The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan - Corrigenda & Supplement

Print this page and put it in the back of your copy of  The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan. This page will be updated as new information becomes available. 


page 8 - the "1965" caption should be "1966."
page 157 - Four original Carnegie Hall concert posters have now surfaced on the market.
page 158 - the pick descriptions for numbers 6-8: the red and white picks have gold letters; the pick descriptions for numbers 9-11: the letters are gold.
page 178 - the March 1984 poster should be Denmark, not Norway.
page 215 - 85-03-28 should be Kitchener, not Oshawa
page 218 - 86-06-28 should be Mann Music Center, with Roy Buchanan and the T-Birds opening 
page 227 - Johnny Copeland album should be 1983, not 1984.
page 236 - 84-08-27 Alabamahalle was 45 minutes, 7 songs
page 249 - Guitarist 99-08 should be 99-09, "Comment Bien Jouer," magazine devoted to SRV's technique and story.


page 8 - band members of Southern Distributor in the summer of 1969 were Stevie, lead guitar; Pat McGuire, rhythm guitar, organ and vocals; Darryl Haynes, bass; Mike Steinbach, drums; and Jim Cullum "guest performer"
page 11 - May 15, 1984 is the complete release date for Couldn't Stand the Weather
page 12 - September 30, 1985 is the release date for Soul to Soul.
page 14 - November 20, 1990, Pride and Joy video released
    February 15, 1991, Pride and Joy video certified gold and platinum (100,000 units sold)
    October 29, 1991, is the complete release date for The Sky is Crying
November 19, 1991, is the release date for Live at the El Mocambo video
    The Sky is Crying was also certified gold on January 24, 1992
    April 9, 1992, Live at the EL Mocambo video certified gold (50,000 units sold)
page 15 - February 14, 1996, Live From Austin video certified gold
page 15 - Greatest Hits certified gold on April 11, 1996.

additional entries:

In Session, featuring Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, recorded in 1983, released on CD.
April 1: Greatest Hits certified multi-platinum.
November 2: Eric Clapton was honored with Musicians' Assistance Program's first Stevie Ray Vaughan. The award was presented by Bonnie Raitt, and was created to honor the memory of Vaughan and to recognize outstanding musicians who give something back to the community. M.A.P. is a non-profit organization that helps musicians with their health bills and drug rehabilitation and treatment. Jimmie Vaughan, Eric, Bonnie and Dr. John performed at the event.
December 21: Live at the El Mocambo released on DVD format.
January 18:
MTV Unplugged - Classic Moments released on DVD with "Pride and Joy" clip.
February 22:
Stevie inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in a presentation in Washington. He is one of only 79 performers to be inducted into the HOF.
March: Guitar World magazine's readers' poll ranks Stevie Ray as 2nd-best guitarist of the millennium behind Jimi Hendrix. Guitarist (England) magazine's top guitarists of the millennium poll ranks Stevie fourth behind Hendrix, Clapton and Page.
Austin Chronicle Music Awards "Decade Awards" for the 1990's - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Musician of the Decade; "Crossfire" Single of the Decade and Song of the Decade; The Sky is Crying Album of the Decade; Chris Layton Drummer of the Decade; Tommy Shannon Bassist of the Decade.
April: VH1 begins work on TV biopic of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Projected broadcast in 2001.
April 4: Blues at  Sunrise released.
May 22: Live at Carnegie Hall certified gold.
May 25: The In Session CD featuring Albert King and Stevie won W.C. Handy Blues Awards in both categories in which it was nominated - Blues Album of the Year and Contemporary Blues Album of the Year.
June 3: The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan, all-in-one SRV reference guide published by Craig Hopkins.
June 14: The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Vol. 2 certified gold.
November 21: SRV: The Boxed Set released, containing 3 CDs, 1 DVD and 72-page booklet. Best Buy stores added an exclusive 2-track CD single, "Sting's Swing" [sic] / "Drivin' South" (limited to 10,000 copies)
January 12:
The SRV box set is certified gold (125,000 sold). By coincidence, this is also declared "Double Trouble Day in Texas" by the Texas governor, and Double Trouble and Friends record for the Austin City Limits TV program and perform a public concert this night in Austin. Each show is opened with a version of "Crossfire."
February 6:
Double Trouble releases Been A Long Time CD with 38 seconds of Stevie and the band doing "Chateau Strut" at Lupo's, Providence, Rhode Island, in the early 1980's.
April 4: Live at the El Mocambo  and Live From Austin videos certified double-platinum.
October 17: In the Begninning certified gold.
November 20: Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985 released.
The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan CD released.
Guitar World magazine votes SRV into its Hall of Fame. He is apparently the third guitarist voted in.
January 15:
Fender Custom Shop debuts the Number One tribute guitar, limited to 100 at $10,000 each.
June 1: Back to the Beach movie released on DVD. Stevie's only movie appearance.
September 21: Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985 released on DVD and limited edition set of 2 CDs + 2 DVDs.

Concert Listings
69-08-22, Northwest Recreation Center, Irving, TX, (Southern Distributor; 7pm - midnight; admission $1)
82-07-22, Dingwall's, London England
87-10-5&6, Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, with Fabulous Thunderbirds
88-03-05, Holiday Star Theatre, Merrillville, IN, with Fabulous Thunderbirds

1986 - Don Johnson, "Heartache Away/Heartache Away (edit version), 12-inch promo single, Epic EAS 2546
2004 - Zucchero, Zu & Co. (Italy limited edition bonus DVD only) Stevie contributes guitar solo on "Mama."

