Order the new 2-hour (131 minutes) DVD documentary about Stevie Ray Vaughan's music here before it can be purchased anywhere else!

Here is an excerpt from the press release:   "This film reveals and dissects the formative years of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s career – his influences, his first recordings and the bands with whom he honed his craft – and traces the history of Texas blues itself, identifying Vaughan’s place within this larger tradition. It is the journey of both a musical form and the single-minded musician who brought it firmly back into the spotlight after decades of neglect. Featuring rare archive footage, exclusive interviews, contributions from the musicians with whom Stevie Ray worked and the people who knew him best, seldom seen photographs and a host of other features which all at once provide for the finest document on the celebrated late guitarist yet to emerge."

The producers conducted new interviews for this documentary across the United States, focusing on the development of Stevie's music. I do not have a list of all who were interviewed, but they include Reese Wynans, Janna Lapidus, Denny Freeman, Paul Ray, Angela Strehli, and others. The second volume will not be released until next year.

UPDATE 7/21/2014: If you ordered on 7/14, your DVD's shipped 7/21 by Priority Mail!  If you ordered on 7/17 or later, the discs were shipped 8/2. The producer says the general release date to stores is not until September 23, so you will have them weeks in advance of everyone else. The first batch of 100 DVD's sold out in less than five hours!  I purchased 60 more, and that is all the advance copies I will have.
SORRY - SOLD OUT (AGAIN) Those on the email list (see Contact & Links) got notice on July 14. For future opportunities like this, make sure you are on the email list. If you have bought a book, you're already on it unless your email address has changed. I love giving my customers special opportunities like this! Thank you to all who bought, all over the world.

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Thanks and enjoy the movie!