Custom Tremolo Bar from “Number One”

Stevie was particularly rough on his guitars’ tremolo arms or “whammy” bars, often twisting and flipping the guitar around on the floor by the bar and even standing on the guitar and pulling violently on the bar. In 1983-84, Stevie’s guitar tech/roadie had his father fashion some tremolo bars of extra heavy gauge metal in their shop in hopes Stevie could not break them. He estimates there were ten of the custom bars made. Either this bar or one like it can be seen in the Live at the El Mocambo concert video. Alas, the experiment proved unsuccessful as Stevie continued to break even the heavy gauge bars. These bars are among the very few items in private collections which were parts of Stevie’s world famous “Number One” guitar – perhaps the most recognizable guitar in the world. Of the estimated ten which were made, I have three of them. Only one is for sale or trade. Serious offers are welcome. This is unquestionably the most significant item I will ever offer for sale - a piece of one of the most famous guitars in history. Considering offers in the neighborhood of the going rate for the Fender Custom Shop replicas of Number One.