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December 29: Stevie's home town may erect an SRV statue. See the Miscellaneous News page.

December 8: The postal service is raising shipping rates January 18. Order the book before the cost goes up.

November 12: Mitch Mitchell - R.I.P.  I was just putting the 1987 picture of Stevie and Mitch backstage in a photo album earlier this afternoon. 

October 26: An SRV concert is available on ConcertTV. See the Miscellaneous News page.

October 15: Come by and say hello to me at the Arlington Guitar Show this weekend!

September 28: I have launched my online garage sale. Use the link above to the Store to get to the first of three pages of sale items,  including antique musical equipment and instruments, autographs of music and film stars, rare posters, a movie car and much more. Rare SRV, Beatles, blues and rock memorabilia including autographs of Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson and many others. Concert tickets and programs including rare early '60s blues festivals in England which gave birth to the British blues explosion, and a February 1964 ticket for Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood! I didn't even know I had it until I started digging through closets and boxes. A ton of cool stuff from my 30 years of collecting. Something for everyone!

September 22: Sorry to announce SRV & DT were NOT nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in this their first year of eligibility. Of the nine nominated, only one was in their first year of eligibility. Maybe next year. See the FAQ page for my comments.

September 6: I saw a young guitarist perform in Santa Fe when I went through on vacation. Go see him if you get a chance. His name is Ryan McGarvey.

September 4: The Austin Chronicle has an article about rediscovered SRV studio recordings from the late '70s. See the News page.

September 2: I have reworded my statement on the gear page regarding recent copies of Stevie's "Hamiltone" guitar which are being made by someone other than Jim Hamilton, by clarifying that I was not taking a position on who has the legal right to use the name "Hamiltone." My intention was only to make it clear that two people have used the name Hamiltone, which obviously would be important information to potential buyers. I am not selling either replica; I'm just providing information to reduce confusion.

August 22: The latest authorized SRV product is a miniature Number One guitar. See the bottom of the News page for details. 

August 1: The only thing I have for sale now is the book. However, I am building an online "garage sale" of miscellaneous collectibles before year end. Lots of rare blues posters, records and other memorabilia from my personal collection of rock, blues, movies and pop culture. If you want to be notified when the garage sale opens, click on the link above for the mailing list form, BUT if you ordered the book or previously requested inclusion on the mailing list, you are already on it. Please do NOT send another request because it makes more work for me in cleaning up the mailing list.

July 10: The lineup for the annual SRV Remembrance Ride & Concert will feature some of the best Texas guitar talent. Make your plans now to join us on October 5th. www.srvrideandconcert.org. Awesome raffle items too! I will be giving away a number of items at the concert.

June 27: The new books have arrived from the printer!

June 16: The first review of the new book is in. Click here. Stevie shares the cover of the Starbucks blues CD. 

May 12: Added rare German promo 45 with sleeve for sale. Joe Nick Patoski, co-author of SRV: Caught In the Crossfire, will be signing copies of his new biography of Willie Nelson at Borders Books in Dallas (Preston Rd) on May 20 and Fort Worth (Hulen/I30) on May 21.

May 8: A new page has been added regarding illegal merchandise for sale in internet auctions. See the "Store and Collecting" link.

May 2: Added a rare Fender signed/numbered poster for sale.

April 27: The investment quality of Stevie's guitar picks, and the flood of fake picks, has driven up the price of the real thing. There just doesn't seem to be a ceiling on the market value of SRV picks. In late April 2008, two people bid up the price of a multicolor pick in an internet auction to $1175 (the seller's story of Stevie flicking the pick from the stage included statements which were clearly erroneous, but that didn't seem to bother the highest bidders).

April 23: I have decided to sell the "extra" Charley guitar replica I have. See the  Store for details.

April 20: Had a great time at the 31st Annual Dallas Guitar show. I pulled out some cool things to display and a few things to sell. Thanks to Paul the VH Guy (www.reallygotme.com) for donating photos of Stevie with Muddy Waters to the museum collection!

April 11: SRV MUSEUM EXHIBITION at the DALLAS GUITAR SHOW April 18-20, 2008, at Dallas' Market Hall.  Exhibition informationGuitar Show Information I will also have a preview copy of the new SRV biography at the show.

April 7: Condolences to the Vaughan and Cook families regarding the passing of Stevie's great-aunt, aged 105.

April 4: Added a less expensive SRV autograph for sale, and a notice that one of the rare "Charley" guitar replicas may come up for sale soon. 

April 2: Hey! We missed an anniversary. This website turned 10 years old and the fan club turned 15 years old in February!

March 31: As you may recall, about a year ago a number of guitars were stolen from Jimmie Vaughan. I have updated the News page with a description of some of the guitars that are still missing. If you hear of anyone trying to sell or claiming to have guitars that belonged to Stevie or Jimmie, contact me or the Austin Police Dept immediately. Click here for info

March 24:    Added a couple of posters for sale. 

March 2: R.I.P. Jeff Healey

March 2: Yet another repackaging of SRV material released 2-26-08. See the News page.

January 30: ALERT!  Over the past several months there have been sales on eBay (and possibly elsewhere) of copies of Stevie's Hamiltone guitar, the one with Stevie's name inlaid in the neck. Jim Hamilton, who made Stevie's guitar, has alerted me that he did NOT make the guitars appearing on eBay, and that they differ from his guitars (and Stevie's) in important respects. If you bought one which does not come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jim, you bought a copy made by someone else.  

January 14: Click here to make your world a better (and less expensive) place.

January 9: In need to know where these clubs were in 1979-1980: 
Hideaway (somewhere between Harrisonburg, VA and New York City)
Heat Club (somewhere between Bethesda, MD and New York City)
Mine Shaft (somewhere between Baltimore, MD and Norfolk, VA)

I also need a scanned copy or photocopy of the cue sheet for the Pride and Joy radio special. 


December 16: R.I.P. Dan Fogelberg

December 13: URL to the Sessions, Solos & Encores radio special on the News page. (thanks Chris)

December 6: Great news! Doyle Bramhall's new CD, Is It News, has been nominated for a Grammy!  

November 6: I need to find someone who has a copy of this poster: pstr-wanted1.jpg (61140 bytes)


October 10: Gear page updated with info onthe new "Lenny" guitar replicas. Congratulations to Koichi Morita of Japan for winning the "Number One" replica at the SRV Remembrance Ride & Concert. Koichi attended the 2006 SRV Fan Club tour, and joins last year's raffle winner, Warren Lewkowski, as the second tour attendee to win the top prize in the raffles. Warren won the custom chopper last year. Stevie has fans all over the world, and how nice it is to see those who travelled so far to share in the remembrance of Stevie win such great prizes.

The annual SRV Remembrance Ride & Concert is October 6-7!! This year featuring JOHNNY WINTER. More info at www.srvrideandconcert.org.

September 30: I am releasing the last few copies of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan book. I had set these aside for another project, but I have decided not to wait because of the continued demand for the book. Though copies have sold for $300 to even $500, I am selling these last copies at $250 to help with expenses for future exhibitions of the SRV Museum. This book will not be reprinted, and it is a completely different book than the new one. The books are in new condition and signed by the author.

