Welcome to my LLB lists. There are three lists: Audio, Video and Song Titles. The Song Titles are separated into original compositions, song titles uncertain, and cover tunes. I will consider trades for an original copy of the '97 demo cassette "Uno  Demo," the 1999 CD single "Senorita," and pre-2003 shows. I do not trade copies of commercial releases on SofaKing, OR, Epic, or Blue Cat. Email meMost of this information is for 1997-2004. I am not trying to track later developments at this time.

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1997 SofaKing demo cassette (cannot trade)
1997 SofaKing self titled CD (cannot trade)
1998-08-06 Atlantis Music Conference, Atlanta, GA (one song from the SofaKing CD) (cannot trade)
2000-08-12 Live - Saxon Pub, Austin, Texas
2000-10-05 Live From the Blue Cat Blues, Dallas, Texas (cannot trade)
2000-11-30 Live From the Blue Cat Blues , Dallas, Texas (cannot trade) (on same disc as above)
2001-02-21 Demos, Austin, Texas (cannot trade)
2001-03-17 Continental Club, Austin, Texas
2001 Demos at Willie's Pedernales Studio, Texas (cannot trade)
2001? Demos (cannot trade)
2002-01-26 Fab. Satellite, Houston, Texas
2003 Real Emotions EP (cannot trade)
2003-07-31 Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, Texas
2003 OR bonus track on promo "The Answer" (cannot trade)
2003-08-07 Live @ World Café vol. 17, Philadelphia, PA
2003-08-12 Los Lonely Boys OR release (cannot trade)
2003-08-14 Tower Records, Dallas, Texas
2003-08-15 Antone's, Austin, Texas
2003-09-13 Poor David's, Dallas, Texas
2003-08-11 KGSR Broadcasts, Austin, Texas
2003-09-19 Austin City Limits Fest, Austin, Texas
2003-09-23 Cafe du Nord, San Francisco (just "Baby You're Gonna See" aka "Nobody's Fool")
2003-10 -? Nat'l Public Radio, KTBG Kansas City, KS (32:00)
2003-11-29 Steel Penny, San Angelo, Texas (just "Honey Bee," "I'm Leaving," "Big Thing," "Born on the Bayou")
2003-12-05 KGSR Anniv Show, Austin, Texas
2003-12-18 OR MP3 "Feliz Navidad"
2003-12-18 Channel 8, Austin, Texas (2:41)
2003-12-19 WFPK Live Lunch, Louisville, KY (56:55)
2003-12-26 Nat'l Public Radio, Morning Edition with web bonus track (11:22)
2003-12-26 Steel Penny, San Angelo, Texas (just "I Put a Spell on You" and "Rude Mood")
2003-12-27 Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, Texas
2004-01-09 The Horseman, Ft. Worth, Texas
2004-05-08 Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA (acoustic set)
2004-06-12 Lake Martin Amph., Alexander City, AL (just "Way I Feel")
2004-07-11 San Angelo, Texas
2004-09-17 Austin City Limits Festival (just "Oye Mamasita")
2004-10-24 Shoreline Amph., Mtn View, CA (acoustic set)
2004 Por Vida: A Tribute to the Songs of Alexandro Escovedo ("Castanets") cannot trade
2005-05-04 The Backyard, Austin, TX (just "My Way," "Pancho Villa," "What'd I Say," "Oye Mamasita," "My Loneliness"


2002-12-28 "The Dining Room Tape" - friend's house, 10 minutes (cannot trade)
2003-09-24 Austin City Limits
2004-01-13 Late Show
2004-01-24 Early Show
2004-02-27 Tonight Show
2004-03-29 Jimmie Kimmel Show
2004-05-31 Willie Nelson & Friends
2004-06-21 Jimmie Kimmel Show
2004-06-22 On Air w/ Ryan Seacrest
2004-06-25 Rio  Grande Zoo, Albuquerque NM
2004-07-01 Pepsi Smash
2004-07-08 Tonight Show
2004-07-15 The View
2004-09-10 5th Annual Latin Grammy Awards w/ Santana
2004-11-11 Bikes for Kids benefit, Austin Harley-Davidson
2004-11-11 Late Show
2005-01-27 Good Morning America
2005-02-13 The 47th Grammy Awards
2005-02-14 Jimmie Kimmel Show
2005-06-17 CMT Crossroads (with Ronnie Millsap)


All I Can Do Is Cry
All Tied Up
Are You Ready
Cottonfields and Crossroads
Crazy Baby
Crazy Dream
Dimé Mi Amor
Do You Think of Me
End of A New Beginning
End of A New Beg./Voodoo Chile
Girl Named Sexy
How Do You Feel
I Am The Man To Beat
I Don't Know (How To Say I.L.Y.)
I Don't Want to Lose Your Love
If (a.k.a. Feel the Same Way I Do)
I'll Make It Right
La Contestacion
Living My Life (?)
Losing You
Magic Number
More Than Love
My Little Angel
My Lonlieness
Nobody Else
Once Again
Real Emotions
Someday You'll Realize
Sueño Mal (Crazy Dream)
Tell Me Why
The Answer
Velvet Sky
Way I Feel

2. SONG TITLES UNCERTAIN: If you know FOR SURE what the titles are, please let me know.
It's Friday Night…
Baby You're  Gonna See…Nobody's Fool
I'm Gone
Breaking My Heart..Why Be So Mean
My Kind of Woman
Texas Boogie
Instrumental (from the 2001-02-21 Demos)
You Don't Realize
(You're Gonna Miss) My Sweet Kiss

Big Thing (is this a cover? it sounds familiar)
Born on the Bayou (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Castanets (Alexandro Escovedo)
Cisco Kid (War)
Feliz Navidad (?)
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
Honey Bee (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
Hurt (Johnny Cash)
I Put a Spell On You (Sreamin' Jay Hawkins)

I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)
I Wish (Stevie Wonder)
I'm Leaving (Commit a Crime) - Stevie Ray Vaughan
La Bamba (Richie Valens)
Long Haired Country Mexican (Ringo Garza, Sr.?) a.k.a Long Haired Tattooed Mexican
Oy Como Va (Santana)
Pancho Villa (Ringo Garza, Sr.)
Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
Rude Mood (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
Scuttle Buttin' (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down (Ringo Garza, Sr.?)
What'd I Say (Ray Charles)
Voodoo Chile (see End… above) (Jimi Hendrix)

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