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Bruno Richard
bruno-bluesideofthemoon.jpg (62877 bytes)
Bruno Richard

bruno-ridetheblues.jpg (99637 bytes)
Bruno Richard

bruno-lifebythedrop.jpg (25690 bytes)
Bruno Richard
bruno-sun.jpg (46557 bytes)
Bruno Richard
bruno-thedaythemusicdied.jpg (52335 bytes)
Bruno Richard
bruno-voodoochile.jpg (87050 bytes)
Bruno Richard

Laurie Prindle

Laurie Prindle

Laurie Prindle

Laurie Prindle
willemsen.jpg (37991 bytes)
Marc Willemsen
lazzbazz1.jpg (16050 bytes)

lazzbazz2.jpg (15531 bytes)

biffaretti.jpg (46913 bytes)
Genny Biffaretti
jens-bruggemann-a.jpg (39882 bytes)
Jens Bruggemann
magnus1a.jpg (57353 bytes)
Peter Magnus

magnus2a.jpg (38217 bytes)
Peter Magnus

lizpage1.jpg (133344 bytes)
Liza Guerra-Page
lizpage2.jpg (98167 bytes)
Liza Guerra-Page
bruno-lastthunder.jpg (51210 bytes)
artist unknown

ohioart2a.jpg (36151 bytes)

ohioart2b.jpg (40289 bytes)
ohioart2c.jpg (56237 bytes)
Ohio Art2
leepark5-81.jpg (33067 bytes)
(c) Bruce Hand
Lee Park, Dallas, 5-81

loriannfitzgerald.jpg (97777 bytes)
Lori Ann Fitzgerald

molina-cosmo.jpg (79642 bytes)
Joaquin Molina
willingham.jpg (49691 bytes)
Ryan Willingham
jenkins-srv.jpg (44729 bytes)
Weldon Jenkins
jenkins-srvjimi.jpg (43756 bytes)
Weldon Jenkins
turner-glass.jpg (198844 bytes)
Elizabeth Turner
bike-tank-n-chauvin.jpg (59991 bytes)
Nicholas Chauvin
motorcycle gas tank
burby1.jpg (24475 bytes)
Jim Burby
burby2.jpg (40469 bytes)
Jim Burby
carlahamilton1.jpg (45680 bytes)
Carla Hamilton 
carlahamilton2.jpg (36863 bytes)
Carla Hamilton

These are the only contacts I have for the artists.
Bruno Richard (email undisclosed; does not make prints) 
Laurie Prindle, LLPrindle Design cwrw@llprindle.com
Lazzbazz (no contact info)
Genny Biffaretti cecend@hotmail.com
Marc Willemsen mtj_willemsen@hotmail.com
Jens Breggemans jens-brueggemann@arcor.de

Peter Magnus magnus.peter@klambt.de
Liza Guerra-Page lizapage72@earthlink.net
OhioArt2 ohioart2@buckeye-express.com
Lori Ann Fitgerald loriart@comcast.net
Joaquin Molina juaqom@hotpop.com
Ryan Willingham www.willyart.com
Weldon Jenkins fineart4U@hotmail.com
Elizabeth Turner bringmesweetpeas@aol.com
Nicholas Chauvin http://nicholaschauvindesign.free.fr
Jim Burby burby76@hotmail.com
Eliran Cohen (Israel) http://foreclosure.deviantart.com
Carla Hamilton peter.hamilton52@ntlworld.com

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Click HERE to see photos and descriptions of the earliest SRV posters known to exist.


Y'all keep asking about it, so here it is. Below, in no particular order, is an index for information about what I believe are the most significant pieces of jewelry that Stevie wore. Click on the name (right side of the table) below to go to the information page about each piece of jewelry. Clicking on the thumbnails will only take you to a larger picture.

squashblossom.jpg (8373 bytes) Squash Blossom necklace
jewelry-bolo.jpg (10460 bytes) Sun God bolo tie
jewelry-hatband-close.jpg (4163 bytes) Silver hatband
jewelry-cross.jpg (8047 bytes) Coptic cross
jewelry-maori.jpg (10749 bytes) Maori pendant
jewelry-rings.jpg (19539 bytes) The gold coin rings
jewelry-conchobelt.jpg (29224 bytes) The concha belt & 
"End of the Trail" buckle
jewelry-aaearring.jpg (6103 bytes) AA earring


tatcolor.jpg (4389 bytes) Tattoo


photos coming later Music note straps - Stevie had several of the trademark music note straps: black with white notes, white with black notes, white with red, red with white notes. These were made by a company called Earth III which is no longer in business. Main Strap took over the manufacture of these straps and they remain nearly identical to Stevie's straps.
  Beaded leather strap - The tan leather with colorfully beaded strap was a gift from record executive Jack Chase. "The SRV Native American beaded guitar strap became one of Stevie's favorites. I had it handmade by an American Indian friend, and gave it to Stevie for Christmas.All of the beadwork is handsewn...not done by loom. Very tedious work and it took over 100 hours to complete. This wonderful piece of art was almost lost forever and I may have never got it back accept for Stevies perseverance. Stevie told me at one of the shows I attended, that during the tour with The Allman Brothers the strap was stolen one night from the wardrobe trunk.. He was so upset that he told the tour coordinator that he and Double Trouble would leave the tour the next day...if the strap was not returned. The strap mysteriously appeared in his dressing room the next night before the show. What a blessing for me to always have this gift to cherish. After Stevies death, I asked Jimmie Vaughan if I could have it as a keepsake of Stevie. Jimmy said he found the strap on Stevie's  #1 Stratocaster. Somehow it was put on #1 after the Alpine Valley show."
  The "SRV" black leather strap with small concho and tassle was made by Stevie's long time friend from Oak Cliff, Christian Brooks. The black suede leather is cut to reveal turquoise green leather spelling "SRV." Over time, the green faded to appear virtually white in many photos.