September 22: The new book finally has a title: Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night. This reflects several things about Stevie. It is a derivation on one of the lines in "Life Without You" which, of course, Stevie sang about a dear friend who had passed away. It is also the first line from "Crossfire." Day by day can refer to Stevie's recovery, and night after night refers to the many concerts he performed. But I chose the title also because it reflects the structure of this book - a detailed chronicle of Stevie's life, day by day and night after night.  I look forward to finishing the book and sharing with you the many stories told by those closest to Stevie.

September 5: Nissan is advertising their Altima with "Pride and Joy." There is a short instrumental version which does not sound like Stevie playing, and a longer version with Stevie singing. 

August 17: News page updated with information about new CD and DVD being released this year. Added guitar picks for sale on the collectibles page.

August 12: Due to high demand, I am now offering an SRV autograph authentication service. Click HERE for more information.

August 8: Next week I will have detailed info about the upcoming SRV CD release. The DVD info is posted on the News page.

July 29: R.I.P. Uncle John "Unk" Turner, drummer extraordinaire, veteran of Johnny Winter's band, Krackerjack and numerous other bands. 

July 10: There is now a waiting list for The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan book. A few copies may be retrieved in late September which were earmarked for another project. If you want a copy, the price will be $300. Email me to reserve a copy.

June 21: New SRV DVD coming September 4, 2007. Click At long last Sony will combine the promotional music videos with MTV Unplugged

June 16: Jimmie Vaughan has filed a theft report in Austin saying some Stevie Ray Vaughan memorabilia and guitars have been stolen from a storage warehouse. There are links to news reports on the News page. 

June 6: I have added "insurance" to the  topics on the Collecting - General Information page.

June 2:  Public television stations began broadcasting a new SRV program on June 9, 2007. It contains performances from previously released videos (Montreux, El Mocambo) and songs from Austin in 1989 which I assume are from Austin City Limits, though it wasn't clear in the press release. Chris Layton provided an interview for the program, as well. It is called Stevie Ray Vaughan: Play Hard & Floor It

May 30: There are TWO copies of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan left for sale. The last copies are being sold for $250 to raise funds for the year-long museum exhibition and future exhibitions. Last chance to get a new copy before they forever pass into the world of collectibles. Copies have already sold for up to $500, which makes $250 look almost like a bargain!

May 12: The SRV Museum in Dallas, a temporary exhibition, is now closed. Thank you to the hundreds of fans who visited. Future exhibitions will be posted on the Museum page.

April 23 - Added another guest appearance to Stevie's discography on the News & Trivia page. The song was apparently released only in Europe in 1986, but it is not difficult to find on the internet or expensive if you know what to look for. It has been many years since I added a new song to Stevie's discography of commercially available recordings. Stevie's name does not appear on the record, so buy it now if you are a completist, before the record dealers realize Stevie is on it. Thanks to Paul for the tip! 

April 20 - If you have ever wanted (what I consider) the best replica of Stevie's Number One Stratocaster, either to play or display, now is the time to act. CLICK HERE for information about a limited edition of 25 very special replicas now in production. In my opinion, these 25 guitars are far more accurate in appearance than the Custom Shop replicas, and are available at about half the price. Portions of the proceeds of sales go to several charities. One of these guitars is going into the SRV Museum archive, so there are already only 24 available. 

April 20 - Stevie's guitar, "Lenny," is on display this weekend at the guitar show. This is the first time "Lenny" has been exhibited since it was sold in 2004 in the Crossroads auction. I have loaned a couple of items to the guitar show's "Holy Grail" exhibition, also. Clapton's Blackie and Cream 335 also on display. It is an approximately $12 million dollar display of historic guitars, amplifiers and other items.

April 20 - The new issue of Guitarist (UK) has Stevie on the cover. See the News page.

April 11 - HELP - I still need someone in Atlanta and Baltimore area to help with the new book. Go to the Store page, click on New Book, and scroll to the bottom.

March 7 - Once again, updated the forgeries page for those shopping on internet auctions. The latest bunch of really awful forgeries is coming out of Las Vegas (big surprise). 

February 27 - If you have come to this page because of a certain eBay auction description regarding an autograph, see my comment on the forgery page.

February 13 - I see the current issue of Guitar World magazine has an article called "Stevie Ray Vaughan's Lost Amplifier."  I wonder what the editors would think of all the "lost" items which are currently on display in  Dallas. They'll write a story about one amp, but won't do one on an entire museum archive?? Feel free to write the editor and let him know what he is missing! 

February 1 - Vintage Guitar has a cover story on SRV in the April issue. (thanks Nick)

January 24 - There is an SRV podcast available at http://www.chrysler.com/podcast/. It's about 35 minutes of music and interviews, mostly about the shows at Montreux Jazz Fest. Check it out.

January 12 - Added the rare Couldn't Stand the Weather poster for sale - it's a beauty!

January 5 - Please note the changes of dates the museum will be open. Don't forget it is closing at the end of April. There may never be another exhibition this large again. See it now while it's all on display.


December 28 - Added a rare 1980 concert poster for sale.

December 16 - I would sure like to know who bought Stevie's handwritten lyrics in today's auction.

December 15 - There is a new SRV book coming in 2007. Click on the "Store & Collecting" link above. It will be a very limited edition. You may be able to get your name in the credits.

December 14 - Added information about Stevie's prospects for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the FAQ page.

December 14 - There are only two copies left of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan, available to those supporting the SRV Museum exhibition. See the museum pages for details. The exhibition will only be open another 18 weeks, and it may be the only time you can see all the important items displayed at the same time. Even if a permanent home is found for the collection, only a few pieces will be displayed at a time, so see it now while you can.

December 1 - I don't always  post an update when I add things like jokes to the Funnies page, so I leave it to you to check occasionally when you need a laugh. I did add a couple today.

November 26 - Sony says there is no SRV product being released in January, despite reports from Europe of upcoming DVDs of Daytona and Japan shows. They are bootlegs of poor quality.

R.I.P. Ruth Brown and "Robert Junior" Lockwood.

November 24 - Added an autographed album for sale. 

November 20 - Thanks again to Voodoo Blue for performing at the SRV Museum this weekend! We set a one-day attendance record of between 100 and 200 people!

November 6 - Added photos on the News page of two new magazines with Stevie on the cover: Guitar Collector in France, and Autograph Collector in the US. Also added a photo of Stevie's original grave marker. There's a link to it in the website - see if you can find it! ;-]

October 20 - Great YouTube video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFNF-ANi-yU

October 16 - Added another FAQ to the FAQ page.

October 12 - I have updated the info on the Forgeries page yet again to try to alert people to the deceptive practices of a certain eBay seller claiming his guitars were signed by Stevie. He appears to be changing his eBay ID often, but he keeps using the same stolen photographs of Stevie at a record store autograph session to con people into believing his merchandise was signed there. DON'T BUY A SIGNED GUITAR ON EBAY WITHOUT READING THE FORGERIES PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE FIRST. And no, there is nothing I can do about it with eBay. EBay has consistently refused to honor my repeated requests to take down the listings based on his illegal use of copyrighted photos in his description. 

October 11 - How is it possible that the puppetmasters in Washington D.C. have not been able to teach Bush how to pronounce the word "nuclear?" 

October 6 - Added several guitar picks, tour jacket and shirt, and a couple of posters for sale on the Collectibles pages.

October 5 - Warren has decided to sell the custom SRV motorcycle he won Sunday, rather than ship it home to Australia. I will get some photos posted by next week, but if you're interested in buying a custom SRV chopper, let me know. The frame and tank are painted to resemble a sunburst Strat, with an airbrushed image of Stevie on top of the tank. This ain't no ordinary bike, but a true chopper!

