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    *  Sony Wonder, a children’s entertainment label,  release date Oct 5, 2004 of Sing A Song of Six Strings, a collection of 13 songs by guitar-heroes inspired by children, fatherhood and family, including "Mary Had a Little Lamb" by SRV. 

    *  Video release: Montreux '82-'85 release date September 14, 2004 by Sony. The DVD is available separately or as part of a limited edition set of 2 CDs and 2 DVDs. And, much to my amazement, "Back to the Beach" has apparently been released on DVD. 

    * Tokyo '85 has been released on video in Europe albeit with poor packaging. I am told it is not a bootleg, but I'm not convinced, given the poor liner notes. Last I heard, it has not been released on DVD in Japan yet although it has been available there on VHS and laser disc for years. It has never been released in any format in USA. Bootleg DVDs are everywhere on the internet.

    *  Red Rocks Vol. 2 - Carving The Stone release date June 15, 2004, with previously unreleased live "Pride and Joy," probably from 9-5-88. 

    *  New packaging for Texas Flood, Couldn't Stand theWeather and Soul to Soul - longbox of the three remastered CD's, released 3-30-04. 

    *  A new Jimi Hendrix tribute CD, Power of Soul, will feature contributions from Prince, Musiq, Sting, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Eric Clapton, and a previously unreleased Stevie Ray Vaughan medley of "Little Wing" and "Third Stone From the Sun" from Ripley's Music Hall , Philadelphia , PA (10/20/83). Proceeds from the album will benefit the United Negro College Fund. Released May 4, 2004. 

    *  "Crossfire" is included on a new compilation benefiting school music programs in Texas called Don't Mess with Texas Music. See www.texasmusicproject.org. The CD was released 9-1-03.

    *  Legacy released yet another compilation Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Stevie Ray Vaughan on September 9, 2003 as part of the PBS/Scorsese film, book and radio series about the blues. Sixteen tracks. The only previously unreleased track is "Mary Had A Little Lamb," live at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, PA on June 30, 1987. For more about the TV and radio series, go to www.pbs.org/theblues.

  *  Capitol records has released Roadhouse Blues to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It includes a track by Stevie. 

    *  SRV video relased June 1, 2004: Sorry to get your hopes up, but this is just the Back to the Beach movie being released on DVD. Still, it's the only SRV Hollywood appearance, jamming with Dick Dale on "Pipeline" in the bar scene - about four minutes. (Thanks Ernie)

   SRV on Rodeo CD: The professional bull riders' association is releasing a compilation CD with an SRV track on it. Release date is 9-25-01. Thanks to Chris for the tip.

     *  Live At the El Mocambo was released on DVD on December 21, 1999. It includes new interviews with Double Trouble.

    *  MTV released a best of Unplugged DVD on January 18, 2000, which includes "Pride and Joy." There are also MTV Unplugged collections on CD-ROM (contains only one verse of "Pride and Joy") and VHS home video. 

srv8track1.jpg (19384 bytes) srv8track2.jpg (18766 bytes)

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Is this the rarest US SRV release?? SRV music has been released on 7",10" (acetate) and 12" (single and LP) vinyl; 3", 5" and 24k gold compact disc; minidisc; cassette (single, LP and SuperAudio); laser disc, VHS and DVD. This (see photos) is a Stevie Ray Vaughan 8-track tape! It is the only one I have ever seen or heard of in 15 years of collecting SRV music. Major 8-track collectors (yes, there are some) have told me that because few 8-tracks were being made by 1983 the only chance of an SRV 8-track existing was for record club distribution. Sure enough, here it is. This was never sold in stores, to my knowledge, but was only available to Columbia Record Club members. Have you ever seen one before? Have you ever seen one other than Texas Flood? If you have an SRV 8-track, please email me about it. 


