My Los Lonely Boys Memorabilia

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me-llb.jpg (34742 bytes) Me and the Boys at Tower Records, Dallas, record release party August 2003.
llbpick.jpg (24960 bytes) Front and back of the picks I had made for Henry for Christmas 2003. I checked with his guitar tech to make sure they were the style that he likes. There were only 144 made.
LLB-memorabilia---012.jpg (22440 bytes) front and back of picks ca. 1998
promo pick for cd release 2003 - not a stage pick
llb-acl.jpg (16849 bytes) LLB-memorabilia---011.jpg (70902 bytes) program for the September 2003 Austin City Limits TV show.  2nd photo is the actual stage set list and a ticket for the show. Note: "suppertime" was performed, but it is not written on the setlist - it's written on the plastic sleeve the set list is inside.
LLB-memorabilia---007.jpg (47372 bytes) my pride and joy - a stage-used snare drum skin which ringo smashed through at the horseman club, ft. worth, Texas, january 9, 2004. The road mgr gave it to me after the show, and I had the boys sign it that night.
LLB-memorabilia---009.jpg (94036 bytes) a los lonely boys fly swatter !! from 1998 promo for the atlantis music conference in atlanta, GA. Gotta be the weirdest legit LLB item out there.
LLB-memorabilia---001.jpg (76432 bytes) concert poster - stubbs, Austin, texas july 2004
LLB-memorabilia---002.jpg (81739 bytes) concert poster - fillmore, s.f., CA, May 2004
LLB-memorabilia---003.jpg (83309 bytes) concert poster - Houston & Austin, TX, 2001
LLB-memorabilia---004.jpg (82778 bytes) concert poster - La zona rosa, Austin, Texas, Oct. 2003
LLB-memorabilia---005.jpg (54922 bytes) concert poster - the horseman, ft. worth, tx - i took this one off the wall of the club
LLB-memorabilia---006.jpg (81270 bytes) concert poster - Austin music hall, Austin, TX - new years eve 2003. purchased at LLB show.
LLB-memorabilia---008.jpg (52160 bytes) shirt - my first LLB item. purchased at 2002 show in dallas, autographed and artwork by the boys.
LLB-memorabilia---010.jpg (67801 bytes) the 1997 los lonely boys  cd on sofaking records. cd-r copies are easy to find now, but the real thing is rare. I've seen several  on ebay for $150-400.
llb-plat-award.jpg (62910 bytes) riAA platinum record award to recognized sales of 1 million copies of their epic/or cd.
  i have an extra of some of the posters, the tortoise picks & acl programs for trade.

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