October 4 - Review and photos posted from the 2006 SRV Fan Club Tour. See the Tour page. I will post more photos as they arrive from other fans who made the trip.

October 3 - Happy Birthday, Stevie!  What a great time we had on the final SRV Fan Club tour of Austin and Dallas!! Later this week I will post photos and a review of the long weekend. Lots of new friendships were made (maybe romances??)  A lot of the items on the Collectibles pages were sold or given away on the tour, but I have added a few more of Stevie's guitar picks for sale.

September 22 - Angela writes, ".... Anyway my news is, I'm having a C-section on Oct. 3rd, we all know whose B-day that is, and we're having a little girl... the name will be Stevie Raye, of course.  We just feel so blessed that some kind of fate stepped in where we could share the name and birthday of such a great person and I wanted to share this news with you.   Sorry if this is corny to you, and you wonder why some nutso woman would even bother you with this.  But, to me it was worth sharing."  Thanks for sharing, Angela! An early Happy Birthday to the newest Little Stevie.

September 20 - I will no longer offer advice about items being sold by someone else. Too often I am repaid for my attempt to help someone avoid getting ripped off by getting hate mail and threats from the seller,  so you're on your own.  Oh, and while I'm at it, thanks again to all you "fans" who have failed to follow through on agreements and promises over the years (and all the bounced checks). 

September 11 - A few updates to the video collection notes.

August 30 - Unfortunately I have had to update the description of fake guitar picks being sold online - again. See the Collecting Advice page for the new fakes which have shown up recently. I have also added a couple more examples of forged autographs to the forgeries and fakes page.

August 17 - Added the limited edition SRV Exhibition poster to the Collectibles for sale page.

August 12 - Thanks to the generous loan of a TV to the SRV Exhibit, I can now make any of the video on the Video Collection page available to you for your viewing pleasure. Just let me know which day you are coming to the exhibit and which videos you want to watch. The TV is loaned by Randy Rodriguez of the SRV tribute band Voodoo Blue. I have seen the band perform, and recommend them to anyone who loves to hear Stevie's music performed live.

August 10 - I found three copies of the Anthology book in a box in my garage this week. See the Collectibles page for info. Also, to help pay expenses for the Exhibition, I have decided to release 13 copies of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan for contributions of $250 or more to the Exhibition expenses. See the Museum page for more information about the Exhibition. (Update: Five copies remain)

July 24 - Some of you will remember my recommendation of Los Lonely Boys a couple of years before they released a CD, won a Grammy and appeared on every TV talk show there is. It's time to make another recommendation - 15-year-old Tyler Dow Bryant, from Texas, of course.  I've been watching him since early 2005, and he just released his first CD. He doesn't have a website yet, but you can find him on MySpace.com and order a CD. I can't predict how his career will go, but I do want to recommend the CD. I have been playing it at the SRV Exhibit, and people are asking me where to get the CD. Tyler will play for us at the SRV convention in September.

July 17 - Rest in Peace - "Sweet" Sam Myers, legendary blues vocalist and harmonica player, with Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets since 1986.

June 17 - Tour update: Added for the Friday night concert one of the best blues guitarists in the world (and friend of Stevie's), Alan Haynes! Alan has thrilled everyone on the past tours, and we are lucky to have him again this year.

June 15 - An incident occurred today which reinforced the fact that it is easy to masquerade as someone else online. Although I believe this particular situation has been resolved, someone created an email address using my name, and used it in the SRV fan community. Please keep in mind that just because you see my name somewhere, you cannot assume that the writer was actually me. In fact, I very rarely post any messages on forums, and I do not have any "aliases" to conduct any kind of SRV business or trades on other forums or websites. StevieRay.com is the only place you can be sure to find me. If you come across any reference online in which someone claims to be me, or talks about me in such a way to raise a question in your mind, please do not hesitate to contact me directly through this website.

June 1 - Added photos to the Museum pages. Click on the link on the main Museum page.

May 27 - Updated Awards page.

May 24 - News page has info on new releases with SRV content.

May 23 - Clifford Antone has passed away. He gave the blues a new home in Texas in 1975. R.I.P. 

May 20 - A Stevie Ray Vaughan memorabilia exhibition is open!!  This is the next step toward creating a Stevie Ray Vaughan museum. The exhibition is scheduled to run through October 31, 2006, in downtown  Dallas, Texas. Click on the MUSEUM link near the bottom of the navigation index at left. PLEASE come visit so that we can show support for a permanent museum. If you don't come, the collection may not be exhibited again.

May 11- There is an SRV CD slated for release this fall with previously unreleased material. As more information is made public, I will post it here.

May 1 - I had a nice meeting with the person at Sony music who makes the recommendations on SRV releases. He is currently working to identify a new SRV video project, but no decisions have been made, and no release date set. 

April  10 - Stevie's Bath rescheduled to May 20. See the Events page.

March 31 - Deb & Dave Freisen - I need your email address and phone number!


March 22 - Added a review of Cutter Brandenburg's book, which includes great stuff about Stevie, and a lot more. Go to the news page or go straight to his website from my Contact and Links page and order the book!.

March 22 - Added another image to the art gallery - an airbrushed motorcycle gas tank.

March 20 - Update for AOL users. Click Here for new reasons why you should cancel your AOL account immediately.

February 28 - Added an "old style" untorn SRV concert ticket from Michigan to the Collectibles for sale.

February 26 - A new feature. See "Funnies" at the bottom of the index at left.

February 23 - CLICK HERE to see what made my eyes pop out of my head tonight ! 

February 22 - I have reduced the prices on the three pages of collectibles for sale up to 75%! I am closing out the sale of most collectibles, so get these items now before they are all gone! There is a page of music, a page of posters and a page of other collectibles, so don't miss out. See the Ordering instructions page for payment options and details.

February 9 - There is a new batch of SRV autograph forgeries in the internet auctions. It is very distinct - see it on the Forgeries page so you'll know what to look out for if you are shopping for an SRV autograph. By the way, all those Vaughan Brothers promo photos signed in green ink are forgeries, in my opinion.

January 27 - Updated the Video Collection page. By the way, the hat on eBay today was NOT Stevie's. It wasn't even his size. I hope you didn't get ripped off. I politely informed the seller why it couldn't have been Stevie's hat, but he was clearly more interested in making a few bucks.

January 26 - I just noticed the 2-cent stamps at the post office have a picture of a squash blossom necklace similar to the one Stevie wore in 1983. By the way, those of you waiting on Cutter Brandenburg's book - it should be going to the printer by the end of this month. The first printing company didn't work out, so he took some time to add some more photos and information to the book. I will provide a couple of SRV items for the "100 Tall Texans" exhibit at the George Bush Presidential Library later this year (not a political situation). See the Museum page for more info.

January 17 - Added a near-mint condition Couldn't Stand the Weather promo poster for sale, and reduced the price on another.

January 9 - I have updated the Tour information with the V.I.P. concert package.

January 5 - In doing additional research on the Blackbird posters, I discovered that the artist, Robert A. Burns, died in June 2004. Mr. Burns was a noted film art director, and I had several nice email discussions with him several years ago about his posters - probably the first professional concert posters ever made for one of Stevie's bands. See the Art page for photos and information. 

