This is the best photo I've been able to find of Stevie's cross. The cross is approximately 2" long.

This cross that Stevie often wore in the late '80's and 1990 is called a Coptic cross, made primarily in Ethiopia. One reference I found claims that the design includes a cyphered map to the location of the sacred Arc of the Covenant (the gold box which holds the shattered remnants of the 10 Commandment tablets that Moses received from God). There are almost infinite variations in the design, depending which tribe crafted it. I believe Stevie's cross most closely resembles what is called the Aksum Coptic cross. The Ark of the Covenant is said to reside today in the Cathedral of Mary of Zion in Aksum, Ethiopia.

So who are the Copts? Ethnic Copts are sometimes referred to as the modern sons of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The Copts were among the first Egyptian Christians, whose founder, St. Mark the Evangelist, started the group in the 4th decade of the 1st century A.D. Approximately 20 million Ethiopians are non-ethnic Copts. Doctrinally, followers of the Coptic Alexandrine Christianity may be the largest group in Eastern Christendom.

Where is it now? To my knowledge, Jimmie Vaughan still has the cross.

Where can I get a similar one? I have never found one exactly like Stevie's, though Jeff Beck and Malford Milligan (formerly of Storyville) have crosses that are the most similar I have seen. Malford says his was a gift, and he doesn't know where it was purchased. The shops I know which order Coptic crosses say that they never know exactly what they will look like until they arrive. In a bag of crosses there might be one or none that are similar to Stevie's. All I can say is, happy hunting. In Texas, shops called Nomadic Notions sell a variety of crosses, but they cannot order one "just like Stevie's."