. Simple repackaging of previously released material. This is the fifth "hits" repackaging Sony has released. Of the six CDs in these releases, there are a total of three tracks not available on other releases. How many more superlatives can be added to one CD title (Ultimate, Real Deal, Greatest Hits)? They left out "Essential," but of course they already have a repackaging called "Essential." And where does the original 1995 Greatest Hits fit in this scheme? And why was The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Vol 2 released six years before volume 1? Obviously the only scheme is to try to get fans to repurchase the same material as many times as possible. Don't buy it. The argument that a greatest hits package is for the casual fan, not the SRV collector, was used up on the first hits package in 1995. 
     *  Recent DVD releases of Daytona and Japan shows are not authorized by Sony or The Estate of SRV, and are reported to be of poor quality video and audio. I don't understand how these are getting into mainstream distribution channels in the US online and in music stores.
     * Stax Profiles: Albert King was released April 25, 2006, with "Born Under a Bad Sign" previously unreleased track from the In Session program in 1983. Antone's Home of the Blues, a DVD documentary available since 2004 overseas release June 6, 2006 in the US, and contains some footage of Stevie.
     * Pure Pleasure Records released a two-disc 180-gram vinyl reissue of Couldn't Stand the Weather on February 3, 2006, complete with the bonus tracks from the remastered CD. For the audiofile, this may be the best sound quality you can get.
     * The B.B. King Cinemax special from 1987, released under various titles, was released Oct 11, 2005 on DVD, CD and a DVD/CD package. The title is now "B.B. King Blues Session" and it is getting horrible reviews for video quality. Some are saying the old VHS is better. What a disappointment that this historic event was not treated with more care.
    * Angela Strehli's new CD (2005) contains a track with Stevie from Carnegie Hall, but it was on Stevie's Carnegie Hall CD years ago.
    *  The 1973 Marc Benno & the Nightcrawlers album recorded for A&M featuring Stevie Vaughan and Doyle Bramhall was finally released in Japan with some bonus tracks (12 songs in total) in September 2005. The discs were released by Marc Benno, and intended only for sale to those attending shows on his Japanese tour.  Only 800 discs were sold.  In the spring of 2006, Benno released the CD in the USA, but with one less track than the Japanese CD. Better cover artwork, though. Get it at CDBaby.com or marcbenno.com.
Mama Mia! A 14-year mystery has finally been solved. In 1990 the first SRV guitar transcription and tablature book was published (Lightnin' Blues 1983-1987). At the end of the book a discography listed Stevie appearing on a single by Adelmo Fonaciari (sic) titled "Madre Dolcissima" on the Polygram label in Italy in 1989. That set off years of research trying to obtain a copy of this SRV guest appearance. I discovered that the artist's name was misspelled (Fornaciari is correct) and that he went by the nickname "Sugar" ("Zucchero" in Italian). (Click here for photo of Zucchero and SRV) I was able to find a CD with "Madre Dolcissima" but there was no credit for SRV and I could not detect his guitar work in the music. Neither Zucchero's management or fan club was able to shed any light on the mystery, and after five years of searching, I concluded that the discography was erroneous, probably mistaking Clapton who does appear as a guest on the CD. In August 2004, a fan named Luciana Rzegocki emailed me about a Zucchero website purporting to show Stevie in a video clip with Zucchero, but the web clip was very grainy and I wasn't convinced it was Stevie. (See it at http://www.zucchero.it/ZUandCOmpany/ and click on Limited CD+DVD) Within a couple of days, new research revealed that Stevie had in fact recorded with Zucchero, but the version with Stevie's solo had never been released. Further confusing things, the original song "Madre Dolcissima" (sung in Italian) had now become "Mama" sung primarily in English. The song was released 17 May 2004 on "Zu and Co.," a collection of Zucchero's songs on which special guests appear (Sting, Miles Davis, Jeff Beck, John Lee Hooker, Sheryl Crow, Clapton, BB King, etc.). With help from Luciana, I discovered that "Mama" with SRV appears only on the bonus DVD (with brief glimpses of Stevie in the video) on the Italian limited edition version, and on a CD single; the German, British and all other versions are just the CD which does not have "Mama." The internet was full of places selling the CD-only version, but the CD+DVD version was released only in Italy (I'm guessing for copyright reasons). The only website I could find selling the Italian version was in Switzerland, but I couldn't read the German, French or Italian languages of the website. I emailed my friend Dieter in Switzerland and he ordered it for me. Sure enough, this is a different version from the 1989 release, and Stevie is in fact in the video and does a guitar solo near the end of the song. After five years listing this as "unconfirmed" and almost ten more years assuming it was an error, this track can now be added back to my SRV discography. Update: the video with Stevie now also appears on a Zuccero DVD "Live at The Royal Albert Hall" in the UK. I'm not sure if it's being sold in the US. Update: Italy released a new 3-disc version of Zu & Co on November 11. 2005. I haven't seen details yet of how much SRV content is there.