January 3 - If you have an AOL email account, there is an important message for you on the "Contacts and Links" page of this website.


December 26 - News re SRV Memorial in Austin vandalized.

December 13 - Reservations now being accepted for the 9th Stevie Ray Vaughan Fan Club Convention and Tour! You asked for it, you got it! Come join us for a GREAT time in Texas - new friends, special guests, fantastic music. The Tour is limited to 56 persons. See the Events page for more info and reports from previous tours. 

December 12 - Two obituaries for musicians with connections to SRV on the News page.

December 8 - I have an acquaintance who often has guitars and amps for sale which used to belong to Eric Johnson, with documentation. If you are interested in acquiring such equipment, please email me and I'll let you know what is currently available (at the moment, 3 vintage Fender amps).

December 7 - Added another SRV autograph forgery to the Fakes and Forgeries page, with information about dealers' latest weapon to rip off trusting fans. See the comments on that page regarding "online COA's."

December 6 - Added a rare In Step embroidered tour jacket to the Collectibles for sale.

December 3 - Added a signed Soul to Soul album cover to Collectibles for sale. 

December 1 - Misc tweaks and updates on the News page etc.

November 23 - The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Stevie Ray Vaughan Anthology books are now sold out. If you want to be notified if a copy becomes available, please email me with "SRV book" in the subject line. Thank you to all who have purchased my books, and for all the very kind words in your reviews and comments! 

November 17 - Watch for an announcement by the end of the year regarding whether there will be a 2006 fan club convention. If you want to be on the mailing list, email me with "TOUR" in the subject line. If you have previously made this request, you don't need to do it again.

November 16 - Added trivia to the News page regarding contract prices for SRV concerts 1982-1990. Ever wonder what it would have cost to have Stevie play at your party?

November 6 - One of the 25 replicas of the "Charley" white guitar is up for sale by a private party. Let me know if you are interested. 

October 25 - The "hula girl" stickers (like the one on Stevie's white guitar) are in! See the Collectibles for sale. To my knowledge this is the only place you can get them.

October 20 - Added a couple of questions on the Wanted page.

October 19 - Updated the video collection page.

October 17 - If your name is Bob, there is an incredible Stevie autograph for sale on the Collectibles page, signed "To Bob!" 

October 3 - Happy birthday Stevie, Albert Collins and Keb Mo'

September 28 - Added two autographs and guitar picks for sale on the Collectibles page.

September 25 - Updated the autograph forgeries page with a new style of SRV forgery coming from England.

September 22 - Updates re new CDs and DVDs on the news page.

September 21 - I have for sale one of the very rare framed 20x30 prints of Stevie, Jimmie, Cray and Clapton at Alpine Valley on 8-26-90 which were made for top Fender dealers only. See the Collectibles - posters page. 

September 13 - Another significant updating of the video collection notes.

September 5 - Thank you for your responses on the Katrina relief notice. I am informed that the project had a positive impact.

August 27 - SRV R.I.P.

August 25 - Added to the Collectibes for sale pages: two autographs, A New Hi (SRV's first record from 1971), Antone's Birthday Celebration poster (1982), Dallas newspaper (8-28-90) and Hamiltone guitar.

August 24 - Major updating of the video collection page.

August 15 - Whew! I have spent approximately 250 hours organizing, researching and transferring my SRV VHS tape collection to DVD-R. The results are now here for your perusal, including a couple of hundred photos (screen captures). Click on the "Video Collection" link at left. Please send corrections and additions. This should keep you busy for several hours!

August 4 - I have a commercial-grade laser disc player for sale. It has a connection for computers. Click here for details.

July 29 - The next SRV statue maintenance day is October 15. Come join in this worthwhile endeavor. See the Events page.

July 18 - Cutter Brandenburg is taking advance orders for his new book (discounted price). See the Links page for his website.

July 17 - B. Michenko - thanks for sending the SRV photos! You didn't include a return address, so I can't write a thank you note.

July 7 - I have added a new page regarding replicas of Number One. In the frame at left it is number 4 under "Gear."

June 19 - Added two autographs for sale, and a rare promo 45 record. 

June 14 - Added one of the first SRV Signature Stratocasters ever made to the Collectibles for sale.

June 11 - There will likely be a Fan Club convention in October 2006 ( not 2005). Send me an email with "TOUR" in the subject line to be added to the mailing list. Further information will be available in December.

June 7 - Added a beautiful Couldn't Stand the Weather promo poster and rare version of the SRV box set for sale.

May 30 - Added to the FAQ page - info about the woman in the "Cold Shot" video.

May 2 - Added a very rare CD/video and a concert poster actually pictured in my book to the Collectibles pages.

April 28 - Added a stained glass item to Art page.

April 19 - Added a bit of information about some of Stevie's favorite guitar straps to the Art, Jewelry & Accessories page. Added info about Stevie and Jimmie's record company executive, Jack Chase to the News page.

March 14 - Some Hotmail users are not receiving my emails. There is nothing I can do about it.

March 11 - Birth of a new band?! The Nonprofit Prophets will debut at the Dallas Guitar Show during the second weekend in April, featuring Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters), Tommy Shannon and Uncle John Turner (Johnny Winter's early rythym section) and  Bruce Bowland (vocalist for Krackerjack). The show is scheduled for Sunday April 10 at Market Hall in Dallas, tentativel set for 3:00pm. Come see history in the making!

March 6 - Tommy Shannon has begun auctioning some of his guitars and basses on eBay. Search under sellers for "tommyshannonauction." He will be selling them over the course of several weeks or months.

February 28 - Sorry, but there will not be a fan club tour this year. Perhaps next Spring. 

January 30 - On the Collectibles pages, I have added several cool items: a guitar signed by Stevie and Jimmie; the last ever SRV concert poster; the Best Buy bonus disc of rare tracks; and the Alpine Valley embroidered shoulder patch. 

January 27 - The replicas of Stevie's "Charley" guitar are selling fast. There are only nine being built at the price of $2600. They are being built by Rene Martinez and come with a certificate signed by Rene. If you want one of these custom guitars, see the Collectibles page for more information. 

January 13 - Here's a piece of deep trivia for you. I have updated the description of the "In Session" CD with Albert King to include the complete set list from the session. The CD is about 63 minutes out of a 2.5 hour recording. Click here
I am finally in the process of converting a cabinet full of VHS tapes of Stevie to DVD-R. My copy of Tornado Jam is not tracking properly, particularly during the first 4 minutes. If you have a good copy, please let me know.

January 11 - Don't forget to change your bookmarks - this is now www.stevieray.com. The old srvfanclub.com is being phased out. After a flood of orders during November and December, I'm down to less than 140 copies of the book. 


December 30 - ANNOUNCEMENT - Rene Martinez is making a few more replicas of Stevie's "lipstick" Stratocaster. Click HERE for details. Awesome sounding guitar! Hamiltone replicas also available by emailing me.

December 6 - News page has reference to new magazine with poster of  "Lenny." 

October 20 - I am very pleased to be among the first to link to Byron Barr's new SRV photograph website. Please tell him I sent you when you order his excellent and affordable photos of Stevie. Get the link on the Contact & Links page. Byron worked as Stevie's roadie 1982-1985 and has some of the best photos from that era. Collect them all! (I did)

October 17 - The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan is getting closer to being sold out, and I am not planning to do another printing. There will be a price increase for orders received after October 22. (The book was sold at a discount for about 2 years, so don't complain about the price increase).

