My thanks to everyone who has taken time to comment on the book. This makes it worth all the years of research, collecting, writing and shipping. Here are a few comments from fans  in 20 countries and 46 states who have received the book. Craig Hopkins

Craig, I received the SRV book. Absolutely incredible!!! A truly commendable job by you Craig. Thank you for adding so much of my interview and photos, that was quite unexpected. Keep me posted on your plans for the museum. ... As a side note let me say this. Anyone that would perceive your efforts as anything but commendable, and in the best interest of preserving SRV memories and life for his fans...well...they need to move on and find something that THEY can be proud of. How special that you would spend the amount of hours, days and years doing something nice for Stevie, his fans and family. I know that he is looking down and feeling thanks for what you are doing. Have a blessed day, Jack (retired CBS Records executive in charge of promoting SRV & DT records from 1983 into the 1990's)

Hi Craig! Just got your book yesterday! I haven't had time to REALLY read it, but will take a day off and just sit and enjoy your really fine work! How on earth do you do it?! I know everyone has their gift and yours is putting things in chronological order! And you always always always do it first class! Uskomatonta as we say in Finnish=: Amazing! It is such a beautiful work and I know that Stevie would be so proud of you and the books you have done to keep his name and memory alive. I AM PROUD OF YOU! Such beautiful work man. You are an example to others and that is no lie! Thank you for rushing it to me. Thanks and keep up the great work you are doing in memory of our dear friend. Always, Christian-Charles. (Lead singer in Lincoln and Blackbird with Stevie; now a gospel singer in Finland)

All I can say is, the guy from the guitar magazine that has been working on the ["authorized"] version should be able to sleep easy knowing that the job has already been completed fully and can move on to another project. Outstanding. Jeremy, NZ

Craig, There are men put in the world's clock in order to see another man's time. A man of worthiness, life of inspiration captured and preserved by another heart with a sense of mission as much as passion. I applaud you on the book. Your presentation and first impression composition was new, neat, nostalgic, endearing. You hit the mark brother, congratulations on a job very well done sir. Thanks for the book and allowing me to be a part of it. W. R. TONY DUKES [bass player, guitar dealer, friend of Stevie's]

Craig, I just had to write a few lines to thank you so very much for such a wonderful book. I know very little about SRV - mostly what my son has told me - & I ordered the book for him. He had told me months ago that if I could only get him only one thing for Christmas, to order that book. Of course I thought it sounded too expensive but I have changed my mind. The book came today & I know he is going to be so very happy to get it. I can hardly wait to see him open it. I had looked at your site several times & debated spending so much for a book but I believe it is more than worth the price you asked. I also want to thank you for shipping so promptly. I had waited a little longer about ordering than I should have & really didn't think I would get it in time for Christmas. I hope I haven't taken up too much of your time but I just had to write & say thank you! Sincerely, Gray

I decided to read the book from front to back before emailing you. What a wonderful tribute to this great musician. Congratulations Craig, I have never read a book/biography on a superstar that comes close to this. Magnificent achievement by you in bringing this masterpiece to Stevie fans. Thank you for all your hard work. Mike, Sydney Australia

Dear Craig, I send you the biggest thank yous for your incredible work with the new book. I am lucky enough to have your two previous books which were great by themselves but this last one is amazing : such an amount of informations and photos, what a job you did ! It is really a goldmine for everybody devoted to SRV' s life and achievement. I received it in the beginning of July and finished a few days ago. Seems a long time to read but english is not my born language so I read it with a good dictionary : I didn't want to miss anything ! The words are missing to tell how much I am happy to have purchase the book and how much I am grateful. You can be proud of what you did and I can't imagine the amount of work, patience and dedication you needed to achieve such a task which is a treasure for every SRV fan. As you wrote in the introduction, it is the perfect complement to his music. Once again, THANK YOU. Laurent, from France. P. S. : another great job with the website for so many years, are you the real Superman?

Hi Craig, thank you so very much for doing this book. I received it on July 5th. Perfect timing since my vacation was the following week. I just couldn’t put it down and at the same time I didn’t want to finish it too fast because I didn’t want it to end. Stevie left a huge impact on my heart. The world lost a truly wonderful man on that day in Aug. He still and always will be pulling on my heart strings the way he pulled on those strings on Number One. Peace and God Bless, Jen D. from Crown Point, IN

Hi Craig. Just a quick note to let you know the book has arrived safely in the UK! Even a quick browse through it shows it to be beyond expectations. It's a real credit to you and I can only start to imagine the sheer work and dedication you have put into it. It does you proud. Having read many music biographies/journals/diaries, I can safely say this sets the standard by which others should be judged: the amount of detail and facts are staggering, yet it is objectively written and is so much more than either a bland re-telling of statistics or a obsessive narrative with prejudiced and clouded judgement. This will appeal to both hardened SRV fans and more casual admirers. A real work of art and achievement. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and resources. Best regards Stuart S.

