How You Can Help

The following information was for the 2006-2007 exhibition at South Side on Lamar in Dallas.

This exhibition is designed to give fans of Stevie Ray Vaughan an opportunity to see an amazing collection of personal items, rare concert posters, candid photographs, stage-used equipment and other rare items. The other goal is to take a step toward a permanent home for the collection and a foundation providing assistance to low-income musicians, community education and programs for youth. There are several ways you can help.

1. ATTEND - By merely coming to Dallas to see this exhibition you show civic leaders and potential sponsors that "If you exhibit it, they will come." The bottom line is if you do not come visit the exhibition, I will not be able to show support for a permanent museum.

2. SPONSOR - It is currently estimated that this exhibition will cost over six thousand dollars for the construction of display cases, security, insurance, telephone, furniture, transportation and other materials. Of course, these are expenses in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars spent to assemble the collection. If sufficient contributions are received, the exhibition may be extended through April 2007! 

        Legend -     $1000 or more
        Idol -             $500 to $999
        Star -            $250 to $499
        #1 Fans -     $100 to $249

3. LOAN - If you have important Stevie Ray Vaughan or Texas music memorabilia, please contact me regarding a possible loan of the items for this or future exhibitions.

Craig Hopkins
PO Box 2019
Cedar Hill, TX 75106-2019
EMAIL Click Here


Matthews Southwest - honorary Legend for providing the space.
Donnie Nelson - liaison,  promoter and honorary Legend
Texas! Music Center - Legend
Mary Caldwell - Idol
Joel Flood - Idol
Carlton Odom - labor & #1 fan
Lynn Madewell & Joyce Stanford - seamstresses and honorary Stars
Tamas Katona Jr., Laszlo Bessenyei, Balazs Bessenyei - Stars (Hungary)
Benita Hennessy - Star
Peter DeCina
- Star
Corinne Washik
- Star
Ray Ramm - Star
Ken Zoller - Star
Scott Harris
- Star (twice)
Tony and Sharon Kelley - Star
Marc Ramsay - Star
Karen Peiss - Star
Kouichi Morita - Star (Japan)
Clay Melton - Star

Trey Flewellen
- #1 fan
Mark Carlin - #1 fan
Monte Anderson - #1 fan
Marie Neile - #1 fan
Sydney James - #1 fan
Dave Konstantin - #1 fan
Paul the Van Halen guy - donated photographs to the collection
and thanks to those making contributions at the exhibition!