Info about MTV Unplugged availability: From a fan in Europe: "The DVD only has 'Pride and Joy' on it. But there was three volume VHS-PAL (not compatible in US players) set called 'MTV Unplugged Finest Moments' released here in Europe. One of them featured 'Pride and Joy', but also featured the aborted and unbroadcast 'Life Without You'. It lasts 1 minute 40 seconds." (Thanks, Paul.) Update: Paul says the "Finest Moments" compilation was also released on laserdisc in Europe, so there is a digital version available. Update:  the 3 songs will finally be released on DVD in the USA on November 6, 2007, as part of the Pride and Joy DVD.

Antone's film documentary is being shown at a few independent theaters. Visit www.Antones-HomeOfTheBlues.com for details. UPDATE: It has now been released on DVD.

I am not aware of any other upcoming releases at this time, nor do I have significant input on record company decisions. Please don't ask for information not posted here.

PAST RELEASESClick here. See also the discography on the BIO page.


There is a new book by Janna Lapidus, Stevie's finacee. I have seen the book, and it is a real treat! The photos are personally selected by Janna to illustrate their four years together. "I have carried around boxes of memories of our life together for many years now and several times wondered if I could or should share some of them and my personal perspective." Lucky for us she decided to share! The photos include candid moments at home, backstage, on vacations around the world, clowning around in photo booths, filming music videos, with celebrities and birthday celebrations. These photographs from Stevie and Janna's personal collection, most of which have never been publicly displayed before, are a true insight into Stevie's off-stage life during his final years. Janna describes this as a picture book because it is primarily photos, but her words bring great clarity and insight into their relationship and daily life from just before Stevie's recovery from substance abuse to his final night. The first printing is limited to 200 copies. You can order NOW by going to www.FourYearsInPictures.com.

NEW MOVIE INFO! There is a movie in the works, described thusly on the lead actress' website: "Soul To Soul is a film about the life and death of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan as told through the eyes of foul-mouthed, strong-willed Grace Marley, a Texas blues prodigy raised in Austin, who believes herself to be his illegitimate daughter. When she discovers who her real father is, she comes apart and has to find herself all over again.The film is currently in the development. A sizzle trailer was shot in late December to help move funding forward." Jamey Geston is to star. So, it doesn't sound like this is the SRV movie we've all been hoping for, nor does it sound like something Stevie's mother would appreciate for a number of reasons, but there you go.









**The massive SRV biography is called Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night. 432 pages and 970 illustrations.  Click HERE for more information and to order now!**

    The Weinstein Company holds the movie rights to the Patoski/Crawford bio, Caught in the Crossfire. Miramax owned the rights to a biography to have been written by Dan Forte, but given the change in leadership of Miramax in 2005, and the fact the book was never finished, the status and ownership of rights to Forte's research is unknown. I called Miramax and Weinstein Company in the fall of 2006, and each company said they thought the other owned the movie rights to the Forte book. 
    Robert Rodriguez was originally slated to direct the movie for Miramax. From a March 2001 story in The Chicago Sun-Times: "The proposed movie based on the life of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan is still in the works, but Director Robert Rodriguez, who has worked on the project for two years, has not made a decision on who will portray Stevie. Rodriguez took the project for simple reasons. 'Harvey Weinstein from Miramax got the rights to Stevie's story, [and] I said, 'I'll do it.' Mostly, I signed on because I didn't want someone to take it as just another gig and put out a terrible movie. This was my way of protecting Stevie. Being from Austin, and a big fan of his music, I felt like I was the right person to bring Stevie's story to the screen. So I worked on a script about a man who wanted to live the blues. He became the blues.'" I am not aware of Rodriguez commenting publicly about the project since that 2001 article. 