cvr-essential.jpg (68674 bytes) The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan:  Released in the fall of 2002, the two-disc set contains no previously unreleased material.  Some copies were released in 12" long boxes (see photo). I thought those were extinct. 


cvr-someday.jpg (14562 bytes) Someday: On July 29, 2002, Catfish Records released Someday, a collection of pre-record- deal recordings of Double Trouble with Lou Ann Barton. Appears to be the same as Sugar Coated Love released in 1999. Neither of these CDs are authorized by the Vaughan Estate, to my knowledge. Stevie appears on only a few of the songs, the rest being Lou Ann Barton with a band called Rockola. The songs: 
1. He's Gotta Use His Head to Turn Me On
2. I
Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
3. Someday
4. Diving Duck
5. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu
6. Natural Born Lover
7. Rock 'n' Roll
8. Not Even Me
9. Young and Dumb
10. Shake a Hand
11. I'll Change That Too
12. Scratch My Back
13. Te ni nee ni nu (alt. version)
14. You Can Have My Husband
15. I Wonder Why
16. Natural Born Lover (alt. version)
17. Sugar Coated Love


cvrmontreux.jpg (6174 bytes) Live at Montreux  - The live double CD set of both Montreux Jazz shows that Stevie & DT did in 1982 and 1985 was released November 20, 2001. 
July 17, 1982 (complete show)
1.Hide Away
2.Rude Mood
3.Pride And Joy
4.Texas Flood - Previously issued on Blues Explosion (Atlantic 80149) and SRV (Epic 65714)
5.Love Struck Baby
6.Dirty Pool
7.Give Me Back My Wig
8.Collins' Shuffle - Previously issued on SRV (Epic 65714)



July 15, 1985 (omits Cold Shot, Don't Stop by the Creek Son, and Look at Little Sister)
1.Scuttle Buttin'
2.Say What! - Previously issued on Live Alive (Epic 40511)
3.Ain't Gone N' Give Up On Love - Previously issued on Live Alive (Epic 40511)
4.Pride And Joy - Previously issued on Live Alive (Epic 40511)
5.Mary Had A Little Lamb - Previously issued on Live Alive (Epic 40511)
6.Tin Pan Alley (aka Roughest Place In Town) (with Johnny Copeland) Previously issued on Blues At Sunrise 
7.Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 
8.Texas Flood - Previously issued on Live Alive (Epic 40511)
9.Life Without You 
10.Gone Home 
11.Couldn't Stand The Weather 
All tracks previously unreleased except where noted
By the summer of 1982, Stevie Ray Vaughan was already a veteran of the Southern blues circuit. Searching for his big break, Stevie and his band Double Trouble were asked by legendary Atlantic producer Jerry Wexler to play "Blues Night" at the annual Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland. Playing like his life depended on it, Stevie put on a fiery performance - full of future SRV classics like "Pride And Joy" and "Love Struck Baby." The audience could have cared less. Every song Stevie played was greeted by an increasing wave of boos and hisses and he left the stage bewildered and heart-broken.

As fate would have it, this would be the most important single show Stevie ever played. In the audience that night were two figures who would prove instrumental in Stevie's subsequent rise to stardom: David Bowie and Jackson Browne. They recognized Stevie's raw talent and limitless passion. As a result, Jackson Browne offered Stevie the opportunity to record (free of charge) at his own studio--the tapes that would be Texas Flood--Stevie's first studio album for Epic Records. In addition, Stevie was asked to play on Bowie's hugely successful Let's Dance album and tour.

Three years later, when Stevie was invited back to headline "Blues Night" at the festival, the crowd, now familiar with Stevie's songs and albums treated him like the conquering hero. And Stevie again played like his life depended on it - because, as we all came to recognize and respect, that was the only way he knew how.


  SRV - The Box Set - released Nov. 21, 2000

Click here to read the official press release and see the complete track listing.