October 14 - News page with 5th magazine of the fall with SRV cover. 

October 6 - News page has new magazine with SRV cover; link to online interview re Essential SRV book.

October 3 - Happy birthday Stevie! Great concert featuring Double Trouble, Alan Haynes, Krackerjack, Grady, Joe Bonamassa, Jim Suhler, Andy Aledort, Wes Jeans and Beth Garner here in Texas. Hope y'all celebrated.

September 24 - News page has new magazine with SRV cover.

September 17 - News page has new magazine with SRV cover.

September 16 - part one of a review of the new Vaughan brothers book, on the News page.

September 3 - News page has a new magazine with SRV cover.

August 26 - Stevie's 50th birthday: Several organizations and event planners were interested in having a major SRV exhibit to celebrate Stevie's 50th birthday, but all of them (except the Dallas Guitar Show in April) failed to materialize. The Crossroads  Festival, Buddy Holly Center and Texas State Fair all expressed great interest, but never came through. The SRV Remembrance Ride & Concert will be on October 3, and I will put a very few things on display there. The venue does not have any rooms which are smoke-free, so displaying Stevie's stage clothing etc is not feasible. Ohter than the Ride & Concert I am not aware of any events or broadcasts honoring Stevie's 50th birthday.

August 17 - It isn't often that a significant SRV mystery is solved, but a long-rumored SRV guest appearance has finally been released, solving a 14-year mystery. See the News page.

August 4 - Added a photo and information to the bottom of the Gear page regarding the replica SRV guitars.

August 1 - News page updated with new release info (previously released song on compilation).

July 26 - Updated the SRV Strat page with additional comments about the Fender Custom Shop copies of Number One.

July 16 - Several of the items listed earlier this week for sale are already gone, including the autograph. 

July 11 - Check the collectibles pages for several very rare items for sale, including an autographed album cover. 

June 25 - The new owner of "Lenny" has been revealed on the News page. (correction added regarding previous high sales). Updated the info about the Fender "Number One" replicas on the SRV Strat page (under Gear at left).

June 24 - Results of the Crossroads Guitar Aucion, including the sale of Stevie's "Lenny" guitar is now posted on the News page. 

June 19 - Added a sample of yet another autograph forgery and a note about "forensic experts" to the Fakes and Forgeries page. There are now 16 forgery samples on the page to aid you in your search for something genuine. Good luck!

June 15 - New video relase info on the News page.

May 27 - New release info on News page. Added a comment on autograph forgeries page.

May 21 - Added photo of latest SRV release on Bio page (The Collection longbox). News update on auction of Stevie's "Lenny" guitar and others. News of Antone's documentary film. News about MTV Unplugged video. News of new video release (think beach). The price of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan will increase soon as the number of available copies is now below 300. I have decided not to reprint it when it sells out. I've added a few collectibles for sale (poster; rare Japanese 45).

May 15 - There will not be a tour this year. As of now, everything on the Collectibles pages is priced "Make me a reasonable offer." I am phasing out the sale of most collectibles immediately - when it's gone, it's gone. I may be adding some things from my collection to the items for sale over the next few months, but with rare exception I will not be acquiring more for resale.

April 30 - A new way to buy the same ol' SRV music. See the News page for new release info.

April 19 - I set up a 1000 square feet display of the SRV collection this past weekend at the Dallas Guitar Show. Great response from the attendees. Thanks to Charley's Guitar Shop in Dallas for sponsoring the exhibit!  

April 13 - A couple of folks emailed me about the custom tremolo bar off of Number One. I may have another one available. Email me if interested.

April 10 - One of Stevie's primary stage guitars to be auctioned. See the News page and scroll down to "other news." More photos of the Hamiltone guitar - the finish is on and will be shipped to me next week!

April 8 - The largest exhibition of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Museum collection will take place next week at the Dallas Guitar Show. Come visit if you can! See www.guitarshow.com.

April 6 - Tentative date set for Stevie's next bath. See the Events page.

March 31 - It is with profound sadness that I report that Stevie's aunt, Margaret Cook, has passed away. She and her husband Joe welcomed me in their home many times, and I will miss her. She was always happy to visit with Stevie's fans, and attended several of the fan club tour gatherings with Joe. 

March 30 - New URL!! This is now WWW.STEVIERAY.COM. Although srvfanclub.com will continue to work for some time, please change your bookmarks to reflect the new domain name. The site is also on a new server; please let me know if any of the links do not work or you notice any other navigation problems. Added new photos of custom Hamiltone guitar in progress.

March 25 - Added new photos of custom Hamiltone guitar in progress. News about Janna on the News page.

March 22 - Added SRV cover to News page; transcription & analysis book/CD to items for sale.

March 16 - Please consider making a charitable contribution to the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund at the Rivers Academy. Link on the Links page.

March 13 - A new page! Click on Hamiltone under the Gear section at left.

March 9 - Added yet another style of FAKE guitar picks to the Collecting Advice page.

March 2 - Added the rare Best Buy promo CD single to the Collectibles for sale.

February 27 - Added another SRV Strat and date information to the registry on the SRV-Strat page. Update on the new "Number One" tribute guitars at the bottom of the SRV-Strat page. 

February 25 - I have returned from a great holiday in Australia and New Zealand! Thanks for your patience while the Fan Club took a break. Two of the SRV autographs I had marked "sold" are available again because the check bounced; see the Collectibles pages. Posted more info about the SRV track on the Hendrix tribute CD; see the News page. Portions of the SRV Museum collection will be exhibited at the Dallas Guitar Show (link), April 17-18, 2004. Blues saxophone player A.C. Reed, with whom Stevie recorded, died today. I saw him at the 1989 Chicago Blues Fest - great show. I may have a photo of him on my concert photos page.

February - ON VACATION

January 17 - Added more SRV Art. Added photo of the SRV Tribute Strat to the SRV STRAT page.

January 9 - There is a nice photo of Los Lonely Boys at the SRV Memorial on their website: loslonelyboys.org. Stevie is on the cover of the Feb. '04 Guitar One magazine. I think it's the same photo that was on the cover of Guitar World several years ago. (Jan. 15) added the Guitar One cover to the news page.


December 14 - Updated record sales figures for SRV & DT on the Awards page.

December 9 - Added new SRV magazine cover to News page. EMAIL: With the increase in spam, it is more important than ever for you to include something in your subject line in emails to me that make it clear it has something to do with SRV. Subject lines like "Hi" and other generic subjects are going to get deleted. If you have sent email that I have not responded to, it may be that I assumed it was spam and deleted it, so try again. Thanks.

November 21 - Information about a Fender Custom Shop SRV tribute guitar is posted at the bottom of the SRV Strat page. Steven Tyler is the 2003 winner of the Musicians' Assistance Program's Stevie Ray Vaughan Award. See the Awards page for details.

October 26 - added a couple of promo CDs to the Collectibles page, and a rare Alan Haynes record.

October 9-12:  We're having a blast on the SRV Fan Club convention and tour!! See ya later!

October 5 - Exhibited portions of the SRV Museum collection at Billy Bob's honkytonk in Fort Worth today as part of the SRV Rememberance Ride and Concert featuring Alan Haynes, Jim Suhler and Doyle Bramhall.