Woah, what a book!!!!!!!!!! I received it today, and it's way beyond any expectations I had. Absolutely beautiful in every respect. Thank you Mr. Hopkins for the timeless enjoyment this book will provide. (The work you put into this, it just boggles the mind...) Lucy R., Montreal, Canada

Craig, It has taken me soooo long to finish the book. But, stealing time on breaks, at lunch, after dinner at night.... well, you get the picture. I NEVER wanted to put it down....but HAD to. Anyway...I have finished it...just now at lunch. You have outdone yourself. This is by far the best read about Stevie...ever....probably ever will be. I can't imagine how much time you spent compiling it. I absolutely LOVED the way the book started at the beginning & took us thru to today. I "thought" I knew who Stevie was .... until I read your book...... it made me have more respect for him than I could have even imagined! As I read the book...I listened to his music on my MP3 ..... After I had read more than half the book.... I listened to some of the live stuff from some of his major concerts.... I began to cry !!! (Sitting at my desk, no less!!) I thought about what I had read...that all he wanted was for someone to "get it" when they heard him play...to look out & see that someone smiling, dancing, screaming, whatever.... it wasn't about the money...being famous....it was just knowing that people understood what he was doin' up there.... giving of himself......... then the live music began & the crowd was absolutely screaming........ I thought "what must he have felt" then .....he had thousands of fans screaming because they LOVED his music!!! How HAPPY he must of been. Anyway, I cried about that. Then I cried last night reading about the final night, the funeral. THANKS from the bottom of my heart for this book. Now, it's [my husband's] turn! Finally!! Lynn M

Craig, Just finished reading your book, Day By Day, Night After Night, and wanted to let you know I found it fabulous. To have done such a complete chronology is unprecedented and I commend your effort. As a guitar player myself I am delighted to know that I'm not the only person to believe Stevie was a truly special player; accounts throughout the book by top musicians said so. The revelation that he played all the time, like during nearly every waking hour while younger, is testament to the "practice makes perfect" credo. And it came as no surprise to find Stevie was a super and caring person - I already sensed it just hearing his music. Thanks for this truly honest and thorough book about Stevie and many of the fine musicians he associated with during his life. Cary Z

I got my (much anticipated) copy of "Day by Day, Night after Night". I can't say enough good things about this book! Couldn't put it down! ... So many times we have celebrities we worship from afar. We love how they entertain us but to even try to get close to them is impossible. With this book, the interviews and the photos, I felt such a connection with Stevie. Everyone interviewed could not say enough nice things about him. While reading, I would find myself smiling, laughing out loud and sometimes crying. I love the photos in the book. These show us his everyday side and bring a closeness with him. Seeing his "Bwady" photo and reading that story, I just lost it. I laughed until I cried! I bet he was a blast to hang out with! ... Through his music I got to know Stevie Ray Vaughan, the extraordinary musician. Through this book, I got to know Stephen Vaughan, the man. Thank you again. Sincerely, Becky R., Houston

Hello,Craig I just want to thank you for a Super nice book you sent me,i would have paid more for this because it is obvious that you did a lot of hard work putting it together. I have been with you now since the early 90's and you have never let me down and this is a crowning achievement and you should be very proud. James W., Nashville

Dear Craig, I have just finished reading your book about Stevie Ray Vaughan. I have laughed, tapped my foot thinking of his music and also cried about his life. You have done a marvelous job in bringing him to life for me in your writing. All the hard work and long hours you have put into it have paid off. You have a right to be very proud to share this with all of the "Stevie fans" all over the world. Virginia H.

Mr. Hopkins, I just wanted to tell you that I've finished reading the new book and it is nothing short of spectacular. I love the format. It's like the complete SRV desk reference!!! I could barely put it down. The whole book is so beautifully done and really speaks to your commitment and integrity. Thank you so much for doing this as I'll treasure it always. Sincerely, Brandon M

Dear Craig, I just wanted to drop you an email to say I appreciate and commend all your efforts and hard work to share your knowledge and collection with the rest of the world. My husband, myself and our little boy enjoyed the SRV museum very much. It was very obvious how much work and pure love went into putting everything together. Your passion regarding SRV and Texas music is so fun and refreshing to watch. I had the divine pleasure of knowing Stevie. I must say, he was a gentle, sweet man (I am a sucker for gentle, sweet men). So, if anybody deserves to remembered in such a first class way, it is Stevie. I just wanted to tell you that I respect and truly appreciate all you do to remember and to share your collection. Respectfully, Traci S

I got the new book today, the wife and I spent several hours just flipping through and reading tidbits and I am freaking blown away by the amount of information and details! The pictures and information is mind blowing!!! For every SRV fan out there that purchased this book THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! If you didn't purchase this book, buy one NOW! It WILL answer any question you may have. I will order another one before they are all gone! I cant wait to read this SRV Bible!!!!!! Thank you again for writing this book! Derick R.