    VH-1 planned a made-for-TV biopic, to be produced by Cosgrove-Muerer which produced the "Unsolved Mysteries" series on cable. The movie was to be written by Robert Johnson who wrote the Temptations mini-series, and a Showtime feature on Bill Bojangles Robinson starring Gregory Hines. Around 2000, new management at VH-1 shelved the SRV project, perhaps permanently.

    The A&E network also expressed interest, more than once, in doing a TV biography of Stevie, but it is believed those efforts have been discontinued as well, possibly due to a lack of agreement by Jimmie Vaughan.

click photos for larger image. I depend on YOU to tell me about magazines in your region or country with Stevie on the cover.

Guitar Techniques (UK) October 2013 - cover feature for guitar tab lesson.
Guitar World March 2013 - cover features on the 30th anniversary of Texas Flood and the release of the Legacy Edition CD. I believe this is the first cover feature for Stevie on a major American guitar magazine in almost 3 years.
  Vintage Guitar March 2012 - review and short excerpt from my book
  Premier Guitar January 2012 - eleven-page excerpt about Stevie's guitars from my book
  Other than a few blurbs and Stevie included in a couple of lists, unless I missed something there were no significant magazine features about Stevie from the summer of 2010 until January 2012. That is the longest stretch since before 1983.
mag2010-12 gp blues.JPG (67464 bytes) Play Blues Guitar by Guitar Player, December 2010 - cover feature

mag10-08 japan.jpg (14245 bytes)

Blues & Soul Records (Japan) August 2010 - cover feature
  Classic Rock (UK) August 2010 - article by Bill Milkowski

mag2010-08-austin-moly.jpg (56740 bytes)

Austin Monthly August 2010 - cover feature
mag2010-07-france.jpg (85229 bytes) Guitare (France) July/Aug 2010 - cover feature

mag 2010-07 GW.jpg (557972 bytes)

Guitar World July 2010 - cover feature on Stevie's early years, much taken from my book; "CSTW" transcription; lesson CD and audio interview

book10-04gwpresents.jpg (50733 bytes)

SRV In His Own Words - Revised edition of reprints of magazine articles. April 15, 2010

mag09-09guitar&bass.jpg (119781 bytes)

Guitar & Bass (UK) October 2009 - cover feature: "SRV - The Early Years" by Craig Hopkins
mag2010-09 france.jpg (2942590 bytes) Guitarist (France) September 2009 - cover feature

mag 09-08 GE.gif (20235 bytes)

Guitar Edge July/August 2009 - cover feature, lesson

mag-09-07 japan.jpg (70008 bytes)

Player (Japan) July 2009 - cover feature

mag09-6 yng gtr .JPG (29817 bytes)

Young Guitar (Japan) June 2009 - cover feature

mag09-02italy.jpg (18626 bytes)

Chitarre (Italy) January 2009 - Cover photo by my friend Watt Casey Jr (it appears in my book and was a finalist for the cover)

dbdnan.jpg (55105 bytes)

Day By Day, Night After Night - the new biography of Stevie Ray Vaughan on sale NOW!
FOR SRV MAGAZINE COVERS ARTICLES AND BOOKS FROM 1978-2008, SEE Stevie Ray VaughanDay By Day, Night After Night.

This just in from shacknews.com: "Harmonix has just sent out its Rock Band Community Zine, revealing that next week will see Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's Texas Flood album released as downloadable content for the multi-instrument music game franchise. Owners of Rock Band or Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360 should be able to buy the songs come Tuesday, March 3, [2009] while PlayStation 3 gamers will have to wait until Thursday. Sold in a 1280 Microsoft Point ($16) bundle, [and] each track will be sold separately for 160 Microsoft Points ($2), assuming Harmonix stays true to the pricing used for the past year and some months."

In 2008 the only authorized product released was a 1/3 scale replica of Number One by GMP. Pretty keen little thing. It would be great framed with an autograph or other favorite photo. It comes with a stand so it's easy to set it on a curio shelf or desk. Movable tuning pegs and whammy bar. Retail price was about $100. Production was limited in time but not quantity, I believe. Not sure how long they will be available.  CLICK HERE for photo.