October 3 - Today is the 49th anniversary of Stevie's birth!! 

September 30 - Texas is issuing specialty license plates honoring Texas musicians. To vote for Stevie to receive this honor, go to the NEWS page, look under "Other News" and follow the link provided there.

September 25 - My current favorite band has started their first major road trip. Check out their calendar at www.loslonelyboys.org. I got to watch them tape Austin City Limits last night. Watch for that show on your PBS-TV station in January. I first told y'all about this band in February 2002. I knew they had great potential but never dreamed that in the next 18 months they would play Central Park in New York City, Farm Aid and appear on Austin City Limits. Last week at the Austin City Limits Festival 5000 people tried to cram into a space for 1500 to see them play. GO SEE THESE GUYS! 

September 20 - Another version of fake SRV picks has surfaced. See the Collectibles-Advice page. By the way, there seems to be a much larger than usual batch of forged autographs on eBay lately. Someone has bid one of them up over $800. I've added some photos to my concert photo page of Texas blues singer Erin Jaimes (check out the one I Photoshopped) and guitar player John McVey. If you're in Austin, check them out.

September 16 - The first public display of a portion of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Museum collection was a great success. Appropriately, it was exhibited in Stevie's childhood neighborhood, Oak Cliff. Two hundred signatures in support of a permanent museum were collected.

September 11 - Those who have helped with Stevie's bath in the past have been honored in the name of the fan club for recognition as Partners in the Arts and Humanities for our years of maintaining the Stevie Ray Vaughan sculpture! The nomination was submitted by Jean Graham, the Art in Public Places coordinator in Austin. Give yourselves a pat on the back, a laurel, and hardy handshake!! Go to the EVENTS page for more information.

August 29 - Added new CD release info to News page.

August 25 - As promised, I have posted info about what may be the rarest U.S. Stevie Ray Vaughan release. I didn't know it existed until last week. Click here.

August 23 - Portions of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Museum collection will be on display at two upcoming public events. See the Museum page for details. 

August 21 - The Stevie Ray Vaughan Museum project needs a couple of outdoor banners. If you work for or know someone at a sign shop who might offer a discount rate, please let me know.

August 18 - There have been some updates on the NEWS page over the past few weeks. Today I purchased what may be the rarest US commercial SRV release ever! In 13 years this is the ONLY one I have seen or heard of. I will be posting info about it in a week or so when I receive it. I paid way too much, but remember that I'm building YOU an SRV museum! The SRV Museum needs YOUR help. Please join our petition. CLICK HERE. I have set a goal of 100 emails. Check the Petition page to see our progress. Thanks to all who have participated!

August 11 - I've started another trivial list, to which you may be able to contribute. CLICK HERE and go to the bottom of that page. Thanks to all who have submitted entries!

August 4 - I now have a release date and photo of the cover of the new CD. See the NEWS and BIO pages. (Thanks Lynn)

August 2 - I'm going down under next year to visit friends, kangaroos and kiwis. Hopefully I'll make a few new friends, too. If you're in Australia or New Zealand, maybe we can meet somewhere along my odyssey. See the El Jefe pages for a little more info.

August 2 - I've been adding a few things here and there to the collectibles pages. 

August 1 - I started telling everyone about this new band a year ago. Now they're on the cover of the Austin Chronicle. Someone with the initials SRV is mentioned as one of their influences. Read HERE about Los Lonely Boys, and see them soon.

July 31 - Updates to the GEAR page. 

July 6 - Added a PRESS RELEASE about a future SRV Museum and information about how you might be able to HELP.

July 5 - Added information about a new book with an SRV focus. NEWS
Added a page of photos of SRV autograph FORGERIES for comparison to what's being sold in internet auctions.
I've tweaked a lot of the other information on the site to bring it up to date. If you have any trouble with the new navigation frame, please let me know. After several years of adding "bells and whistles" I have deleted much of that to increase the speed of page loading. I'm not finished reorganizing yet, so check back.

July 3 - Good dog Palin ~ R.I.P.

June 27 - Added items for sale on the COLLECTIBLES and POSTERS pages, including rare Texas Flood and Couldn't Stand the Weather promo posters, a framed record award and a black hat.

June 26 - Added a couple more items of SRV ART, and some new concert PHOTOS.

June 8 - This coming Friday marks the 20th Anniversary of the release of Texas Flood

May 29 - Date set for Stevie's next bath. EVENTS

May 29 - The promo POSTERS collection has been split into groups of five posters each for sale. If you wanted a few but couldn't afford the complete set, now is your chance.

May 25 - Added info on Stevie's Marshall 4140 to the GEAR page.

May 23 - Want to own a piece of Number One?  CLICK HERE

May 22 - A new SRV CD coming this fall. See RECORDING NEWS.

May 22 - Added an amazing pair of "first and last" SRV concert tickets to the COLLECTIBLES page. 

May 5 - Added another signed autograph for sale, and reduced the price of the other one by 50% (can't keep everything). See COLLECTIBLES.

April 29 - Go to the EVENTS page for a link to the TV news article and video of last weekend's Stevie's Bath.

April 22 - New MAGAZINE with SRV cover.

April 15 - My supplier has informed me that the "Custom" stickers are no longer available. If I find them somewhere else I'll post them on the Collectibles page, but don't hold your breath.

April 9 - GET WELL SOON to Slim!!

April 9 - Updated the page of the promo poster collection for sale - added photos of all 34 posters.  
Archived the 2000-2002 updates to make this page load faster. If you want to see the older updates, there's a link at the bottom of this page.

April 7 - If you have wanted to participate in "STEVIE'S BATH," April 27 may be your last opportunity. 


March 31 - I added a beautiful signed album cover for sale on the Collectibles page. The price is not for the faint of heart.

March 3 - Hank Ballard, who wrote The Twist and Look at Little  Sister died yesterday.

February 21 - Article about Doyle Bramhall's new CD: CLick HERE.

February 19 - Added another SRV MAGAZINE cover from last year.

February 11 - Added two more SRV art items to the ART page.

February 6 - Added some stuff to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

February 1 - I just took possession of a limited edition guitar made by Rene Martinez which is virtually identical to the one Charley Wirz gave Stevie in 1984. As of today, there are 3 unsold of the first ten to be made (I got #1), and it appears that any additional guitars they make are going to be slightly different. The guitar has "lipstick" pickups hand wound by Rene, white/blue "trick" paint like Stevie's, ebony fingerboard, hula girl decal on the back, Charley's logo on the headstock. Beautiful. If you want one of these let me know. They are $2500. Click HERE for pictures of it.

January 25- Set the date for Stevie's next BATH.

January 25 - Cleaning out the closet - added several CDs, magazines and books to the Collectibles pages.


January 12 - NEWS of sale of "SRV's Stratocaster."

January 10 - For sale: one of the very first SRV Stratocasters ever made! Click HERE.
News on the SRV Fan Club Tour for 2003.


December 24 - Added a new LINK to a place you can order a great photo of Stevie, taken during the filming of the "Crossfire" video. Also added another SRV guitar pick for sale. At the moment I have seven different styles of genuine SRV picks for sale on the COLLECTIBLES page. Collect all sixteen!

December 21 - Happy Holidaze! Added another SRV ART item.