Television Broadcasts
84-08-25, Rockpalast, West Germany, 80 minutes

see notes in Chronology regarding new releases

Quebec Rock (Canada), 84-11, "SRV: Un Univers de Blues," Guy Ferraton, interview
Guitar Player, 85-04, "Lonnie Mack: In Session with SRV," Ben Sandmel
Oor (Holland), 88-06-16, weekly entertainment guide with SRV cover
106.7 KAZY Notes
, Fall '90, "SRV 1954-1990" cover
Kerrang!, 90-12-01, (UK) SRV poster
Guitar Magazine
(Japan) 90-11, SRV cover
The Album Network
, 91-02-25, SRV front and back covers; looseleaf industry magazine
Guitare Planete (France), 96-10/11, SRV cover, "Stevie...Apres La Mort," Jean-Pierre Sabouret
Blues Revue
, 97-08-09, "Remembering Stevie: The Texas Years," Keri Leigh; Fan Club Tours - SRV Stomping Grounds"
Guitar Collector's, 98-01, (France) magazine devoted mostly to SRV tablature; issued with lesson CD.
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 99-06, nice SRV tattoo appears on cover

Audiophile Voice
, 99-06-11, (Vol 5 #3) SRV cover, "Recording of the Month," Mark Block (technical article about remastered CDs.)Guitar World, 99-08, 3D photo of SRV
Guitar World, 99-10, "Princes & Kings: 10 Essential Blues Albums," Robert Santelli, includes Texas  Flood.
Guitar World, 99-11, "Editor's Picks: Blues" re In Session with Albert King (blurb)
wall calendar for 2000, Andrew McNeel publisher
Guitar One, 00-02, "Texas Tornado," Wolf Marshall, lesson, SRV shares cover; "Scuttle Buttin'" transcription.
Guitar, 00-02, (UK) "SRV: Texas Hurricane," Lee Delamere; "Pride and Joy," Dave Walsh & Dan Erlewine (analysis of guitars, amps and effects); SRV cover.
Mojo, 00-03, (UK) "True Grit," Margaret Moser; SRV cover.
Austin Chronicle, 00-03-17, Austin Music Awards article - SRV & DT win awards
ToneQuest Report, 00-03, Tommy Shannon interview, part one (I need a copy of this)
ToneQuest Report, 00-04, Tommy Shannon interview, part twoGuitar World, 00-05, "Rise & Shine," Andy Aledort (interview with Double Trouble)
Thirsty Ear, 00-04/05, shares cover with BB King, blues article
Texas Monthly, 00-05, SRV on one of four different covers celebrating Texas music
Guitar World, 00-07, SRV in 20th Anniversary Lesson Extravaganza
Buddy, 00-08, "Stevie Ray Vaughan Remembered," Tom Geddie, includes review of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Blues News
(Germany), 00-07/08, "Texas Blues Guitar Flood," Arnd Muller; SRV cover
Blues Magazine (France) 00-07, "La Saga Stevie Ray Vaughan," Daniel Cagniard, SRV cover
Guitar World
, 00-08, SRV cover; "Pride & Joy" (interview with Double Trouble) by Andy Aledort; "Austin Powerhouse" (1978 interview of SRV) by Bill Bentley; "The Lost Interviews" ('86-'89) by Andy Aledort; "May I Have a Talk With You" by Michele Sugg; "Surf City" (SRV websites).
Entertainment Weekly,
00-09-01, "Stevie Ray's Last Flight," Tom Sinclair
Blues Revue, 00-10, review of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Vintage Guitar
, 00-12, SRV cover and articles
Guitarist, (UK) 01-01, SRV cover as the "greatest blues guitarist of all time." Came with lesson CD.
Blues Revue, 01-01, Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon cover & article.
Fuzz (Sweden) 00-12, "The King of the Blues Guitar" with SRV cover
Total Guitar (UK) 01-01 has a transcription of "Crossfire" and a backing track on the CD.
Guitar Techniques (UK) 01-10, SRV cover, transcription of "Couldn't Stand the Weather" plus lesson CD.
"SRV: Texas Tornado" (book) Italy 2001, David Hastings, appears to be unauthorized translation of "CITC"
Guitar World, 01-12, "Swiss Misadventure," Andy Aledort review of Live in Montreux
Guitar Player
, 02-02, "Trigger Fingers," Matt Blackett, SRV cover
Compact Crossroads (France) 02-01/02, "SRV: Are Your Experienced?" Laurent Erre
Guitar Class (Brazil) 02-08, "Cem por Cento," Kleber K. Shima, SRV cover
Guitarist (UK) 03-04, "SRV: The Man Who Saved the Blues," Alan Paul, w/ lesson CD, SRV cover
Guitar One, 03-09, "Wake of the Flood," Dave Rubin
Young Guitar (Japan) Extra #19, 2003, transcriptions, technique, CD, SRV cover (whole mag is SRV)
Guitar Player, 04-01, "Cloning Number One," Barry Cleveland, SRV cover