I just wanted to let you know I think you did an outstanding job with this one. I bought your last two books when you released them and was impressed with them as well. They just keep getting better. I've been busy all afternoon going through it. GREAT JOB!!!!! Mark from New York

I just received the new book, and even though I’ve just been able to glance through it, all of your hard work and attention to detail are certainly evident! Seeing all of the new photos, made me realize once again how much I miss him (even thought I didn’t know him personally). Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication to keeping his music and legacy alive. All the best to you... SR in Tennessee

I got my book yesterday...all i can say is "holy shit"! great job! you should be proud of your efforts and results. so great to see all of those unseen pictures. you sure did it right this time craig!! Kevin U.

I received my copy of the latest book yesterday and I have to say I felt like a kid at Christmas. It is beautifully done. I am amazed at the time and effort that you put forth in creating this amazing timeline of Stevie’s life. ... I’m just happy to have this book to help remember Stevie! Jim E.

Hi Craig, You have certainly outdone yourself with this absolutely beautiful and easy to follow book about Stevie, his family, friends, girlfriends and colleagues. It is truly a colorful and magnificient book to read. And most importantly, is all the detail from the beginning to the tragic end of this man's well-deserved importance in the world of music. I believe he is the greatest guitar player of all time. This book is the BEST ever written to commemorate a truly gifted musician who has changed the world with his passion for his guitars and life. I still miss this extraordinary man every day. Thanks for keeping him and his SPIRIT ALIVE. Mary F.

I just got your new book today and you have truly out done yourself. I have the first two books and this looks to be your best work yet. Keep up the good work. A fan in Mississippi, Arty B.

Just letting you know I received my book today and am blown away. Great job and thank you. Michael

I just wanted to commend you on a job well done with the new book Day by Day Night After Night. I just received mine today. Haven’t had time to go through it in detail but I can tell by skimming it that there was a lot of time and money, blood, sweat, and tears that went into it. It seems very thorough and the pictures are priceless. Also anything hand written by Stevie is priceless and there seems to be a great deal of that. Zane W

The book is awesome Craig. Obviously I haven't had the chance to read it cover to cover yet, but from what I can see.................. Well done !!!!!!!!!!! Well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob D

Hi, Craig. What a SPECTACULAR job on the book! I've gone through the entire book quickly, and now I'm reading it cover to cover. It's been especially interesting to read about Lenny since I went to school with her. Cindy L

Just got the book and it is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job. I know it took alot to do this book and I just want to say as a Stevie Ray fan THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU....  Once again Great Job and Thanks Cedric C., Phoenix,AZ

Dear Craig, Got the book last week and it is for my husband's birthday in August ---- THANK YOU for a great book and he will LOVE it. I looked through it and your work is so detailed and honestly it is so much more than I expected it to be in quality and quanity -- you should be VERY proud of the work you did on this book !! Thanks again and God Bless You, A.

Hi Craig, I received my book my husband got for me. Wow! What can I say! I went through the book from front to back, the pictures are awesome!! I'm going to start to read it now. I just wanted to tell you, God gave you a gift to write this awesome book, just like he gave Stevie the gift to play the guitar like no one else. He was the BEST guitar player that ever layed his hands on a guitar. Thank you so much again for letting Stevie live on in our heart!! Wendy S from PA

I just got the book today and WOW!!!! You did an awesome job detailing Stevie's life, the pictures are awesome and the whole book is incredible. It's going to take a really long time to get through this thing, but I know it will be worth every minute. I have your other two books and you really out did yourself on this one, great job! Thank you for everything you do for Stevie. Bob I., Coloma MI.

Hi Craig, The book arrived safely today and it is absolutely a work of art. I am honored to own a copy. Thank you again and good luck with the book, you should be very proud as I'm sure Stevie would be. Take care. Best, Ernie C.