December 8 - The new SRV release, The Essential SRV (wonder where they got the title), was released in some places in the old style 11-inch longbox. I haven't been able to find that packaging here. If anyone can tell me the name of a retailer which has that version in stock, I'd appreciate it. I'm told this is not the packaging from the the late night TV ads. (By the way, the new release is just a repackaging of already released tracks.)

December 3 - Sorry, no Stevie connection here, but I added another photo of one of my encounters with celebrities. Click HERE if you want to see it.

December 2 - Oooh, I have put something very rare on the COLLECTIBLES page for sale! I've seen less than 10 of these in the past 12 years.

November 25 - There is an 8x10 promo-style photo of Stevie and Don Johnson together. I need a copy of the photo, either an original or a nice laser copy will do. 

October - Book Bonanza!! I have located a few mint copies of the SRV ANTHOLOGY (my first book, long out of print) in a warehouse in Ohio.  Click on the link for more info about the book. I have ordered some more of the SRV necklaces as shown on the COLLECTIBLES page.  Added Alpine Valley jacket patches to the COLLECTIBLES for sale page. Added another warning about fake SRV picks to the COLLECTING ADVICE page. Fan Club TOUR update; "State of the Fan Club REPORT." The Double Trouble site is not currently up, and I have removed the links from the fan club website. I am not aware of any public information about their site. 

September - New MAGAZINE with SRV cover. A new page has been added! BLACKBIRD  - the earliest known SRV posters. NEWS of another new CD.

August - Added to the FAQ. NEWS of new authorized CD release.

June - Set date for the next SRV Memorial cleaning on the EVENTS page. Added another question to my WANTED page. Can you answer it? Join me on June 17th at 8:30pm for a lecture on Stevie Ray Vaughan as part of Dallas Blues History Week. The event will be hosted by CJ's Billiards, 7328 Gaston Ave, Dallas. There will be a blues jam hosted by the Hash Brown Band following my presentation. 

May - added some guitar picks that were used by Stevie to the COLLECTIBLES page - a very rare opportunity.  Added a page about Stevie's TATOO. I hope to find some better photos and info, but this should hold you for now.

April - FAIR WARNING! I have been selling The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan book at a discount price for two years. When the postal rates go up on June 30, 2002, I will have to adjust the shipping costs, and I will also discontinue the discount on the book. The lower price is good for orders received by June 27, 2002, after which the total is probably going to be about $6 higher. They make excellent holiday gifts - get your extra copies now! Added several very rare items to the COLLECTIBLES pages - Stevie's picks, Carnegie Hall program and a 1981 backstage pass. 1981!  Added another fan's SRV ART.  Added request for info about this DIPLOMAT guitar which Stevie purchased. Can you help?  New page about the SRV Fender Signature Stratocaster, with as much historical information as I can find. At the end of the FAQ page, I have listed a few questions that maybe someone out there can answer. Can you?  I am collecting data on early SRV Signature Series Stratocasters. If you have one with an SE90xxxx serial number, please send me the serial number and dates stamped on the neck heel and neck slot on the body (you'll have to take the neck off). Thanks!

March - Additional research added to the page about Stevie's COIN RINGS. I have added more information about the 34-POSTER collection for sale.  GEAR page added (finally). Good luck to you tone seekers.   I have added a section to the website describing various pieces of Stevie's jewelry, because I continue to receive many inquiries about his rings and necklaces.  Go to the ART page and scroll down to access this new section, and let me know what you think about it.  What is a "squash blossom," and why did Stevie wear one around his neck? To find out, see the new ART page. Interested in acquiring a huge SRV poster collection? See the POSTERS page.  Another new SRV MAGAZINE cover.  Congratulations to Jimmie Vaughan for winning a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Record.

February - added SRV necklaces for sale on the COLLECTIBLES page. Each one is a unique piece of art.

January 2002 - posted 1983 Austin City Limits complete set list on the NEWS page; posted scan of new SRV magazine cover on MAGAZINES page. Rare opportunity to acquire an SRV signed guitar! See the collectibles page. Rumor of a new SRV video release is being researched.


December - Stevie is on the cover of the February 2002 Guitar Player magazine. Two-hour radio show featuring interviews with Double Trouble which you can listen to on the internet. 

November - George Harrison, 1943-2001. Thanks for all the love YOU passed our way. RIP. Added a response on the FAQ page to the often-asked question about  that photo of Stevie on the beach with his arms outstretched, which appears near the end of the VH-1 Legends program.  Latest record sales certification AWARD. In the NEWS: Stevie on TV Nov 28.  I have separated the COLLECTING ADVICE onto its own page. NEWS of Double Trouble live chat next week.  Added more SRV ART.  NEWS about the VH-1 TV movie.  Added PHOTOS for sale! Added more photos from the 2001 tour

October - Reposted the complete running order of the ACL '89 set on the NEWS page. Posted group photos from the 2001 Fan Club Tour.  Happy Birthday Stevie! NEWS of new SRV magazine cover. Added PHOTOS of the Krackerjack Reunion.

September - track listing and release date for new SRV CD. NEWS of Stevie's former manager, Chesley Millikin, who died September 20. Added a photo of myself with Buddy Holly's original Crickets, Jerry Allison and Joe B Mauldin on the JEFE pages (page 3). 

August - updated LATEST NEWS page.  Additions and deletions from COLLECTIBLES pages. Updated NEWS re upcoming SRV CD release. Updated info on TOUR reservations.  Added a list of Stevie's aliases to the NEWS page. A special opportunity to obtain affordable genuine Stevie Ray Vaughan AUTOGRAPHS. There are ten autographs priced to move quickly. Forget about all the forgeries in the internet auctions. A rare opportunity to get something you will have no doubt is genuine for about half what I usually sell SRV autographs for. Also added an autographed 45rpm record from Doyle Bramhall - a rare 1985 recording with Smokin' Joe Kubek. Also added four of Stevie's GUITAR PICKS for sale.  Added a couple of more MAGAZINES with SRV covers. Updated new release information on next SRV CD. 

July - Added more ADVICE to identifying fake SRV guitar picks.  More SRV MAGAZINES and BOOKS for sale, most with Stevie on the cover. Added more cover scans. Special guest announcement for this year's fan club TOUR / convention. Double Trouble's assistant, Beverly Howell, moves into artist management. Details on the NEWS page. There is a research question on my WANT LIST. Can you answer it?

June  - NEWS about another TV commercial with SRV music. Added info on Stevie's cross and bone necklace to the FAQ. Added some more MAGAZINES to collectibles for sale, including more scans of covers. Added 27 guitar MAGAZINES to collectibles for sale. Down to two copies of the SRV Anthology. Four copies of The Stevie Ray Vaughan Anthology are available, first come, first served. Click HERE for details.  New outlet for The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan in the UK. See BOOK page.  Additional info added to the "c/s" issue on the FAQ page. Added the hard-to-find "Custom" sticker to the COLLECTIBLES page. Watch for news about a new live SRV CD from Sony - I'll post details as soon as I can.

May - Holy grail of SRV posters added to POSTERS for sale. General updating and tweaking of the site. News of rebroadcast of Austin City Limits SRV shows in Dallas area. Additions to my Want List. Recent sales certifications on the NEWS page. 

