The following is from fellow SRV fan John Hurtado, currently stationed in Iraq. Click on the smaller images for the larger photo.

"I thought that you would get a kick out of the attached pictures.  I arrived here to Forward Operating Base (FOB) WARHORSE about a week ago.  When I entered the dining facility I was greeted with the best surprise!  A dining area that is named after Stevie!  It is a wonderful place. Story goes that the previous brigade Commander here was given some ideas to help better the existing facility.  I hear that this room was originally going to be called “The Cracker Barrel”.  That didn’t go over too well with the deciding official and he decided to commemorate SRV by naming it “Stevie’s Café”.  Mr. James Helmlinger, the facility manager, has done an excellent job with keeping it in top shape – I have to admit that this is by far the best dining facility I have seen in 5 deployments.  (Even without the SRV Café!)."

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