Best Buy stores offered the boxed set with an exclusive bonus CD with "Sting's Swing" [sic] 2:46, an outtake from the CSTW sessions, and "Drivin' South," a 9:35 live cut from June 20, 1983. There were 10,000 bonus discs made. 

Some retailers gave away "mini-posters" with purchase of the boxed set. The poster features the Byron Barr photo of Stevie playing with the guitar behind his head. See the Collectible posters page. I may still have some extras.

The boxed set entered the Billboard top 200 at the 148th spot for the week of December 9, 2000. Sony reports that 100,000 box sets were shipped in the first three weeks! After four weeks, SRV was still in the Top 200 and was at number 2 on the blues chart behind Clapton/King's Riding With the King which had held the number one spot for 27 weeks and counting.


  Blues at Sunrise
Sony/Legacy released Blues At Sunrise on April 4, 2000, with three tracks previously unreleased on CD: "Tin Pan Alley," recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1985; "The Sky Is Crying," an outtake from the 1984's Couldn't Stand the Weather sessions; and "Texas Flood," from the Live at the El Mocambo video. The other seven tracks are gathered from previous releases and follow the theme of the release - "slow blues jams." The CD reached #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart.
Here is the track listing for Blues at Sunrise:
1. "Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love" (they still can't spell "Gonna")
2. "Leave My Girl Alone"
3. "Tin Pan Alley" (Live at Montreaux, 1985, with the great Johnny Copeland)
4. "Chitlins Con Carne"
5. "The Things (That) I Used To Do"
6. "The Sky Is Crying" (outtake from the Couldn't Stand the Weather sessions)
7. "Texas Flood" (from Live At The El Macambo)
8. "May I Have A Talk With You"
9. "Dirty Pool"
10. "Blues At Sunrise" (from In Session with Albert King)



Texas Flood
Couldn't Stand the Weather
Soul to  Soul
In Step

         On March 23, 1999, Epic Records and Sony Legacy released "expanded editions" of the first four studio albums by SRV & Double Trouble (Texas Flood, Couldn't Stand the Weather, Soul to Soul and In Step), along with a new 16-track anthology The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Volume 2. Each of these remastered collections includes bonus tracks of previously unreleased live and studio performances from the period of the original album sessions. In addition, each album features a redesigned booklet with authoritative liner notes and previously unpublished photos.
         The Real Deal was first released in a digi-pack with foil "SRV" letters on the photo of Stevie's guitar. It is now being released in standard jewel box without the foil letters.

         All of the new releases have excellent interview clips of 30 to 90 seconds from the Timothy White radio show, which will be welcome additions to anyone who hasn't heard Stevie's interviews before. In some cases he demonstrates on guitar what he is talking about.
         The promotional sampler and a promotional CD which Best Buy stores offered in 1999 included the instrumental "Shake And Bake" recorded during the Soul to Soul sessions. This song was later included on the box set. 


  IN SESSION: The 1984 Canadian TV show In Session featuring SRV and Albert King was released on CD by Stax/Fantasy Records in 1999. It is filed under Albert King since Stevie was sitting in with Albert's band. Whether video of the show will be released remains to be seen. The CD won two W.C. Handy Awards. This album was released on audiophile vinyl in 2003 by Analogue Productions (two LP's).

Here is the complete set list from the session (omitting the chat between songs). The TV broadcast (in two parts) totaled about 51 minutes. the CD is about 63 minutes. The unedited tape runs about 150 minutes. Songs marked * do not appear on the CD.

* warm-up jam as cameras are set and monitors adjusted
* Texas Flood (this is a visually stunning performance by Albert; about 19 minutes!)
Stormy Monday Blues
Pride & Joy
Ask Me No Questions
* Born Under a Bad Sign
Blues At Sunrise (the CD clips about 3 minutes off)
* A-minor Jam
Overall Junction
Matchbox Blues
* The Sky Is Crying (about 13 minutes)
Don't Lie To Me
* Outskirts of Town (about 23 minutes)