April - To the extent it may influence your decision about coming on this year's Fan Club convention and TOUR, there is a strong likelihood that the following tour will not occur until 2003. As of today, there are about 20 spots available for this year. In other news, "Stevie's Bath" went very well today. Thanks to Eli, Ben and the whole Wood family! There hasn't been any news to report for a while. The collectibles pages have been updated some (mostly things being sold), and minor changes here and there.  If you haven't gotten your copy of The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan book, you are missing a great addition to your library. Added advice about framing, displaying  and protecting your COLLECTIBLES. Added rare 1981 concert flyer to COLLECTIBLES.

March - Edited yesterday's update about the SRV movie  based on supplemental research. Added many POSTERS and MAGAZINES for sale. That makes almost 400 items I've listed this week - if you can't find something in this bunch, you arent' looking hard enough ! Happy hunting! Added a ton of CDs and cassettes.  Added more of the huge collection - today's additions are press kits, photographs, vinyl albums, 12" single, 45s, matching glass mug and ashtray, and promotional album "flats." Items are spread throughout the four collectibles pages. DOUBLE TROUBLE TOUR NEWS.    I've started adding the 400+ piece collection that I bought. So far I've added SRV jackets, Tshirts, hats, stickers, keychains, greeting cards, patch, laserdiscs, belt buckle, calendar, tour pins, stamp set, watch, Australian tour program, video, and a set of six SRV cars to the COLLECTIBLES, MAGAZINES and MUSIC pages. I will add more photos of the items as soon as I get time. Please note that I have only one each of most of these items I am adding.  Added weird SRV magazine cover to NEWS.        I just bought an SRV collection of over 400 pieces which I will be putting up for sale on the website next week. Many of these items will be relatively inexpensive, some things for $3 to $5. If you've been thinking of starting a large collection of any of these things, your time has come!  Added some more RECORDS for sale.

February  - Added the Blues Hall of Fame induction ceremony program with Stevie's picture on the cover to the COLLECTIBLES page. Added a pile of hard to find SRV records and CDs to the COLLECTIBLES page, and reduced some prices on some items. Added to the FAQ page. Added some more collectibles for sale. There are four pages of collectibles: music, books/magazines, posters and miscellaneous (autographs, picks, etc.) The main page: COLLECTIBLES. Added some record sales trivia the NEWS page. See where SRV & DT stacks up against other artists. Just a reminder - there is a free SUPPLEMENT to The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan which you can print and add to your copy of the book. I add to it fairly often without mentioning it on this page. I've added a number of collectibles for sale, including a 1977 Cobras 45 and picture sleeve showing a young SRV; program from the 1984 Australian tour; several promo CD singles; a promo pin for Soul to Soul (a cool shoe sole shaped pin); and a 1983 picture sleeve and 45 for Love  Struck Baby. There are a few other new items sprinkled among the pages of the SRV STORE. An opportunity for you to help the Fan Club: see the bottom of my WANT  LIST. SRV box set sales NEWS. Fan Club TOUR 2001 announcement. Make your reservations now.

January 2001 - Bizarre NEWS story added.  Added the Double Trouble poster to the POSTERS page.  Added a photo of another SRV MAGAZINE COVER from 2000, and updated the book SUPPLEMENT.  Review of the new DOUBLE TROUBLE CD, Been A Long Time. There are some great surprises!


December  - general tweaking to many pages. Added the new Box Set to items for sale (only a few copies). Added news of two new MAGAZINE covers in the stores:  SRV on one in England (he is named greatest blues guitarist of all time), and Double Trouble here in the States. Added sales info for box set and details of the Best Buy bonus disc on the NEWS page. The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan has been sold to fans in 48 states - tell someone in Idaho and Vermont to buy my book!  Added Billboard chart NEWS re boxed set. Added SRV T-shirt to COLLECTIBLES (very limited supply). Stevie radio program this week: NEWS. Can't find the great promotional 11x17 photo of Stevie that some retailers had with sales of the boxed set? Check the POSTERS page. 

November  - Added some collectible promo POSTERS for sale. Double Trouble NEWS. In time for Xmas, added the hard to find LP with Stevie's Christmas greeting on the COLLECTIBLES page. NEWS of a special promotion on the new SRV boxed set. NEWS of Double Trouble gig - what a lineup! Added another of Bruno's SRV ART. Added SRV guitar pin for sale on the COLLECTIBLES page. Added NEWS about Janna Lapidus' upcoming TV appearance.  I have added a few collectibles for sale over the past few days, but mostly things have been flying out the door.  I've also added a sales update regarding the Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan book. Added a couple photos and a review of TOUR 2000! It was a huge success and great fun!

October  - Added a few collectibles for sale. New SRV magazine cover on stands (NEWS). Added new SRV art.    I will have an advance copy of the box set on the 18th. Box Set official press release and track listing!! BOX SET. NEWS of the Double Trouble show in Dallas.

September -My concert photo gallery is up on the PHOTOS page.  I've been taking concert photos for 20+ years, so there are lots more, but these 150 will keep you occupied for a while.

August - BOX SET NEWS!!!! Clifford Antone heads for the big house - NEWS. Added some rare POSTERS for sale.  Updated the free SUPPLEMENT and corrigenda to The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan. A biographical chronology and list of major commercial releases has been added on the BIO page. NEWS re: Double Trouble concert, Nightcrawlers album, SRV Performance Hall.

July 2000 - Complete overhall of  the website. (No, not because of the Guitar World review. This has been planned for a long time.) Hope you like the new look.  New or coming soon to the site are an expanded FAQ, an SRV bio including his primary discography, info on Stevie's gear, my concert photo gallery, my memorabilia want list and updates to The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan book. The site has been optimized for Internet Explorer 800x600.

June 2000 - Box set news, new SRV magazine cover on the stands. If you are wanting to start a collection of SRV magazines, now is a good time. I just bought a large collection of magazines featuring SRV covers, articles, photos and guitar tablature. I also have the SRV "House is Rockin'"  screen savers back in stock.  In case you haven't decided about ordering my new SRV Book, I've added a page of reviews received today from some who have seen it. There is a link to the reviews on the Book page.: In Session wins two Handy Awards; VH1 SRV movie; Doyle Bramhall and Doyle Bramhall II. Added new page of cool SRV Artwork.

May 2000 - Added three authentic SRV record awards to the Collectibles page.  Just announced that Chris Layton won the Handy blues award for drummers! 

April 2000 - added photos from Stevie's bath to news page; now accepting Visa & Mastercard for purchases; Updated the Tour info - I am not accepting deposits from anyone who has not contacted me prior to today. The waiting list is long enough now that I do not expect to reach anyone else. Added info on new SRV magazine cover. Reworked the News page to arrange items by categories.

March 2000 - Added ordering information for The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan book. Added info on making credit card orders (follow the link on the Book page in the "Payment Methods" paragraph). Sad news about former SRV drummer Fredde "Pharoah" Walden. Austin Music Awards; see who showed up as surprise vistiors at "Stevie's Bath! Added Jump Station to News page for easy navigating.

February 2000 - CHAT with me and other SRV & Double Trouble fans! See the News page for details. Possible fraud alert, see the Collectibles page. News: new release info; SRV Award; Stevie to be inducted in Blues Hall of Fame; W.C.Handy Award nominations; movie news; Austin City Limits trivia. Added pages describing new book.

January 2000 - every page was updated; "El Jefe" pages added. Added more photos of collectibles for sale;  new poll results in the news; more new releases in the news; comment on upcoming anniversary; added original fan club newsletters to collectibles for sale; added answer to FAQ.