I recv’d book today & first & foremost I would like to thank you for your hard work in putting this book together. Second I would also like to thank you for the great packing you did, the book arrived in perfect condition. I can’t wait to get home and read this book. Once again from one SRV fan to another from the bottom of my heart thanks for your hard work & can’t wait till next years convention in Dallas to thank you in person. Donald N

I wanted to let you know I can't put your book down, and it's a heavy one! I think you have done an excellent job with all the details of cover, inside sleeves, even to the back cover. I'm on page 114 and have found I really enjoying reading about him, again. I'm enjoying all the poster art, old pictures and anecdotes about Stevie from many different sources! Jane J

Just got the book yesterday, got the goose bumps and feel from seeing and hearing Stevie live all over again. Thank you. Mike F, Dallas


I just finished reading you new book, and I must say, I was blown away by how good it is. The photos, information, interviews, stories, everything was top notch. I have never read a book laid out in the manner you chose. When I first started the book, I wasn't sure I was going to like how it was put together, but I quickly learned that there was no better way to do it. It was fantastic! It was very hard for me to put the book down. I have recommended this book to several friends who want to more know about SRV. Thanks for taking the time and amazing effort to make this book one that I will truly treasure. All the best to you. Paul W.

Mr. Hopkins, I just wanted to applaud and THANK YOU for the TREMENDOUS, WONDERFUL, job that you have done in this book! I received mine yesterday and have not been able to put it down. I applaud the effort that you have maintained in keep Stevie's memory alive for the next generation of players and fans. I just wanted to personally thank you for the book, the website, and the memories! All the BEST! Mark S., Mount Pleasant, TX

Craig, I can't think of enough superlatives to praise the book--it is simply the best music book I have ever seen (and I have hundreds). I've spent countless hours with it and it is a real joy to read. A truly great tribute to a great musician and even greater person. Thank you so much for what must have been an arduous effort! Marc

Craig, I just arrived home from visiting friends for 10 days, and I thought vacation "blues" would set in... your book has chased them away! What a wonderful array of events, photos and stories, thank you for a the time, very well done and thanks for allowing others to get to know Stevie by sharing all this wonderful information about the man and the musician. Kind Regards, Susie K

Hi Craig, I just received your new book today. It's a masterpiece. By the time I reached the end of it I had tears in my eyes. It brought back a lot of old memories from when I was in a band back in 69-72. You did a wonderful job and using the year by year format, it is pure genius. Stevie must sure be smiling at your work. I have all your books plus several others on Stevie. All there is left to do is to write a screenplay about Stevie life and see all your work on the big screen. I never saw Stevie play but after reading and seeing your books there is not much else to be put in print. Congratulations Craig on a excellent job, well done. You should be recommended for a Pulitzer. Your friend from the north. Peter J., London, Ontario

We got it yesterday.......... it's OUTSTANDING!! I looked thru the whole thing... of course, looking at the photo's mostly, reading an occasional interview. I read some of Jimmie's description of how things went down the morning he heard about the crash. I'd never read that before....... made me cry like a baby. Anyway...after my quick look thru the book...... it is by far, your best work to date. I love how you started at the beginning, moving thru to current. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Very respectful & thoughtful. Lynn M

Hello Craig, My book was delivered this evening, and I have to say that it is magnificent! It is not only a brilliant resource, but an in depth and riveting read about a hero for millions of us. The pictures are superb, and the brief interviews I've looked at are really informative and good natured. The only problem is that you've now ruined my weekend! I'll not be leaving the house from Friday night till Monday morning! Many thanks, Sean P. from England

Hi Craig “The Book” arrived today. Excellent work, obviously a labour of love, and congratulations, you’ve redefined “weighty tome”. Nobody need ever write another book about SRV, there’s nothing more to write. We’ll be driving to the cabin tomorrow morning, see if you can guess what reading material I’ll have with me… Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading it. Paul

Greetings from East Texas -- I purchased your book a couple months ago, and just wanted to tell you that you not only captured Stevie's amazing life in chronological order...you absolutely NAILED life in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and Texas in general during the late 60s/early 70s. I was also born at Methodist Hospital in November of 1954, just a month after Stevie. For those my age, you have brought it all back in perspective...from the days of Ron Chapman's Sump'n Else...to the great clubs like the Cellar, the Cave, the Fog, Lou Ann's, Mother Blues...to the Dallas Pop Festival (our version of Woodstock)...then onto Austin and more awesome life experiences during the 70s and early 80s. Fabulous memories...a true Texas Flood of them...have been preserved within your pages. This REALLY was the way it was...ahhh, youth where art thou? This is the one book I will definitely pass down to my grandchildren someday to explain their kooky Nanny. Perfect! Sheryl

There have been many more, but you get the idea...